Chapter 452

She waited until Friday, and when she was about to head to boot camp for training, Ye Jian felt that unfriendly gazes were sweeping towards her from different locations the moment she had walked out of the school gates. This feeling made Ye Jian felt more at ease, however.

At the very least, she knows that Luo Ran hadn’t given up and was instead looking for an opportunity.

Ye Jian carried a smile in her eyes while walking forward with fleeting footsteps. Usually, when she’s going to practice, she’ll leave at night. As such, Luo Ran didn’t know about it, so naturally, no one would come looking for her at those times. However, as long as he asked Ye Ying, he’ll know that she leaves the school on Fridays.

The military-use vehicle was parked five hundred meters away from the school gates. Ye Jian walked quite fast in her school uniform and was also quite agile. She knew how to counter-track, and she managed to get away before two minutes had passed.

“What! She’s gone?” Luo Ran, who was drinking a soda while sitting inside the concession store, bolted upright. He glared intently at the couple high schoolers from other schools. “All of you followed after her and didn’t manage to find her? F*ck!”

Standing outside were young adult gangsters who also had close ties with Luo Ran.

Hearing that, one of those young adults, who had dyed a tuft of his bangs blonde, walked towards them while chewing on an areca nut. “I’ve already told you beforehand, let us step in. However, you don’t trust me and instead insisted on finding a couple of students. They’ve failed what they’re supposed to do. Isn’t that quite normal?”

“How about this, your older brothers here will step in and help you take care of this. Look at that nose of yours, it’s been one mother f*cking week, and it’s still bruised. How would you be able to swallow this breath of yours down?”

‘Click,’ the sound of a can of soda popping opened. Yang Heng, who was leaning against the counter casually said towards Luo Ran, who was already livid: “I have no doubts if you want to blow up this mess, but to allow outsiders to come in here and bully girls from our school? Luo Ran, I look down on the ‘balls’ that you have.”

He pulled out a 50 dollar bill and placed it on the counter. He said towards the store owner: “Give them a soda each to cool their heads.”

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Meanwhile, he picked up his bag and started walking outside slowly but steadily, leaving Luo Ran behind. Luo Ran’s complexion turned green and white in rage, and he hit the counter with his fists. After pondering for a moment, he picked up his bag and chased after his friend.

The blonde-haired man glanced at the 50 dollar bill on the counter then glanced at the boy who had first taken his leave. He let out a long whistle and turned towards his colleagues: “So that was another rich student.”

After a couple of young adults standing outside realized the situation, they all started laughing.

“What the f*ck are you laughing at? Go find out where that kid usually holds his activities. Luo Ran, that kid is on a strict watch by his family. There will be problems with money, and we still have to find our next target.” The blondie sandwiched the 50 dollar bill between his fingers, and told the silent concession store owner: “Three packs of cigs, and give me the remainder in sodas.”

There were still a couple of days before National Day. The Autumn Tiger was still in motion, and the weather was so hot that everyone wanted to eat something cold.

All the soldiers brought their water canteens, but they didn’t drink any cold water. Instead, they drank as much as they wanted of the plain tea contained in large stainless steel barrels that had honeysuckle added into it. After a barrel got placed on the training grounds, the contents would disappear after a short while.

Although it was cool underground, after their training sessions, they would still be drenched in sweat from the heat.

When Ye Jian arrived at the underground training area, she noticed that all of the motorized infantry were packing their stuff, it seemed as if they were about to leave.

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“Why are all of you packing up? We’re not training tonight?” She asked the soldier who had driven her here with a slightly surprised look. “Didn’t they say we’re going to train for every night until the end of December?”

The soldier that had driven her here pursed his lips and smiled bashfully: “The P.C. is coming. Why don’t you ask him?”

Political Commissar Yan was waiting for Ye Jian to come. He motioned the motorized infantry to go about their business and smiled at her genially: “There’s a special mission tonight, you see. You’ve already been here for almost a month, and we’ve been paying close attention to your results. We have unanimously agreed on the rapid pace that you are improving at.”

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