Chapter 442: Beating While Mounted On An Opponent’s Waist

On the side, An Jiaxin became ‘unhappy’ and laughed while chasing after her for a beating. “Yang Yi, you know too much. I’m going to silence you! I’m representing the universe to exterminate you!”

Yang Yi and An Jiaxin were classmates in Grade 10, so she knew slightly more about the fake lad than the other three.

The moment they mentioned the events in Grade 10, the story about An Jiaxin fighting with a boy from Grade 10 was brought up. With her strengths, she forcefully jumped on his waist and gave him a beating. From then on, one could see how doughty she was.

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Ye Jian, who was organizing her textbooks at the side, listened in. The smile on her face was hanging there. During her high school life, besides the occasional disturbance caused by Ye Ying, the rest of the time was quite comfortable.

A high school life like this, her trip here was not in vain.

While having dinner in the cafeteria, Zhang Bin walked over and invited the group of girls to watch a basketball match. Students of Grade 11 will be pitted up against Grade 12 students, and today was Zhang Bin and his gang’s warm-up game.

Ye Jian had never watched a basketball match between students. The moment she heard it, she happily accepted.

Little girls loved to watch, not because they liked to watch basketball, but because they wanted to watch the guys who were playing.

Even An Jiaxin got exited. “11th graders are going up against Class 12.2. The players in class 2 are handsome! Eat faster, and we’ll go there immediately after we’ve finished eating!” She wasn’t going because of Zhang Bin, but because of the other guys.

This caused Zhang Bin, who hadn’t walked far, to feel frustrated even before getting to the court, creating a flame of rage in his heart.

By the time Ye Jian’s group of 6 girls arrived, the front rows of the basketball court got filled with students. The Grade 9 students had returned to school two weeks ago and with their return, had made the school livelier. Even the sounds of cheering were much louder.

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“This way, this way!” Zhang Bin, who was always on the watch, had saved some seats for them. The moment he saw them coming over, he immediately jogged towards them from the court. The boy had a tall, big build. With his height fast approaching 180cm, he was like a giant when standing in front of the small and dainty girls. Filled with the vigor of youth, he also showed off the charm of a man, “I’ve saved you some good spots! The evening self-study classes only start at 8 pm, so all of you must stay until it’s over!”

While speaking, his gaze regularly swept towards An Jiaxin. The young guy’s intentions could be seen through with just a glance.

Sadly though, An Jiaxin didn’t even give him a sideways glance. Her attention was fixed to the couple guys in high spirits from the Grade 12 class that was surrounded by several girls. Following that, she turned towards Ye Jian and said: “Look, look, that’s Yang Heng! That’s the Yang Heng! He’s my frickin’ Prince Charming.”


Ye Jian could only feel bursts of thunder booming in front of her. Yang Heng was An Jiaxin’s Prince charming.

“Yang Heng. Average, I guess, he looks quite skinny, not as buff as Zhang Bin.” Ye Jian only believed that the ‘Prince Charming’ in An Jiaxin’s heart must be replaced. To be attracted to Ye Ying’s Prince Charming…, Scoff! More like Prince Alarming! Dressed so distastefully, he must be blind!

Zhang Bin heard her words and puffed out his chest intentionally, directly blocking An Jiaxin’s wanton gaze at admiring Yang Heng. “See, Ye Jian has a much better taste. What about you, you’ve known her for long. why don’t you catch a little of her taste, huh!?”

“You’re blocking, you’re blocking, move, move.” It was indeed a difficult task to make someone as insensitive as An Jiaxin figure out something was wrong. After glaring at Zhang Bin, she was itching to go over there and show him her enthusiasm.


“He’s too handsome, and I like that type of guys! Ye Jian, you’ve never seen him wear our uniform. Right, that uniform of ours with white and blue stripes, he’s like a model, extremely handsome!” An Jiaxin hadn’t stopped praising Yang Heng. She wasn’t the only one, and Ye Jian caught some voices from behind her, and praises about him were being said left and right.

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