Chapter 441: Schemes

Since she’s as vigorous as a tiger, then her body is excellent, Regimental Commander Liu waved at her. He smiled concerningly, without losing the seriousness on his face: “As long as you persevere, we will welcome you anytime. Currently, you are considered my subordinate, so I will have stricter requirements for you. That’s why you can’t laze off after a small injury, okay?”

“I -won’t be lazy! Please rest assured.” Ye Jian closed the door with a smile on her face. She waved while sending off the small car. Only after that did she walk towards the school entrance.

Across the street, Ye Ying used her pen to note down the car plate number quickly. Glancing at Ye Jian, who was walking towards the school gate, a sharp sneer got revealed at the edges of her lips. Ye Jian no wonder the students in the class said that she had never attended an evening self-study session since the start of the semester. There was a small car driving her to and fro every day!

That was a great discovery. Ye Ying had to tell her family the car plate number and check to whom the car belonged.

Yao Jing, from Grade 11 Class 3, was on friendly terms with Ye Ying and walked towards her, clapping Ye Ying on the shoulder from behind. “Wasn’t that Ye Jian? Who’s driving her to school?”

Ye Ying, who was deep in thought, was startled by the clap and shut her book. She turned around while patting her chest and exclaimed furiously with a look still full of shock: “I almost got frightened to death by you, why are you so early today? Don’t you always arrive when class is about to start?”

“My mum is attending some gala, and nobody was at home, so she ordered the driver to send me to school earlier. I just asked you something, did you see who the person who drove Ye Jian back was? Didn’t you say that she was so poor that she can’t even afford to pay her tuition fees? So why is there someone who is driving her to school?” Yao Jing was also a straightforward and blunt person at home. Noticing that Ye Ying wasn’t answering even after some time, she urged, “Hurry up and speak ah, have you gone mute?”

Ye Ying put the notebook back into her bag. She smiled and said with lowly droopy eyelids: “I don’t know that either. There are no relatives of mine who would drive her to school; it’s probably someone she knows from outside.”

“Someone she knows from outside is taking the initiative to drive her back here?”

“I don’t know, I just guessed. Aiyah, stop talking about her stuff, it has nothing to do with us.” Ye Ying, whose eyes shone for a moment while she put her backpack on properly. She said while beaming: “Isn’t Le Mei’s birthday coming soon? What are you going to get her?”

The topic got instantly turned to the birthday gift they were going to give to their best friend.

Ye Jian, who had just returned to her dorm, was currently being surrounded by a couple of girls, led by An Jiaxin when they noticed the horrendous scar on her hand. All of them drew in sharp gasps of air.

“Someone bumped into me on a bike, and I wasn’t paying attention. I fell and scraped my hand against the floor and got cut. It’s that simple. So can you guys not look at me like I have just fractured my bones. It doesn’t hurt.”

An Jiaxin lifted her arm and inspected it over and over then said to the other students whose complexion had changed: “She’s really fine, it’s just that the iodine water covered a large surface area and it just looked horrifying. I’ve also landed on my butt when I was younger, and it looks much worse than she is right now. Don’t worry; it’ll scab over by tomorrow.”

She’s really a person who was resistant to falls. Her father was a Geologist, there was no way to know how many times she would fall and hurt herself every summer. A small bruise or scratch doesn’t even bother her anymore.

Once the girls in the dorm heard that, Yang Yin replied furiously: “Do you think Ye Jian is a fake lad like you? Look at you, and we can tell that you’ve grown up while stumbling and falling. Ye Jian’s different, she’s so delicate, Her skin is as white as snow, and she’s not even as resilient when compared to you.”

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When she said that, Ye Jian laughed with pursed lips. The more resilient person wasn’t An Jiaxin, it should be her. Ye Jian, her white skin, really made it easy for her as it left the impression that she was quite ‘delicate.’

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