Chapter 448: Each Had Their Inclinations (Can’t Get Onto The Backstage!)

The five roommates looked at Ye Jian with star-shaped eyes… with a smack on the basketball, she hit someone in the face and made him bleed. How badass was that?

Li Qian was about to return Ye Jian’s textbook to her, but she kept holding onto them. She glanced at her hands and asked with a soft voice: “You… does it hurt? It must hurt quite a bit. Should we go back to the dorm and soak them in hot water?”

It must hurt, since that was a basketball and not a volleyball.

“I’m fine. I didn’t overthink it when I smacked it. I just wanted to return the ball, and I never intended to make someone bleed.” Ye Jian explained while laughing. Receiving the textbooks that were passed to her, she caught Ye Ying and another girl walking towards them, shrouded by a dense atmosphere, from the corners of her eyes.

At this time, the sky had already slightly darkened. The street lights had been turned on and were lighting the way. While the warm yellow light remained on the faces of the duo, it seemed like a layer of stain that cannot be scraped away, making the duo’s complexion appear gloomy and seem to carry ruthless energy around.

The basketball stadium was located in the corner of the school, so there weren’t many street lights around. Ye Jian’s group just happened to stand in a darker area. Both Ye Ying and Yao Jing, who had just walked out, had their thoughts to deal with, so they hadn’t noticed the girls in the meantime.

“I’ve never thought that sister of yours had tricks up her sleeves, Ye Ying. Why didn’t you remind me beforehand?” Yao Jing walked at a fast pace. Compared to that of Ye Ying’s. Who had chased after her, there was a layer of annoyance hidden behind her eyes.

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Why can’t she take care of small things like this! In the end, Yang Heng had to step in to clean up their mess!

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Ye Ying, who was at the back, could only feel depressed from hearing those words. It’s the mess that she had stirred up herself, and now she’s blaming me for not reminding her? What am I supposed to remind her about? I’ve objected to doing this when we were on the court!

“Why didn’t I remind you? I was already objecting to you at that time, and Yang Heng was also objecting to it!” Although Ye Ying conceded to Yao Jing for everything, but for what happened today on the basketball court, there’s no way she would continue acknowledging it to her. It’ll make Yao Jing greedy!

Yao Jing stopped walking when she heard those words. She turned around and glared at her, and said while sneering: “Hah, so you mean that this is all my fault? Is it my fault? I just wanted to stick up for you! It’s you who had told us that your sister was bullying you! If you hadn’t said that, do you think I’d stick up for you?”

In the end, all mistakes were committed by others. They had nothing to do with her!

Even if she did make a mistake, there were thousands upon thousands of excuses she used to defend herself. Ultimately, it was still someone else’s fault. If someone didn’t do something, then she wouldn’t do anything either.

If….. then wouldn’t happen. That was the equation she used to find her excuses. It applied to anything she had faced.

Ye Ying was always the meticulous one. She felt that Yao Jing’s feelings towards her were starting to feel slightly odd. As to what exactly was wrong, she failed to pin-point it. A dark glimmer flickered in her pupils, and she carefully probed, “Aren’t you the person that understands Yang Heng the most? Did he ever agreed to things like this in the past?”

“Hadn’t you realize it just now?” Yao Jing was currently blinded by rage. Ye Ying probed her and let out a lead while not being careful. “I’ve been in the same school as him since young. He always hated to do things like this, so it was normal for him to stop it.”

Instantly, Ye Ying had understood where that odd feeling Yao Jing had against her was coming from. As it turns out, she’s attracted to Yang Heng.

She pursed her lips and smiled, “Look at you. Even though you’re so familiar with him, but you’ve said those words to Luo Ran in front of him. How about this. When Yang Heng comes out, I’ll explain it to him and say it’s because I asked you, and so you wanted Luo Ran to stick up for me and help me vent.”

“You should have done this when that had happened!” Yao Jing squinted at her, and her mood instantly got better. She hugged Ye Ying’s arm and lifted her chin. “I know you’re the best; you’re so nice. I think Yang Heng would write a letter to you in no time!”

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