Chapter 443: Little boys are inferior to Nobleman Xia

Yang Heng, indeed, was quite an attractive guy in the eyes of the other girls. He had good grades, and his name could be found in the top five. He had a handsome face, and his build wasn’t the type that was thick and bulky, it was precisely the type that the girls liked. His body was at the stage between skinny and slightly muscular while putting on a uniform, he’ll look thin, but while wearing a basketball jersey, he seemed so muscular.

These types of guys are the ones who are most able to win a girl’s attention.

However, in Ye Jian’s eyes… He, a small boy who was wet behind the ears. Do you call that muscular? That’s skinny, okay?!? Captain Xia’s figure is what’s called muscular! Were his bones good looking? The ratios of his body didn’t hold! The actual golden ratio was Captain Xia’s figure!

Is he born good looking? Isn’t he just acting cool every once in a while and just fooling those little girls only. Captain Xia’s facial features were so defined that they seemed to be sculpted by jade! Handsome in a uniform? She doesn’t think so! Even if any of the soldiers in the boot camp were to walk out, they looked lovely and mighty in their army uniforms. Besides, every one of them were good men!

Once she started comparing, Ye Jian only felt that Yang Heng doesn’t even have enough charm!

She still hadn’t realized that her benchmark for admiring guys was so high that it used Xia Jinyuan as the model to compare. One has to say that Major Xia’s plan had worked.

Comparing a little boy against Major Xia, there’s no comparison between two!

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There were only five minutes left until the match started. The boys on the court were all doing their warm-up exercises. An Jiaxin was happily engrossed by the view when Ye Jian noticed Ye Ying and a couple of other girls walked right into the court… the target was evident, and it was also An Jiaxin’s ‘Prince Charming,’ Yang Heng.

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“Jiaxin, look who that person is and who she’s walking towards. Don’t be angry, and you must stay calm.” She just thought about switching the ‘Prince Charming’ in her heart, and here comes her opportunity!

Ye Jian gently reminded An Jiaxin, who only had ‘him’ in her eyes and not Ye Ying, while making preparations to receive the wrath of this person in front of her.

After looking closely, An Jiaxin could only feel a bucket of cold water was poured onto her, making her body chilled. Her eyes widened, and a loud “F*ck” came out of her mouth, gaining the sideways glance from countless others.

“Why is it like this! Ye Ying that little b*tch was acquainted with Yang Heng!”

“Not only do they know each other, take a look, Yang Heng just received a bottle of water that she passed him.” It was a rare moment where Ye Jian took the initiative to clap on An Jiaxin’s shoulders. She said towards the girl, whose eyes were going to bulge out from glaring too much: “Don’t you think the guys who take a fancy on Ye Ying are blind? Like the scholars who could only see the pretty skin on a vengeful spirit, but not able to notice the white bones hiding underneath it.”

An Jiaxin massaged her face, and her boyish personality also caused her to deal with this differently. After that loud swear, she started wailing: “Is there something wrong with the world, I always thought I had quite good tastes, but from the looks of it, I’m always blind, huh!”

She just thought that his basketball skills were not bad, but with Ye Ying’s appearance, she was instantly disgusted and lost all other intentions. Didn’t even mention that he was her ‘Prince Charming’ anymore.

Zhang Bin could feel that irritating feeling in his heart was finally gone. To solve this so fast, hahaha, and still, he thought he needed to show his moves on the court.

It was unsure whether or not it was Ye Jian’s misperception, but it feels like Yang Heng and another boy were always shooting gazes at their location. However, there’s a group of people behind them, so she wasn’t sure who precisely they were looking at.

“I’ll handle this, I’ll make her unable to voice her hardships, and hard for her to find trouble for us!” A guy who was wearing the No.8 jersey said towards Yao Jing while hitting his chest: “If I knew Ye Ying had suffered at her hands before this, … Godd*mnit, I’ll have taken care of her a long time ago.”

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