Chapter 2-5

After breakfast, I changed to the clothes that had already been prepared for today. I could tell that it was clothes of fine quality at one glance.

It wasn’t an exaggerated dress that I feared. To put it more correctly, it was a male’s dressing.

Black boots, black pants, unbleached soft shirt. The shirt’s sleeves were ample, the sleeves and the collar were delicately laced with sparkling threads of the same color added, it was pretty lovely. It might be unconvincing coming from me, but I got a feeling that I emitted the vibe of [a beautiful crossdressing woman] that was extremely popular among women with certain preferences.

Or rather, it had a similar feeling.

Come to think of it, the maids who were assigned to this room since I came here—they always had absentminded expressions for some reason.

The maids’ hairstyles were lovely, their make-up, accessories, and nail color were also pretty, and I also liked stylish people, plus I also wanted to be on good terms with them as fellow women, so I praised each and every one of them, and I wanted to hear where they procured them, but whenever I praised them, the maids’ faces seemed to be faintly turning pink.

–That, could it be, a field of lilies popped up in my mind—

(T/N: This is a pun as lily in Japanese is yuri, which also means girl x girl relationship XD)

I had a light make-up put on, my hair being combed without being tied, and after my preparation was done, I looked into the mirror. When I looked at the maids standing behind me with flushed cheeks and triumphant look, I was convinced.

The selection today was done by the maids.

The male dressing might be an instruction from Leon-sama or Orgueil. Would it be a decorated dress, an inconspicuous one-piece, or a male clothing? Under the assumption that it would be publicly visible, the attire that I would be wearing during the first day of the castle field trip would be holding some meaning behind, so my putting on the pants would be their instruction. However, I also thought that my figure in a shirt and pants would be a bit more inconspicuous.

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I gazed at the maids with a complicated feeling from the mirror, and when our eyes met, they cast their eyes downward and blushed.

–Good grief.

I could only smile wryly.

“It’s easy to move in and also pretty, thank you.”

I lightly said my thanks. There was clearly a sign of relief.

“…It really suits you a lot.”

“…It will look gorgeous no matter what you are wearing…”

The maids bashfully muttered.

And there,

“You’ve been picked up.”

Colonel Orgueil do Karnak entered. Speaking of which, I felt like there was a knocking sound to the door. I failed to answer the knock because I was being gazed at by the people who prepared the clothes for me with a strange ambience.

“—It really suits you.”

After taking a glance, he said that with a flat voice.

“Well, it’s quite conspicuous, though. Although I think it’s better than a ladylike figure, but…”

I didn’t want to be told that by the person who was the most conspicuous. I think that whatever I wear will be conspicuous if I were to walk together with you.

“…It might be more favorable like this in women’s eyes. –Good job.”

Apparently, the last sentence was directed to the maids. They bowed their heads in a fluster, receiving the gratitude.

“Thank you very much.”

“We’re much obliged, Karnak-sama.”

It was good that they were praised.

Acting as a beauty left me with a complicated feeling (since I was normal and had a complex that my femininity was low, so having the women go “kyaakyaa” was not my intention), but I pulled myself together and showed my smile to the maids who were a bit nervous due to my lukewarm response, while they were being praised by the cool beauty, Orgueil. Perhaps, that was why their cheeks turned even redder. Endless.

Then, Orgueil decisively said, “Please leave the snacks and drinks behind,” just as I thought, and the basket that the maids had prepared with trouble, ended up being left behind in the room.

I decided not to think about how I felt like the maids had faces that seemed to say, “As expected.”


The area surrounded by the castle walls was vast, and the ceilings were high. Stones, marbles, and woods were used here and there, but they were well-polished, carved, and decorated with gold glazes—it was very magnificent.

However, it wasn’t like it was splendour, but it felt dignified and had the appearance of accumulating history, perceiving the power and family tradition of the Gladius house.

It was very exciting to see a castle that was like a world heritage.

