Chapter 187: Handle it yourself 

“What did you say?” Ling Luo thought he heard wrong, and he asked again for confirmation. How could it be Xiao Zi Xuan? Wasn’t she spending most of her time in her courtyard recently, preparing for her delivery?

Controlling his expression, Ming Fang continued with the investigation report, “Previously you wanted to ask Miss Ning for her hand in marriage but she did not agree. The Heiress used your authorization token to command the people in the Residence to assassinate Miss Ning. Her intention was to kill Miss Ning, but she did not expect Prince Qi to be there too.”

This was purely a coincidence, Xiao Zi Xuan only had her luck to blame.

“What? God damn it!” Ling Luo understood by now. Xiao Zi Xuan wanted to kill Ning Meng Yao but offended Xiao Qi Tian in the process as the assassination took place right before his eyes. This hurt his pride, therefore he took it on himself and announced that he was the assassination target. 

To put it bluntly, Xiao Qi Tian was just taking the chance to find fault with them, but since this matter was indeed related to Xiao Zi Xuan, who was his Heiress, there was no way for him to dodge the responsibility.

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“What should we do, Heir?” Ming Fang looked at Ling Luo worriedly.

“I will have to discuss with my Father first.” Ling Luo was at a lost too. Xiao Qi Tian was obviously siding with Ning Meng Yao, and no matter what, it was definitely Xiao Zi Xuan’s fault for sending out an assissainaition out of jealousy.

Ming Fang watched as Ling Luo left. He shook his head and sighed. Young Master took a wrong step and this was where he ended up. Ming Fang knew that Miss Ning was so many times better than the Heiress, but as a servant, he was in no position to give his opinion.

Ling Luo made his way into Marquis Ling’s study room and reported his findings to him. 

“What did you say? Xiao Zi Xuan did this?” Marquis Ling stood up abruptly as he glared in dismay, clearly not believing in what he had just heard.


Ling Luo nodded his head, “This is true.”

“Just why?”

“It’s because of Meng Yao. I went to find her in secret, but Xiao Zi Xuan somehow knew about it and had the intention to murder her, but she did not know that Prince Qi was present.”

“Kill that lass? Why?” Marquis Ling frowned. He knew about her existence and would have accepted her as his daughter-in-law if not for her status as she was a very decent girl.

Ling Luo lowered his gaze, “She thought that I would be bringing Meng Yao into the household, which she saw as a threat to her position. Yet, it turns out that Meng Yao will be marrying soon and will not affect her in any way.”

Marquis Ling sighed, wasn’t this a sign of jealousy?

“Report this to the Emperor, and ask her to make a trip over here.” Marquis Ling instructed as he gave his temple a rub, wondering what in the world was happening.

“I understand.”

Under her servant’s accompaniment, Xiao Zi Xuan stepped into Marquis Ling’s study room. The first thing she saw was the father and son sitting on there, both looking obviously upset.

“Father, my Lord.”

“You sent the men to murder Ning Meng Yao?” Marquis Ling did not bother to beat around the bush.

Xiao Zi Xuan’s hands stiffened, her eyes alarmed and in dismay, “I didn’t.”

“You didn’t? Xiao Zi Xuan, this matter had already caught the Emperor’s attention, we are not talking about you trying to murder Ning Meng Yao, but the assassination of Prince Qi.” Ling Luo snickered as he watched her defending herself even when the cat was out of the bag.

“That can’t be possible.” Xiao Zi Xuan blurted out unconsciously, indirectly admitting to the fact that she was indeed involved in the matter.

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Watching her pale face, Ling Luo said, “Make a trip to the palace and explain yourself. I’ve never seen a person as foolish as you before.”

“Father…” Xiao Zi Xuan’s gaze was on Marquis Ling, hoping that he could tell her everything was false.

She may be of noble status, but that was nothing compared to Prince Qi’s.

“Prince Qi only gave us a day to settle this issue. Should it not be handled properly by tomorrow, both Ling Residence and Xiao Residence will be implicated.” Marquis Ling never favored this daughter-in-law, who always behaved all high and mighty due to the backing she had from Xiao Residence.

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