Chapter 190: Using Her Life to Test Me

Ning Meng Yao thickened her skin to look at them: “That’s not what I mean.” “Then tell us what you mean. You did not tell us anything and just disappeared! If it weren’t for Uncle Jiang and the rest for finding you, we will still be ignorant of the fact that you were bullied by that dreg. I say, can’t ...

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Chapter 190: Using Her Life to Test Me
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LV 4

Love that Tian Chang uses action to show and prove his love rather than use words, it shows he is a very honest person. Thank you for the new chapter!

LV 5

thankyou for the chapter waiting for more and this four really treasure and protect ning mengyao like a treasure so if her man dont past their test the he isnt wort of her

LV 2

gracias x el capitulo esperando por mas y espero que pronto abiliten algo que nos ayude a obtener por dia por lo menos 8 sc porque la mayoria de las veces cuando hago click en “claim ” solo consigo 2 o como mucho 3 y eso no me alcanza para un capitulo y menos cuando yo tengo 2 novelas que publican 1 capitulo por dia porfavor ayuda para obtener por lo menos lo de un capitulo

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