Chapter 437: Don’t Worry, I’m fine

It was as if something huge had happened, and it made his heart panic.

Suddenly, Xia Jinyuan seemed to have remembered something. He stood up with a ‘thud’ and said to the other two: “I’m gonna make a phone call outside, you guys continue, I’ll be back in five minutes.”

Rushing out of the meeting room, Xia Jinyuan immediately contacted Regimental Commander Liu. The moment the call was connected, he asked with a hurried tone: “Commander Liu, how’s Ye Jian’s training?” He didn’t bother to conceal his anxiousness. It was an anxiousness that rose from the desperation of wanting to know what was going on.

“You… you don’t make phone calls normally, and when you do, something had happened.” Regimental Commander Liu let out a heavy sigh. He grunted with a dense cloud hanging over his face: “A minute ago, little lass Jian was in an accident. The medics are currently inspecting her and any sign of illness, she will be sent to the nearest hospital immediately.”

Instantly, Xia Jinyuan, whose body got engulfed in a cold pond, could feel his heart being ruthlessly torn in half then hung in the air.

His depthless eyes sunk, the intertwining of cold and pain between his gasps of air caused his voice and complexion to grow colder. “How did the accident happen? What is her condition now? Is there any obvious physical external injuries.”

“There are no external injuries. When Ye Jian was practicing her skiing drill, there was a tire…” After he told the summary of what happened, Regimental Commander Liu’s expression grew darker, “There are no external injuries, the little lass was unfazed against the danger. she managed to reduce the danger factor to the lowest and only hit the girdles with the tail end of the car.”

He glanced at Ye Jian, who was cooperating with the medic by answering all his questions. Besides the fact that her complexion doesn’t look too good, she was much calmer than everyone else present. A smile, accompanied by a sigh, came through the phone, “She’s very conscious; she still knows how to comfort Old Yan and me.”

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“The medic said that she was very calm; there wasn’t even a change in her heart rate. It didn’t scare her, but it had frightened the rest of us.”

Hearing that, Xia Jinyuan could feel himself walking out of that chilly pond, and his body was shaking in fear and from the cold air.

A tire appeared suddenly in her path while she had her drifting practice! Just at the thought of it, XIa Jinyuan could feel that a cold sweat had formed on his head.

If his little fox’s reaction were slightly slower, both the car and she would have destroyed!

“Commander Liu, I would like to speak with her, please.” Only by hearing her voice could he genuinely feel at ease. He stood by the windows with a chilling gaze, and his whole body was emitting cold air to the point that the surrounding air could turn into frost.

Ye Jian was currently lifting her arm under the medic’s instructions. “I’m fine, there’s no dislocation, and there doesn’t seem to be a fracture. My chest also doesn’t hurt, and there’s no feeling of suffocation. Medic, I think there’s nothing wrong with me, besides the graze on my arm.”

When the tail of the car impacted the girdles, the safety airbag popped out from in front, and her head hit it; therefore, her whole upper body was unharmed.

Only her left arm got scraped against the car door, and a large piece of skin was worn off.

Although it looked terrifying, it wasn’t that big of a deal.

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Regimental Commander Liu passed her the phone and stared at the little lass who was relaxed from head to toe and had the nerves the size of an ocean. He sighed with a smile: “You, ah, you’re quite lucky! Major Xia’s on the phone, he wanted to speak with you.”

The medic who had measured her blood pressure was now sure that besides the graze on Ye Jian’s arm, she was fine. While storing away his stethoscope, he said to the Regimental Commander Liu: “Besides the graze on her arm, there’s nothing else wrong with her. Apply some disinfectants, rub iodine on it for a couple of days, and it’ll scab up by tomorrow.”

It’s great that she was okay; Xia Jinyuan could hear that her voice was the same graceful and precise. Like a wind chime gently swaying in the drizzle, it lightly hit against his chest beat by beat.

“Your phone call is too coincidental, nothing happened to me for the last twenty odd days, and today when something minor happened, you called.” Ye Jian stood up and exercised her wrist, under the stares of Regimental Commander Liu and the oh so many soldiers, she lightly coughed and said while hinting: “Everyone’s worried about me, Captain Xia, I’m fine, don’t worry, I’m hanging up now.”

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