Chapter 440: Even The Handgun Was Provided For Her

“She doesn’t know about it yet, but I recommend her to set her target even higher! So what if we don’t recruit female soldiers, I dare say, the little lass’ current marksmanship won’t lose even when compared with any of us.”

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“Don’t scare me, I can’t handle scares too well!” J5 took a step back out of shock, and he stared unbelievably at the comrade standing in front of him, who was being incredibly proud because of a little girl. There was no way he would accept that a highschooler’s marksmanship was comparable to any of the special forces soldiers in the Elite Platoon!

Xia Jinyuan took a step forward, and a burning light blazed in the bottom of his eyes, he laughed while clapping on to J5’s shoulders. Keeping away some of the pride in his heart, he casually said with elegance: “When have I ever exaggerated my words? Whether I had or not her marksmanship is as good, haven’t you guys seen it when she sniped down the primary target in no man’s land?”

“More than a year has passed since then. Do you think that little fox of mine will remain at the same spot? No, she’s improving at a rapid pace.”

His little fox was a brave soldier who had fought for her place with her own two hands, using her indomitable will and unbreakable perseverance to overcome hardships one after another. Her foundations were deep; her steps were stable, what’s there to be shocked by her marksmanship being as good as special forces?

Uncle Chen and Grandpa Gen’s way of training her was strictly based on the Delta’s Force’s training regimen. She was a special forces soldier who just hasn’t put on the uniform!

More than five minutes were outside the room. Xia Jinyuan, who still had a couple of pages to complete finished admiring the shocked face of J5, who had yet to calm down, and walked towards the meeting room with elegant steps. Look at that, and even a special forces soldier is being shocked by the little fox’s capabilities. In the future when the little fox joins the military, how huge of an uproar would she cause?

At that time, the little fox would probably be like a full moon. Although it was calm and silent, it would be the brightest light in the darkness and attract everyone’s attention.

His decision to lay claim on her in advance was a wise one!

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“Eh, wait a minute, wait a minute.” When Xia Jinyuan brushed past J5, J5 thought of something. His eyes shone briefly, and he turned around to chase after him. “So when Ye Jian’s name got mentioned during the meeting, is it because she was also on the list for this expedition?”

“So that extra handgun was also prepared for her? F*ck, why are you walking so fast, can’t you explain a thing or two?”

Xia Jinyuan ignored everything while pushing open the doors of the meeting room. He closed the doors once again and blocked J5’s voice outside.

G3 was there with his head buried in the papers, his cold hard brows were knit together without a trace, and he casually said in his gravelly voice: “He likes to worry about stuff. He was like that long ago and hasn’t changed since. If there’s anything that you’re not satisfied with, say it aloud, he’ll understand.”

The thing between Q King and that high school girl was always on his mind. He was afraid that history would repeat itself, so whenever Q King went to the Yunnan province, he would be a nervous wreck every day. Being concerned about his brothers was normal, but it’s not good for him to be overly worried.

“It’s nothing. G3 didn’t say much, just that there were some questions left unanswered in his mind, and I didn’t tell him about it. Now he’s throwing a tantrum.” Xia Jinyuan sat down like a calm god, his slender legs elegantly stacked atop one another and focused his mind on the materials that he hadn’t finished looking through.

Since the little fox was pretty much safe and sound, the speed of him looking through the material had increased. Life always had huge ups and downs and with a blink of an eye, everything returns back to normal.

At four in the afternoon, Ye Jian accompanied Regimental Commander Liu, who had something to do in the Provincial Military area, back to the city. She cannot fall behind on the evening self-study periods on Sunday nights, so she had to be back before five in the afternoon.

“I will still come here on time tomorrow afternoon. I’ve made you and Political Commissar worried today.” After getting out of the car, Ye Jian stood beside the open car door and smiled at Regimental Commander Liu who sat in the car: “Then I’ll be going in now, see you tomorrow.”

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