Chapter 450: After School Hold-Up? I’m Not Afraid!

Ye Ying, who wore a dark gaze, kept her cool. It seemed she hasn’t noticed the odd behavior from Yao Jing and she said in a sharp tone: “Ye Jian, you’ve said that it’s best if the two of us could deal with each other in harmony in the school! I wasn’t mature enough in the past, and the stuff that I had done was so childish that they were laughable, but from Grade 9 onwards, have I done anything against you?”

“We should live together harmoniously, be it in middle school or high school. We shouldn’t fight amongst ourselves to prevent everyone from becoming a laughing stock.”

“What happened tonight was an accident. The actions of that guy weren’t something that I had control of, and he was only thinking about standing up for me! If you don’t believe my words, you can ask anybody else! I’ve tried to stop him at that time, but he didn’t listen to me.”

How could she not notice Yao Jing’s odd behavior? It is precise because Ye Ying had seen it; that’s why she’s trying her best to make up for it.

Indeed, she had made up for it. Yao Jing’s complexion cleared up slightly, and although she hadn’t pulled out her arm, the previous intimacy was gone. She giggled: “Ye Ying, what’s there to waste your breath on with her? She’s your sister, so what? It doesn’t mean she can hit you.”

She glanced at Ye Jian and said with an arrogant expression: “What happened today was because I didn’t like you. That’s why I made Luo Ran act. If you have the guts, then come after me and Luo Ran, Ye Ying had nothing to do with this.”

They were birds of a feather. Ye Jian noticed the girl, who was standing beside Ye Ying, had her schemes and wasn’t being genuine and honest when she tried to help out Ye Ying. The edges of her lips curved slightly, and a mocking glint flashed past her eyes.

She didn’t mind Ye Ying finding more friends to stand up for her, but if there was a chance to make those so-called friends of hers cause trouble for Ye Ying herself, then Ye Jian felt that was quite amusing. 

In the time it took for her eyes to ripple, her star-like pupils seemed to carry a cold smile. She leisurely opened her mouth: “Asking someone to act just because you find another student whom you don’t know… if it weren’t for Ye Ying, would you have done so?”

Immediately, the girl’s distance with Ye Ying had widened. A moment ago, their shoulders were still touching, but at this point, their shoulders were now a fist apart.

She swept a light gaze at Ye Ying, who wanted to break the peace in front of her, then chuckled: “That’s what I said. It doesn’t matter whether or not you had a hand in what had happened tonight, as to what you have done, Ye Ying, you know best.”

“I also know that you had made friends with many students who come from a good background in high school. However, if you want to find trouble against me using them, then Ye Ying, you are mistaken. One: I’m not afraid. Two: the school is, in the end, still a school. If you guys act too outrageously, once the school steps in and summons the parents, I’m pretty sure the person who’ll end up as the laughing stock and it won’t be me.”

“Number three: don’t forget, First Provincial High’s treatment against troublemaking students. They only have one way of dealing with them: expulsion! Even their school records get destroyed.”


There was a smile on Ye Ying’s face at the start, but when she listened near the end, her heart panicked, and she unconsciously glanced at Yao Jing, who was beside her. When she noticed that her face was devoid of any emotion, she glared at Ye Jian with hatred and sharply said: “Ye Jian, you dare blackmail me!”

It was precisely what she had said. Once their families know about their troublemaking actions, they will not tolerate their behavior.

“Blackmail? Those are the school rules. Didn’t you ever read the school rules?” Ye Jian laughed. Each one of them intimidates people using their connections, but in the end, the people they rely on the most were still the parents back at home. “Ye Ying, if you want to stir up trouble against me in my two years of high school, be careful that you won’t cause your friends to be unable to get into university!”

Ye Jian frightened the duo, Yao Jing and Ye Ying so much that their faces got drained of color.

While they were having the conversation, the basketball match had ended. The students were starting to walk out of the stadium, from the sporadic few to groups upon groups, causing the previously quiet area around the stadium to become lively instantaneously.

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