Chapter 439: There’s A Transitional Period For Fond Feelings

The good thing was, Ye Jian was already used to it. After repeating his phone number to make sure there were no errors, she said while smiling: “Okay, I’ll contact you when I return to the school.”

The best way to deal with Captain Xia was to treat him casually, and her willpower was bound to improve by doing that.

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She could quickly return to her normal leisurely state and was able to reply with ease, and a profound look could be seen in the corners of Xia Jinyuan’s lifted lips. Looking down the line, if those little boys wanted to play intimately with the little fox…, in her eyes, they’ll probably be like clowns.

He, on the other hand, was different.

He was the person that walked with her hands held in his and was a person that could stay by her side, walking on the same path, fighting alongside each other towards the same goal. As such, it was destined that he was different.

“Why are you still smiling after hanging up? Tch, looking at you gives me the creeps.” J5’s passive voice came from the side, and he stared at Q-King with a dark gaze, who was gazing at a far away telephone line while being intimate with Ye Jian. A slightly severe air emerged from his indifferent expression, “Brother, you must remember the words you had spoken, for you, and Ye Jian. If you lay your hands on Ye Jian out of anxiousness, be wary that you’ll harm Ye Jian.”

Since it was his comrade, J5 did not need to speak in a roundabout manner. Instead, he had chosen to speak at the appropriate moment.

Xia Jinyuan cocked his brow, and a smile started spreading from the tip of his eyebrows towards the rest of his face.

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The graceful and elegant gentleness when he had spoken with Ye Jian hadn’t faded, and he kept away the flairs that were rough at the edges. Standing in front of J5, the man dressed in a suit was like a gentle and cultured prince, “Thank you for the reminder, Ye Jian is still quite young, I will never do things that would harm her.”

Finishing his sentence, the gentleness on Xia Jinyuan’s face faded away while a chill emerged at the tip of his brows. “J5, I know how to handle my matters. I understand that your identity is still that of the Elite Platoon’s instructor. However, I want to make it clear that I will obey any arrangements during our missions, but regarding personal matters, I request that the Elite Platoon not to follow it too closely.”

Xia Jinyuan rarely showed his frosty side in the platoon. He also consciously withdrew the pride in his bones, because everyone understands, the moment you enter the Elite Platoon, it means you have tossed away your identity. No matter who you were before when you’re in the troops, you are a soldier, and they must follow orders.

Even if that was so, Xia Jinyuan also had his bottom line. For example, matters that involved his personal and private feelings.

It doesn’t matter if his comrades were to tease him suitably, but if they tried to delve deeper, then that wasn’t something he could stand.

“I’m very sorry, Q-King, for acting so presumptuous. I have a bad habit of worrying about others, especially since something had happened in the troops before this. That’s why, whenever one of us had similar thoughts, its as if I was facing a tough enemy.” J5, upon realizing the situation, immediately straightened his face and apologized, “I’m very sorry, this will be my last time mentioning private matters between you and Ye Jian.”

Xia Jinyuan waved his hand, then replied with a smile: “This isn’t something that you need to apologize for. I don’t like the platoon to be too interested in my personal matters. Ye Jian and I, you also know that she’s still a high schooler, and you had seen her yourself, you know that she’s avoiding me.”

“But the brothers in the troops don’t know the details about it, and I don’t want to ruin the little lass’ image because of me and my actions.”

…That sentence carried some depth to it.

J5 looked at Xia Jinyuan while pondering in his mind. However, when he caught the profound-looking smile curling on the edges of his lips, after a brief moment of thinking, J5 was hit with the realization. He exclaimed in shock: “You already had that planned out? Does she know about this? Also, don’t you know that our platoon has never recruited female soldiers?”

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