Chapter 445: Don’t Mess With Me

Ye Jian did not disturb her; instead, she started packing up her textbooks. Let’s watch this with full attention later, watching a basketball match is also part of high school life.

“Ye Jian, Ye Jian…” An Jiaxin whose face was red from all the screaming turned around and realized Ye Jian, who was previously standing beside her, had sat down. She also quickly sat down and chirped: “He’s so handsome! If it weren’t because that Ye Ying was acquainted with him, I would want to chase after him.”

The other three roommates had also sat down. Just by yelling ‘fighting!’, the three of them were already drenched in sweat.

After the three of them had sat down, the Grade 12 basketball players could instantly see Ye Jian, who previously got blocked from their view.

Ye Jian was currently talking with An Jiaxin with her head down. She noticed that someone was staring at her from the court, so she raised her head. Her gaze looked at the source of the stare with a cold look, and she noticed a boy who wore an old silver necklace that had been worn black, was currently staring at her.

Her eyebrows gently knit together. The formerly calm glare suddenly became cold and harsh at the boy’s extremely impudent way of sizing her up. A powerful, bitter, oppressive force suddenly appeared between her elegant brows, it was so out of the blue, and it made the boy take a few steps backward out of fear.

“Luo Ran, we still have another half, your legs still can’t give out ah!” The boys, who didn’t notice anything, saw him take a few steps back without any apparent reason and looked like he was about to fall. All of them started laughing together.

Yang Heng, however, glanced at the bleachers. All he could see was the blackheads of everyone else.

“Go f*ck yourself, I just slipped.” How would Luo Ran, who was acting tough, admit that he was frightened by Ye Jian’s glare, even though his heart was screaming ‘d*mn voodoo.’ He would never confess it with his mouth! He lengthened his neck and said: “I’m still not satisfied today! We’ll beat the sh*t out of these Grade 11s.”

Yang Heng tossed his empty water bottle to the side, and he sneered at Luo Rang: “Luo Ran, don’t simply stick your head out for others. Be careful, or you won’t even know how you’ll die.”

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The Transportation Bureau was still talking about the girl who had helped the criminal police solve the crime, and he had seen her when the two police officers brought her and another man into the Transportation Bureau. Coincidentally, he had come out of the office, and the next day, he got warned by his father not to mention the girl that he had seen.

He had previously forgotten most of it, but today when they were having dinner in the canteen, and Yao Jing pointed her finger, he suddenly remembered it.

Luo Ran wanted to stick up for Ye Ying, and his head must have been clipped by a door. It’s enough for him to fool around for a bit, but if he had stuck up for her, did he think the school is a gang?

When it was time for the second half, the Grade 12s wanted to win, and the Grade 11s wanted to draw…so currently, the match was more intense than the first half. It was as if the whole basketball court was lifted by the screams, causing Ye Jian to feel her eardrums ache.



In the whole stadium, most chants were either ‘fighting’ or ‘Yang Heng fighting.’ This caused Ye Jian, who was used to listening to the crowd chanting, felt like demonic noises surrounded her. She then decided to never watch any games in the future. Unless she had made a promise that she would watch, only then would she go!

Li Qian was also getting tired of watching the match, so she leaned against Ye Jian and whispered into her ear: “Why don’t we go back to the classroom, I’m getting a headache from all this noise. The match is almost over, and if we don’t leave soon, it’ll be quite crowded.”

She had spoken the words at the bottom of Ye Jian’s heart. Ye Jian turned towards An Jiaxin, who was as excited as though she was playing basketball herself, and said: “You girls can continue watching, I’m going back to class with Li Qian now.”

Only after repeating her sentence multiple times, An Jiaxin reacted to it, “But it’s going to end soon, you’re going to leave now? Why not…” While speaking, a black shadow was currently flying towards their faces on the bleachers. Looks of shock appeared on the faces of the students seated in front and, they then dodged to the side out of instinct.

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