Chapter 188: Demoted to Concubine

Xiao Zi Xuan turned pale, “how could this involve Prince Qi, isn’t she just a normal peasant.”

Ling Luo scoffed, “I can’t believe you’re this foolish. She is in collaboration with Prince Qi, and because she’s getting married, he was present. Yet you dare to assassinate her in front of him. Are you having such a good time at our Ling Residence that you forgot your place?” If she was not pregnant, he would not have let her off so easily and make sure that she paid for her actions.

Xiao Zi Xuan slumped onto the floor as she understood the gravity of her actions. Her eyes widened in disbelief and horror, “No, this can’t be true.”

“Did you really think there’s a need for us to lie to you? If possible, I’d be more than happy to strangle you.” Ling Luo gritted his teeth.

Xiao Zi Xuan’s body turned stiff, she could not believe the man she loved would speak so harshly to her.

“I… I…”

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“Say no more, we will go to the Palace tomorrow and you shall ask for their forgiveness.” Other than asking for forgiveness, Marquis Ling hoped that Xiao Qi Tian would give a less severe punishment on a pregnant woman.

Xiao Zi Xuan nodded as she dared not make any objection.

The next morning, Ling Luo and his father brought Xiao Zi Xuan into the palace. Xiao Qi Tian snickered upon the news.

“Seems like they are here to gain some pity points.”

“What do you intend to do?” Xiao Qi Feng raised his eyebrow, interested.

What else? Of course, he would return her the favor.

As expected, Xiao Zi Xuan used her pregnancy as an excuse for a lighter punishment, 

However, before Xiao Zi Xuan could let out a sigh of relief, Xiao Qi Tian’s words made her heart sank. 

“You may have escaped the death sentence, but your status will be demoted to a concubine since you have no intention of being a decent Heiress.” Xiao Qi Tian said lightly.

Theses words terrified Xiao Qi Yuan,“ No, I don’t want to be demoted。”

She was the high and mighty Heiress, she could not accept her status changed to a lowly concubine.

“Either you die or you get demoted, make your choice.”  Xiao Qi Tian was unaffected by her horrific expression, this was what she deserved for offending him.

Xiao Zi Xuan slumped onto the floor and stared blankly, “No, you can’t treat me like this. I am from the Xiao’s family.”

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Xiao Qi Tian laughed coldly, “And does that give you the right to assassinate me?”

“No, I have no intention to assassinate you.” Xiao Zi Xuan hurriedly defended herself.

“Hmm? Then I’m curious as to who you were trying to kill?” Xiao Qi Tian scoffed. Was this all it takes to make her crumble?

How can she tell the truth? So what if she belonged to the Xiao family? Ning Meng Yao did not offend her in any way. The truth is that she stole Ning Meng Yao’s man, and did not try to let her off even though Ning Meng Yao is getting married soon. She would be asking for her own death if she dared to utter the truth.

“What? Do you have anything else left to say? I’ll tell you right now right here, that you are in no position to go against her. I’ll let you off with a demotion this time, should there be a second time…… be prepared to lose your life even if you are from Xiao Residence.”


“Alright, this matter is resolved. Just as Prince Qi said, its either you get demoted to a concubine or you lose your life. Of course, if you choose the latter, I do not mind investigating further into the matter.” Xiao Zi Xuan’s objection got cut off by Xiao Qi Feng.

Xiao Zi Xuan dared not make any objection even though she was mad. What else could she say, now that the Emperor has spoken?

“Yes, I understand.” Xiao Zi Xuan had no choice but to comply, but that did not mean she would take it lying down.

Demoting her to a concubine was the same as a slap to both her face and Xiao Residence, they would definitely be against it. And Ning Meng Yao that vixen, she would definitely make her pay with her life for making her suffer from such humiliation.

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