Chapter 438: Such A Heartbeat Fluttering Moment

Ye Jian wanted to end the phone call earlier; she was entirely unused for doing private stuff under the gazes of others, for example, taking a phone call and other things like that.

Finishing that, she feels that it wasn’t too good, so she pursed her lips and whispered: “How about, I’ll contact you when I return to school? … Are you free to tell me your phone number? How about I contact you after I return to school? Commander Liu and Political Commissar are both here.”

She was utterly oblivious to why his phone call was that coincidental, the coldness from Xia Jinyuan’s face started fading away while he chuckled very softly. This feeling was quite good… it was as if their hearts were connected. Even though they’re thousands of kilometers away from each other, he could still feel whether or not she was safe and sound.

The moment his heart palpitated in panic, it was the moment when her training had encountered an accident, So having telepathic connections was mysterious; furthermore, it lived inside of his heart.

Little fox, what do you say, where else can you run off to, huh? Even if she were thousands of miles away from his grasp, he would still eventually find her.

After hearing his chuckles, Ye Jian also started smiling, “I still have some stuff to do, the medic has also left. You shouldn’t worry.”

He was always concerned about her, who was also inclined to help her. Anyway, the excellent treatment she had received from him can only be repaid when she had indeed entered the military.

As long as it’s not something that would go against military law, as long as he asks, she would help him!

In the last life, Ye Jian had used this way to repay the kindness of others and those who had helped her.

She was that kind of girl. No matter how hard life could be, kindness remained within her heart.

No matter how difficult life was for those who had a kind heart and a leisurely yet generous attitude, they could still survive, and Ye Jian was just like that.

“Are you afraid that I’ll get mad?”

While submerged in her explanations, Xia Jinyuan lightly hooked the corner of his lips upwards. The glimmer in his eyes that were looking towards the distance started growing darker, “I’m not mad, I want to hear your voice, little fox. However, I was really worried about you, when Commander Liu told me about the accident during your training, I wished that I could immediately appear by your side.”

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That husky voice was like the richest and intoxicating red wine; not only was it vibrant of color, even its scent could intoxicate a person in moments. The sweetness transmitting through the phone was already seeping through her heart, and it seemed to have slightly taken over her.

Although her surroundings were very noisy, she could only hear his voice, because in her heart. Only his voice existed. Every word he spoke was like a musical note, slowly coming at her with the pace of her heartbeat.

It was too quiet, so quiet that his voice was repeatedly whispering into her ear, but inside her heart, there was a voice that kept reminding her: willpower, willpower! Bring out your willpower!

“Alright, I’ll stop teasing you. I still have some stuff to handle here, so take down my phone number now.” It seems like she was so nervous that she had held her breath in. After Xia Jinyuan had listed a series of numbers, the dangerous pair of pupils very briefly became hollow.

Nervous, huh? That made sense. The words he had just said had indeed crossed the line, some fond feelings are harder to contain than others, but he had done his best at holding them.

Xia Jinyuan was a man who was quite good at self-control. When he is a soldier, he must toss away all feelings and emotions. He was also unambiguous that the fondness he had towards Ye Jian originated from feelings of appreciation, but it was also one step away from love. That’s why he must adequately manage the tone and words of his speech.

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He has to make it so that Ye Jian wouldn’t feel troubled, yet he must also make her have a subtle feeling that he was fond of her, Xia Jinyuan wanted something with her that was indistinct, yet still a little bit intimate, but would never cross the line when spending time with her.

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