Chapter 191: You Don’t Seem Like One

They were worried about Yao Yao so they tested him. He could accept that. But he could not tolerate them using Ning Meng Yao’s life to test him.

Just like the test before, if he had done otherwise, the one suffering from injuries would be Ning Meng Yao. He had received plenty of injuries from young and was used to it, but Ning Meng Yao was not the same. Mu Chen’s seventy percent of strength could have taken her life!

The attack that landed on him made him spat blood and suffered internal injuries that needed nurturing in order to recover, but if the attack landed on Ning Meng Yao, then she would end up being at the brink of death.

“That was my mistake. I won’t do it next time.” Mu Chen nodded. He needed to reflect on his own actions.

“There better not be.” Qiao Tian Chang glanced at them. He disliked feeling angry the most.

Because he was angry, he emitted a strong and dangerous aura, making Mu Chen curious: “Little Yao’er, what does your man do?”

“Him? He used to be a general, but he isn’t anymore.”

“Oh? A general, why isn’t he one anymore?” Mu Chen looked at Ning Meng Yao with full curiosity.

When they came, they had considered many ways to test Qiao Tian Chang, but he was able to make them acknowledge him with only the first test.

“Because I don’t want to go to the capital.” Ning Meng Yao stated for a matter of fact.

Mu Chen and Situ Xuan exchanged glance: “Why do we feel like you are showing off to us?”

“So what if I’m showing off? You can only be jealous.” Ning Meng Yao hugged Qiao Tian Chang’s arm with both hands as she smiled, that expression truly could make others annoyed.

This good man was hers.

Mu Xue’s eyes twitched. She really did not know why she was told said that Ning Meng Yao was like a fairy, she was obviously a demon!

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Patting Ning Meng Yao’s head, Qiao Tian Chang did not rebuke her, only looking at her with a gaze filled with doting that he could not hide.

Mei Ruo Lin looked at them being intimate and smiled charmingly: “Seeing little Yao’er finding her own home, we don’t have to worry anymore.”

“Older sister Mei, did you come here alone? What about brother-in-law? Did he not come with you?” Ning Meng Yao thought of someone and she asked Mei Ruo Lin out of curiosity.

Talking about that man, there were many creases on Mei Ruo Lin’s forehead: “He….”

“Little Yao’er really is the most thoughtful person. Come here, Yao’er, and let me give you a hug.” A light voice rang from behind.

The new guest was about to jump at Ning Meng Yao but she was quickly pulled away by Qiao Tian Chang.

Standing dangerously still while not falling hard into the floor, the newcomer looked at Ning Meng Yao in grievance: “Little Yao’er, why won’t you accept my hug?”

“You use whichever hand to hug her and I will cut that hand off.” Qiao Tian Chang threw the male a piercing glare, his heart brimming with jealousy.

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Before he knew her, who knew how many times this man had hugged Yao Yao?

“Little brat, what did you say?”

“I say that if you dare touch my wife, I will cut off the hand that touches her.”

“My soon-to-be brother-in-law, you’ve my fullest support.” Mei Ruo Lin clapped her hands.

The man staggered and turned his head, looking as if he was wronged: “Dear, why are you helping an outsider?”

Mei Ruo Lin smiled as she stared at the man and ignored his expression: “Why don’t you try to snatch from that outsider and let me see?”

“Dear, you’re bullying me now.”

“You’re actually a female, right?” Qiao Tian Chang suddenly said something that angered the man.

“I am a man through and through.” The man raged.

Qiao Tian Chang looked at his face that was too beautiful and thought of the man’s behavior: “I really can’t see it.”

“Pfft! Hahaha! Yu Feng, see? I’m not the only one to say that!” This time, Mu Chen who was graceful, calm, and collected all this while suddenly broke into a burst of boisterous laughter.

Yu Feng was not actually like that. He was only pretending to be pitiful in front of Mei Ruo Lin, but she did not prefer him that way. Adding the fact that his face was too beautiful, with androgynous beauty, there would be people who would believe if they said Yu Feng was a girl as long as he remained silent.

“Qiao Tian Chang, you don’t want to get married peacefully, don’t you?” Yu Feng gritted his teeth in menace.

Qiao Tian Chang glanced at him nonchalantly with contempt: “You think I’m the same as you?”

“What does he mean?” Yu Feng had a late response and asked the person beside him.

Mu Chen laughed in joy: “Tian Chang meant to say that you’re an idiot.” 

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