Chapter 446: Look At Your Face Full Of Blood

These few shrieks were quickly drowned out by the sounds of shouting. The only thing that could be seen was that someone suddenly intercepted the basketball that should have gone into the basket. It lost its trajectory and headed straight towards the spectators on the bleachers.

The students who had seen it coming knew to dodge, and the students that had noticed something was amiss also started looking towards that direction… they had no idea who was the unlucky one to be hit by the basketball that was flying out of court.

This had happened once before, and after being hit in the face, the person’s nosebleed would start filling their face; it was a horrific sight.

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Ye Ying, who was seated at Ye Jian’s right side, also noticed the current predicament. She unconsciously pulled down on the edges of her skirt and glared unblinkingly at Ye Jian. A slight smile was already hanging by the corners of her lips.

There was no need for her to act herself; there will always be people who would do the dirty work for her and teach Ye Jian a lesson.

That was what daddy had said: use people to their full value!

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Yao Jing, who was sitting beside her gently, glanced at him, and a very mild chill flashed past the corner of her eye. Yang Heng fancied girls of her type? The type that would die with just a slap are they even that amazing?

However, Ye Jian felt that they deserved to be called basketball players; their aim was entirely accurate. This flying ball was directly headed towards her face… if she were to be hit in the face by it, then she definitely wouldn’t be able to meet anyone tomorrow.

Instead, she extended her arms, and just straight up grabbed the ball that was headed towards her face. Ye Jian, who had already stood up, was now in the center of attention. A very slight smile tugged at the corner of her lips, and before the opposing party had time to retract their shocked gaze, she weighed the basketball in her hands.

This ball, she has to return it, how else would the competition continue?

“This ball isn’t obedient, and you guys should change it with another one.” While Ye Jian was speaking, the ripple in her eyes seemed as bright as the moon. Although it seemed clear, it was, in fact, quite hazy, a layer of thin mist that cannot be penetrated laid upon it. Her eyes were as elegant as flowing water, making her seem extremely simple and elegant.

If you put aside the simple and elegant look of hers, her smile seemed to carry a chill. At first glance, you might feel that it was just a blossoming flower, but if you were to take a closer look, you’d realize it was a sharp sword.

In Luo Ran’s eyes, Ye Jian’s smile was akin to a sword that was hovering above his head that would drop down at any moment!

He couldn’t help but take a step back. Unexpectedly, he got stopped by Zhang Bin, who was standing behind him, and he heard the furious questioning from behind him: “Luo Ran, whose face are you aiming for with that ball of yours?”

“What do you mean, whose face I’m aiming for?” Luo Ran roared, using the loudness of his voice to prove his innocence. “Who the f*ck can control things like this, do you think this was intended? F*ck! Do you even know how to speak!”

Guys were not good at arguments, and whenever there’s a disagreement, they will solve it with their fists. Realizing Zhang Bin was about to hurl his fists, Ye Jian quickly raised her voice to stop him. She smiled: “The senior wearing No. 16, I know that wasn’t intentional, so I’m not blaming you. What’s there for you to be angry about? Here, catch this!”

While speaking, she smacked the ball in her hands, as if it was volleyball down into the court!

How hard it was, basketball! How soft was a volleyball! Ye Jian’s smack was very hard, so loud that An Jiaxin and a couple of others focused their gaze on her hand. They were shocked by the basketball that was flying towards them, and after briefly regained their spirits, they went into a stupor once again by Ye Jian’s fearless smack.

“You… is that painful.” An Jiaxin asked numbly. 

The whole stadium was entirely silent. Ye Jian turned to her side and looked at her and replied with a smile, “I’m not in pain, but that boy should be. I need to go down there and apologize since I made his nose bleed.”

Ye Jian supported herself with both hands on the railings that separated the spectators from the court, with a light leap she had gone over the 1.5-meter tall railings and walked towards Luo Ran, who was trying to stop the bleeding by tilting his head upwards.

“Senior, I’m sorry, I’m a volleyball player, and my hand strength is quite strong. When I grabbed the ball, I unconsciously treated it as a volleyball and smacked it. I also stood at such a great location, and I didn’t expect to hit you right in the face, I’m sorry.” Hitting someone with a ball till their face was covered in blood, giving him an apology was a given!

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