Chapter 192: Acquaintance

Yu Feng’s pretty face became distorted because of Mu Chen. Mei Ruo Lin stared at her dear. He was normal when in front of everyone else, but why was he different in front of them?

“Brother-in-law, don’t get angry. If you’re angry, you’ll get wrinkles. Aiya, there’s wrinkles at the corner of your eye.” Ning Meng Yao added fuel to the fire when she saw Yu Feng agitated.

Once Yu Feng heard her, he immediately jumped: “Really? Dear, help me take a look. Do I really have wrinkles?”

“Pfft hahaha!” The people present broke into laughter, including Qiao Tian Chang who could not hold himself back. Why was this person, who seemed skillful enough, love beauty like his own life? Especially when he’s a man!

With a forehead full of creases, Mei Ruo Lin really wondered what made her marry this man in the first place. He was really going to be the death of her!

“No, it’s still as beautiful as always.”

“Really? Then I’ve nothing to worry about.” After saying this, he touched his own face and then looked at Ning Meng Yao in dissatisfaction: “Little Yao’er, is this how you tease your brother-in-law?”

Ning Meng Yao laughed dryly. She could not say that she was changing the topic right?

Qiao Tian Chang looked at the crowd and his eyes carried laughter. It was good that she had so many people pampering her, but his heart did not feel comfortable at all. After all, him pampering her would have been enough.

After these people came, everyone else became important. But what made Ning Meng Yao not know whether to cry or to laugh was when Xiao Qi Tian’s group arrived and met Yu Feng; they actually got along really well.

Especially for Yu Feng and Lin Zi You. Both of them were beautiful and loved beauty. Hence, the two of them bend their arms around one another and threw Mei Ruo Lin by the side.

Xiao Qi Tian gloomily asked Situ Xuan: “I say, Xuan’er, why don’t you visit your father when you’re back?”

“I don’t want to.” Situ Xuan answered faintly.


“Brother Qi Tian, I hope you won’t force me, and won’t tell him that you’ve met me.” Situ Xuan cut him off.

“You still haven’t put that matter down?”

“Put it down? My mother was killed by him and that woman. If you want me to forgive that woman and accept her, don’t even think about it. I’ve said it before, if she doesn’t leave, I’ll leave.” Situ Xuan was stirred.

Mu Chen walked to Situ Xuan’s side and held her shoulder, lightly patting her back: “It’s alright. Don’t be agitated. We will help you get your revenge.”

Mu Chen frowned at Xiao Qi Tian: “Xuan Xuan was only able to forget about it recently. I hope you won’t agitate her again.”

“I….. I understand. Sorry.” Xiao Qi Tian was helpless as he looked at Mu Chen hugging Situ Xuan and consoled her.

He knew the knot in her heart. They grew up together but he also did not want to see her leaving her home and not return forever.

“Brother Qi Tian, I’m doing well right now. Really.” It was better than her days in the Situ family.

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Xiao Qi Tian walked to Situ Xuan and patted her head: “Brother Qi Tian knows. If you have the time, then come and see me and big brother.”

“Okay. I will.”

Xiao Qi Tian smiled and dropped the matter. Only his eyes slowly turned cold.

Situ Xuan was his cousin. Her mother was his aunt, an imperial concubine, but she passed away a few years ago. Xuan Xuan claimed that her mother was killed by his uncle-in-law and that woman. They believed her and that was why his brother never made that woman a legal wife, and she was stuck as a concubine.

“Brother Qi Tian. How did you know Yao’er?” Calming her heart, Situ Xuan asked Xiao Qi Tian in curiosity.

“Because Tian Chang knows her.”

Situ Xuan blinked and covered her mouth: “It can’t be that brother who big brother looks up to, right?”

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“It’s him.”

Situ Xuan knocked her head. She should’ve known. Who knew that she would forget? So that was why she found Qiao Tian Chang familiar. It was because she had seen him before. 

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