Chapter 449: Boasting Her Skills, Ridiculous

Ke, if Yang Heng were to write her a love letter, then the unlucky person would be her, Ye Ying!

Ye Ying, who was cursing in her heart, said instead: “Stop teasing me, why would Yang Heng write me a love letter. After all, the reason I got to know him was because of you. That’s why you ah, should…”

Her voice just trailed off mid-speech. She noticed the people standing not far away from her, Ye Jian and her classmates.

That also means that they most likely overheard her conversation with Yao Jing!

It doesn’t matter whether or not Ye Jian had heard it, but their classmates shouldn’t know about it!

“I have something to discuss with Ye Ying. Jiaxin, you girls should head to the classroom without me.” Ye Jian glanced coldly at the duo who had noticed her. The edge of her lips curved upwards slightly.

Ye Zifan must have ordered Ye Ying not to find trouble against her, but Ye Ying had deliberately done the opposite. Since the problem had found her, why would she reason herself to avoid it? The timing was right, and she still wanted to know who the guy was that she smacked a face full of blood.

“I’m staying. Li Qian, the three of you head to the classroom.” An Jiaxin refused. She was afraid that Ye Jian would be at a disadvantage. “You weren’t here during Grade 10 and didn’t know much about Ye Ying. She’s now acquainted with students who had quite a background at home. I’m staying, so they don’t think we’re afraid of her!”

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After all, they have only known the three girls, including Li Qian, for like a month. So, the levels of friendship were different as compared with An Jiaxin’s. Hearing her, they quietly whispered, “be careful,” then left immediately.

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Once the three girls had left, Ye Jian laughed: “You’re going to accompany me to wreak havoc? There’s no need. You need to stand beside me and watch the show in a moment. Let’s first hear what they have to say.”

Yao Jing, who had also recognized them, squinted her eyes. Immediately she held Ye Ying’s arm and walked towards them with a fake smile. “You must be Ye Jian, huh. You used a basketball to smash a Grade 12 senior till he bled. That was quite impressive!”

“Do you know the person you have just hit?” She wore a gloating expression on her face, and even her laugh got filled with anticipation at watching the upcoming show. “It’s Luo Ran, the most problematic student for the teachers. Fighting, drinking, and smoking, he’s good at everything. Since you’ve hit him, wait to be held up after school!”

Thinking about it this way, it can also be counted as venting in Ye Ying’s stead. After finishing her speech, she turned around and smiled at Ye Ying: “Although we failed to hit her with the ball, she dug her hole by hitting Luo Ran, and we still managed to vent out some of your resentment, huh.”

After clearing out the misunderstanding about Yang Heng, Ye Ying knew that Yao Jing’s heart was much more at ease. With a beaming smile, she replied: “I’m afraid my sister still doesn’t know who Luo Ran is. I have to tell her more about him.”

“What’s there to tell her, huh? Anyway, she’s still going to be held up after school.” Yao Jin, who was at ease, leaned against Ye Ying intimately, with dimples blooming like a flower. She said tenderly: “Ying Ying, if you get bullied in the future, Luo Ran is the person you should find.”

So the guy who got hit by her ball was called Luo Ran, and he’s going to hold her up after school? Ye Jian thought about it, but being held up by someone, that was something that hasn’t happened in a long time.

She raised her eyebrows and chuckled: “Okay, I’m looking forward to being held up.” Wasn’t she always held up by people in the past? What’s the big deal about being held up by a couple of students?

“In the past, He Jiamin, Tan Wei, and Xie Sifeng were your helpers, and now you’ve just replaced them with other people. You ah, why are you always so timid? Not stepping in personally, and instead, you go and find people to help you every time.” An Jiaxin crossed her arms over her chest and looked mockingly at her. “If you have the balls, then do it yourself. What’s the point of using other people as your weapons?”

Yao Jing, who had a smile on a face, listened to those words, and the expression on her face changed.

She always knew that Ye Ying was a smart person, who also had her boundaries. However, she didn’t know what type of person she was in middle school.

She unconsciously let go of her hand. She liked to carry out plans of her own, but that doesn’t mean she would allow others to carry out procedures with her in it!

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