Chapter 188: Demoted to Concubine

Xiao Zi Xuan turned pale, “how could this involve Prince Qi, isn’t she just a normal peasant.” Ling Luo scoffed, “I can’t believe you’re this foolish. She is in collaboration with Prince Qi, and because she’s getting married, he was present. Yet you dare to assassinate her in front of him. Are you having such a good time at our ...

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Chapter 188: Demoted to Concubine
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LV 4

Even though it is her own stupidity thats making her suffer, even though they warned her directly.. how can her mind so easily blame the victim? She has lost her mind along all the plots she made.. can she just disappear? thanks for the new chapter

LV 3

That Zi Xuan is incredible. I see her death approaching. Ling Luo is also terrible. He was hoping that Meng Yao be taken care of. Just that Zi Xuan acted at a wrong time for him to feel satisfied that no one was going to get Meng Yao.

LV 5

thankyou for the chapter and well like what Aelwyd say i to tink that she is and idiot witout remedy after all if she had stayed in her home quit witout trying to kill ning meng yao out of jelousy then she wouldent end as a concubine. but she thinks tha she is smart and even after the warning i still think she would cause trouble for her own family

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