Chapter 189: Before Wedding

Ning Meng Yao only knew about the Xiao Zi Xuan’s demotion when Xiao Qi Tian came over for a visit. Ning Meng Yao was unaffected by the news, but she thought that this would be better as Xiao Zi Xuan would spend less of her energy on her. “Didn’t I handle the matter well?” Xiao Qi Tian asked, wanting to ...

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Chapter 189: Before Wedding
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LV 5

thankyou for the chapter waiting for more of this couple

LV 4

thankyou translator -san for the chapter its good to have a chapter a day for this novel and i was wondering if someone could pick up the novel “Man Man Qing Luo” that only got 9 chapters releaced but this novel i think that it could be on par with kusuriya no hitorigo and this novel please if you knows how to get a translator to work in this novel i will be very gratefull

LV 2

gracias por el capìtulo no puedo esperar a ver como estos 4 probablemente pelean con el para determinar si es un futuro esposo apropiado para ning meng yao

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