Chapter 447: Ye Jian, You Must Be Here To Rewrite History

Ye Jian would never allow herself to suffer any loss. If that were an accident, then Ye Jian would get over it with a smile.

However, it wasn’t an accident. It had a malicious intent towards her, and besides, there also weren’t any grudges between them. They didn’t even know who each other was before this happened. There was only Ye Ying who had shown her face in the basketball court.

Ke, because of the presence of Ye Ying, then I’m sorry. How you smacked the ball towards her, she would hit the ball back the same way.

Yang Heng held a towel soaked with ice water and passed it to Luo Ran. He looked at the person in front of him. Ye Jian had attractive features and was apologizing obediently. He slightly pursed his lips together and said with a loud voice: “It’s no big deal, how about you return to your seat first.”

When Ye Jian lifted the ball, Yang Heng knew that something was amiss, but never would he have thought that the power behind that smack was so reliable!

After all, Luo Ran was the one that incited this first! She was giving him a taste of his own medicine, so there weren’t even grounds for him to complain.

His answers made Ye Jian’s eyebrows c*** minutely, and perhaps he knew who she was? Or was it because Ye Ying hadn’t mentioned anything about her to him?

Both of which were equally possible. Since Ye Jian was itching to let everybody know her, she stopped butting heads against Ye Jian openly. Compared to the time when they were in middle school, her skills had grown much more. 

“Then, I’ll stop interrupting your match, pardon me.” Ye Jian once again made a polite apology. She didn’t return to the bleachers; instead, she motioned Li Qian. Who was dumbfounded by the scene to bring her books with her and head to the classroom together.

After Luo Ran g hit by the ball, not only did his nose not stop bleeding, even his brain was buzzing around…, the injury was not a light one!

After pressing the towel soaked in cold water against his face, Luo Ran, whose brain had regained some clarity, managed to catch Ye Jian apologizing and leaving. How would he let Ye Jian go just like that when he is an overlord in his home? He pushed aside the guy that was supporting him, and he pressed the towel against himself while standing up drowsily. His eyes glared fiercely at her, “Motherf*cker, you’ve hit me and wanna leave now, not happening!”

“Luo Ran! Do you f*cking think this is your home!” Very unexpectedly, the enraged person wasn’t anybody else, but Yang Heng.

He suppressed Luo Ran’s forearms, and warned lowly, “Luo Ran, don’t you f*cking throw your pampered tantrums here. You’re very clear about what you’ve done! You can blame nobody for this!”

“A girl who plays volleyball smacked the ball back, but you didn’t catch it and got hit in the face. You f*cking dare yell in front of me, huh!”

Ye Jian had already stopped in her tracks. She was waiting for what Luo Ran was going to pull by saying ‘not happening.’ After taking in the words that Yang Heng had said, her gaze squinted very subtly. Why does it feel like Yang Heng is trying to avoid her?

“Junior, you should go back. He’s just trying to act tough. We’ll explain it to the teachers when they get here.” Yang Heng was indeed avoiding Ye Jian, and he doesn’t want her to pay attention to this group of people!

The group that acts well-behaved in school, but when they’re outside, they are students who behave no different than gangsters!

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This was also a warm-up match that the students had organized themselves and was supervised by the student council. A teacher had kept watch for the first half, but had left during the second half. 

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Once he left, he got notified that a student was hit in the face by a basketball, and his nose was bleeding non-stop. It was also because a girl in the bleachers was trying to return the ball, but her aim wasn’t right, so he got hit.

Something like this, even for the teacher, was the first time that he had heard of it!

Ye Jian brushed past the school doctor and the teacher and then met up with An Jiaxin, Li Qian, and the others outside. When they noticed she had come out, they encircled her, a very ‘impressed’ look was written all over their faces!

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