Chapter 436: The Duo Who Were In Sync

“Ye Jian, prepare for a one-sided drift! Accelerate, rush up to the unilateral bridge, and complete your one-sided drift.” The instructor ordered Ye Jian to complete her final task. He stood from not far away and signaled while waving his flags. “Ready, go!!”

Following the downward swipe of the flag, Ye Jain started her last training assignment for the day.

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Speeding onto the unilateral bridge, the car’s center of gravity leaned towards the driver’s seat. At the same time, she stepped hard on the pedals and swiftly changed the gears. In an instant, the car that was moving on four wheels was now suddenly moving forwards with only two, leaning towards one side, and at a fast speed, it started to drift.

She drifted from one side at an angle in the form of an arc over the curved rail.

Regimental Commander Liu, who was observing from the sides, laughed while talking with his old partner: “With that level of skill, it could more or less make up for her lack of experience. Let’s arrange a car for her to drive on Week 4’s Friday night-drive, she’ll be able to use it on Friday and Saturday night, and it will be in her hands until Sunday morning. On Monday, she’ll go to school as a small break, and then we’ll depart towards Beijing on Tuesday.”

“This time, I don’t have any prob…” Political Commissar Yan, who was still talking with a smile a second ago, had a sudden change of expression the next second, and he charged towards the direction of the vehicle.

Immediately following him was Regimental Commander Liu, who was in shock and had already tossed aside the recording booklet and sprinted towards the vehicle, covering a few meters in a matter of moments.

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A car tire that came out of nowhere suddenly started rolling towards Ye Jian’s path. Ye Jian, whose focus was on the ground in front of her, had a minimal field of view. Events that came out of the blue like this were impossible for her to see, especially as the tire headed towards the right side of the car that faced upwards. 

The instructor had also noticed the danger but didn’t panic. Instead, he spoke in a hurried yet calm tone: “Anomaly on your right; avoid it!”

There was no time for him to tell her how to avoid it, and it’s all up to Ye Jian to deal with the impromptu emergency and to neutralize the threat.

There’s an anomaly on the right, increase the curvature and accelerate to increase the distance. Avoid the danger!

However, if she increased the curvature, the tail of the car will hit the girdles on both sides. Try but, it was better than losing her life along with the vehicle.

Inside the car, Ye Jian, whose eyes contained only calmness, accelerated the car. She first avoided the tire that was rolling towards her with a thunder-like pace, and then she corrected the steering wheel back to the default position. “BOOM!!” With a loud noise, the drifting car forcefully landed on the ground and was now driving on four-wheels.

She didn’t slam on the brakes. Instead, she slowed down with a rhythmic tempo, and then the tail of the car started drifting. Under the nervous gazes of everyone nearby, the car once again made a loud noise on impact.

In Beijing, Xia Jinyuan, who had taken off his military uniform, was currently dressed in a suit, memorizing details about the culture and customs that were required for diplomatic interactions between two countries.

Suddenly, he felt a burst of panic in his chest, it came suddenly, and his face got drained of all color in a flash.

His hand, couldn’t be helped, but to press on his chest, he leaned forward and touched the few dozen pages of material with his other hand — a cold sweat formed on the edges of his head.


“Huh, what’s wrong with you?” 

J5, who sat across from him, also memorizing the information, noticed the odd behavior. He furrowed his brows and asked in a light voice: “Does your stomach hurt? Do you have a stomach ache?”

K7 raised his head and swept a glance at him and said with an expressionless face: “Is your stomach located in your chest? Have you ever seen someone whose stomach is located in their chest?” Finishing his sentence, he looked at Xia Jinyuan; his brows also furrowed together: “Stand up, take a walk and drink some cold water. It’s not a big deal, just normal palpitations.”

“Normal palpitations don’t require any treatment, so take a walk and catch some fresh air. Also, Q King, are you afraid that you’re not going to be able to memorize all this information?”

The panic in his heart came swiftly, but it also left quickly, it had gone away while K7 was still speaking. He looked at the few dozen pages of information that he had almost gone through. Xia Jinyuan’s slim eyebrows knit together, “It’s not that, it just feels like my heart had missed a beat, it’s troubling and also dismaying.”

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