I was too excited to see the sceneries that were seen through the windows sometimes, and every ornament that wasn’t there inside the castle. Perhaps it was fortunate as I almost didn’t realize how the people who passed by us were staring at us with eyes wide open and were whispering to one another. Or rather, I didn’t really mind them.

We passed through the castle’s top floor which was called as the residence of Duke Evangelista, going down the stairs, walking towards the office building. We were scheduled to inspect the office building throughout the morning.

After coming out of a passage that crossed the courtyard that was pretty and well-maintained, we seemed to have arrived at the office area. The gorgeousness didn’t change, but its practicality could be felt, or rather its vigour.

“—This area is used for the governance of His Excellency’s territory.”

The beautiful leader explained.

Even though I was also tall, but this man was definitely as tall as 2 meters, so if we were to walk normally, our steps would definitely be different, and it would be difficult to walk together, but perhaps he was matching his steps to me.

As we were comfortably walking in the same line, he said.

“You can say that it’s the administration place. I’ve talked about how huge the territory of Duke Evangelista was, that it included some areas of the neighboring countries, haven’t I?”

“Yes, I’ve heard about it.”

That’s right.

The more I listened, the more amazing clan was the Gladius house.

Since there was a duke, I thought that there would inevitably be the royal family or the imperial family, but there was none. Apparently, that was what the head of the family declared more than one thousand years ago—the head of the family who made the decision to divide the family into three equal divisions to govern.

There is no need for a king, an emperor, or any supreme person. As long as the Gladius household holds the supremacy.

Since the title was called as ‘duke’, it seemed that there was a notable ducal family who served the kingdom long time ago. However, there was a period of upheaval, a stupid king ruined the government, and the admonished ducal family had to taste the hardships as well.

Revolution occurred and the king was executed, the young noble from the branch royal family was appointed as the king, but that was also not good.

The crowned king tried to govern well only in appearance, and he ended up trying to destroy the ducal family that was resented unjustly.

A revolution happened once more (or rather, this time it was the Gladius family who was moving as the insignia of the revolution), and the monarchy was abolished.

The ducal house was about to be raised, but the head of the family firmly refused it. He said that having a royal family around was useless.

The citizens were unconcerned about a king or a royalty or an emperor. As long as the tax was inexpensive, the country was lively, peace was strong, and there was a land where they could live with relief, it would be the ideal basis of governance.

We would be doing that kind of governance. However, focusing a political power to one party would be a double-edged sword. Conveying the will of the governing to the governed would be easy, but the person holding the concentrated political power had too much of a responsibility. If that person were to err in ruling, he would lead the entire clan and the territory to ruin.

It was then that the ducal family was divided equally into three—at that time, the three excellent sons helped—ruling together as three ducal households. Since the number was odd, there would always be a decision by majority rule. Two against one. They were not allowed to abstain from voting. But, should there come a time when the three leaders have different opinions, the decision will be up to the [chief ducal household at that time].

The title of [chief duke] rotates every three years, and currently, Duke Evangelista is the chief duke.

“—When you’re bearing the role of the chief duke, it’s decided that you must put that flag on the top tower of your residence.”

Through the window, Orgueil pointed at the residential area we just left behind.

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Because the tower was tall, one wouldn’t be able to see the top if one didn’t lean over.

Exactly at that time, wind slightly blew, and the flag’s design could be seen well.

With a white background, a deep-crimson designed goddess was there with three swords rising from her back: black, deep blue, and green swords. A golden ivy was entwined as if to connect the goddess and the swords. It was a magnificent and brilliant design.

“It’s a very fantastic flag, isn’t it?”

I said that as I stood up, and when I turned to look at Orgueil.

For some reason, next to him who didn’t seem like he was astonished, there was a very haughty man of an average height that was accompanied by three attendants. He was standing there without trying to conceal his inquisitive eyes.

Although I could tell that there was a sign of people approaching.

In a sense, it was my first time meeting someone other than Leon-sama, Orgueil, and the hand-picked maids and the palace guards, but I didn’t seem to have a real feel of it yet, so I thought.

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