Chapter 444: There’s No Need To Admire Me

Yao Jing started laughing. Although her features weren’t as delicate as Ye Ying’s. But the confidence that was spilling out from her made her seemed like there was a glow around her. Looking at the boy who wanted to stand up for Ye Ying, she raised her voice and said: “As long as you’ve helped Ye Ying out with this, then we’ll have as much fun as we want next Friday night! Ye Ying, what do you say, deal?”

“No deal.” Ye Ying rejected it outright, and she was a little bit mad, this Yao Jing was the one that loves to scheme. Although this was originally the plan that she had come up with. In the end, all the credit went to her!

Yao Jing listened, and the corner of her lips tugged upwards. She glanced at Ye Ying and smiled: “You don’t want to, huh, then let’s call it off. To think that I was thinking about sticking out for you.” Forget it; she likes to save face, although there’s quite some steam building up inside her heart, it’s weary to even look at her.

“If I say it’s a deal, it’s a deal. There are still two minutes till the match starts, you girls should hurry up to the side and take a seat.” Luo Ran’s family runs a furniture factory, so their family was a little well-off, and he’s also interested in Ye Ying, so he was trying to display his intentions.

He decided while pounding his chest. Ye Ying furrowed her eyebrows, and her gaze landed on Yang Heng. She doesn’t want to offend Yao Jing, so she could only ask him for help.

“Luo Ran, stop fooling around. Play ball when it’s time to play ball, don’t you dare cause trouble for me.” Yang Heng, who was playing with a ball, noticed and indifferently said, which made Ye Ying and the group rush to their seats since the whistle had already been blown.

While Yang Heng’s gaze gently swept across the bleachers, a thread of floating light flashed past his eyes. So the girl that he had seen in the Transportation Bureau that night was her.

Once the match started, the squeals of girls were the loudest. First Provincial High had quite a proper development in the sports side of things, that’s why the enthusiasm that the students have towards the sports were much higher. Ye Jian was most likely the calmest one there. Hearing the cheering and looking at the agile figures on the court, there was only a tiny smile on the corners of her mouth.

After around twenty minutes of watching, Ye Jian started to feel that it was getting annoying. Like what Uncle Chen has said, the thing she likes the most was still the practice field in the Bootcamp.

She previously wanted to leave the stadium earlier, but by that time, Zhang Bin and his team started getting consecutive scores. They made their way near where the girls were sitting while holding up their arms to garner cheers, sharing the enjoyment they had with the girls. Ye Jian raised her hand and waved at him, then sat down once again to spectate the match.

She picked up the exercise questions that she was going to do during the self-study period. She laid out the test paper on top of her physics textbook, and, amidst the hustle and bustle, Ye Jian calmed her mind and started doing the test questions with a pen in hand.

To be able to do test questions in such a situation, Ye Jian is the first person to do that.

During the half-time break, the Grade 12 basketballers all rested near their side, while Zhang Bin and his team were switched to the other side. Ye Jian, who was about to finish her test papers, hadn’t realized it was the half-time break, she was currently on the final question.

“…You’re doing the test papers?” Li Qian, her roommate, was the first one to return to her seat and noticed Ye Jian, who currently had her head buried in the test paper. She looked at the test paper that had words written on all the pages and exclaimed: “Ye Jian, you’re so diligent even though you’re so smart, I admire you.”

After she finished writing the last question, Ye Jian pressed the button on her spring ball-point pen. She raised her head and smiled: “There’s no need to admire me, I’m just not too immersed in basketball matches and was too embarrassed to leave early, so I only started doing the test papers out of boredom.”

Glancing at the back of the other four girls who still hadn’t sit down, they could hear An Jiaxinx shouting at the top of her lungs. They couldn’t help but laugh. “She’s so crazy; I suspect that she’ll rush down there.”

“Yang Heng’s team was switched to this side, and was currently resting in front of us; it’s a miracle if she doesn’t go crazy.” Li Qian was a very reserved girl. Her academic results were slightly below average, her speech was gentle and polite, and she would occasionally give off a timid smile. Since her figure was slightly plump, she doesn’t always like to hang around An Jiaxin, who always loved a commotion.

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Instead, she loves to hang around Ye Jian and humbly inquire about questions that she doesn’t understand.

After she finished speaking, she also picked up the textbook she was bringing to the self-study session and buried her head in it.

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