Chapter 451: Friends Never Leave Each Other

Yao Jing went with the flow and pulled her hand out of Ye Ying’s arm. She looked Ye Jian up and down for a while and then said: “You’re not wrong, Ye Ying and I wouldn’t transgress the school rules, so naturally, we wouldn’t find trouble with you. However…”

Her finger pointed at the boys who were walking towards them in basketball jerseys, and she smiled: “People would naturally come to find trouble with you.”

This Ye Jian was indeed a smart one. She was also quite eloquent and hadn’t put herself at odds against Yao Jing since the beginning; instead, she was only focused on Ye Ying and Ye Ying. It was perfect, and Yang Heng had said that she should never stir up trouble against a smart person, who knows what was important…, Thinking about the words Yang Heng had spoken in the past, Yao Jing, who was weighing her options did not show any intention to stand up anymore.

Ye Jian only smiled and brushed off Yao Jing’s threats, “I am not acquainted with you guys, I only know Ye Ying. If you guys dare to risk being expelled to stand up for her, then I can only say one thing, Ye Ying had indeed made the right kind of friends.”

Classroom, canteen, Bootcamp… such a simple life. If Luo Ran dared to bring his people to barge into the school or the Bootcamp, she would respect him like a man!

Her calm disregard caused Yao Jing’s gaze to sink, and It wasn’t because of Ye Jian’s words. Instead, she knew that Ye Jian had seen through all of her little petty schemes! As such, she wouldn’t stand up for Ye Ying.

Without saying much and without caring about Ye Ying, she walked away with a cold face.

This time, Ye Ying didn’t chase after her immediately. Staring at Yao Jing’s back, she sneered at her in her heart. Sooner or later, she will make Yao Jing not dare to do the same to her in the future.

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But facing Ye Jian, the unyielding Ye Ying raised her chin and revealed a smug smile. “You’re quite right, I have indeed made a bunch of good friends, and every one of them is willing to stand up for me. Ye Jian, what about you, who would come out and stand up for you? If you wanna go against me, then you wait for my friends to take care of you.”

“Luo Ran isn’t a good student, so just you wait.”

Ye Jian was disinclined to say more. Ye Ying’s smarts are too narrow, and even her vision was the same!

An Jiaxin, who had held it in for quite a while, finally lost it. She laughed out loud. Even she had seen a clue, but Ye Ying was still deliberately pretending. How could she stop laughing?

“Then we’re waiting, Ye Ying. Hurry up and complain to Luo Ran. In any case, the unlucky person wouldn’t be Ye Jian nor I!” Finishing that, she raised the arm that she had locked tightly with Ye Jian from the start and guffawed: “What are friends? Friends never leave each other, don’t you know that?”

That pricked and Ye Ying’s glare sharpened immensely, and even her complexion turned white from fuming. She gritted her teeth and said hatefully: “Is that so? You bunch of losers without any background, we’ll see how long you can stay cocky!”

She turned and left with an overbearing atmosphere.

Ye Jian chuckled lightly and then spoke to An Jiaxin with a serious expression: “You shouldn’t leave the school on a whim now. The thing about Luo Ran, let me handle it!” The reason why she didn’t put herself at odds against Yao Jing and instead kept bringing Ye Ying repeatedly was to let her know that the matters between her and Ye Ying has nothing to do with their friends!

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It has nothing to do with An Jiaxin, who was standing beside her!

“You should relax and be more careful. Luo Ran is indeed someone who doesn’t mess around.” An Jiaxin lowered her head, her forehead rubbed against Ye Jian’s shoulder, “Zhang Bin told me, we must listen to everything you say and we shouldn’t decide on our own. Relax, I’m not a student who can study outside. I won’t leave the school.”

Although that was the case, Ye Jian still kept watch for the next few days, and she realized that Luo Ran didn’t take any actions, and Ye Ying was also acting quite obediently.

However, the more they act that way, the more restless Ye Jian felt in her heart.

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