Chapter 441: Schemes

Since she’s as vigorous as a tiger, then her body is excellent, Regimental Commander Liu waved at her. He smiled concerningly, without losing the seriousness on his face: “As long as you persevere, we will welcome you anytime. Currently, you are considered my subordinate, so I will have stricter requirements for you. That’s why you can’t laze off after a ...

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Chapter 441: Schemes
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LV 3

Lol our girl delicate? Nope, never, nada, no way. That delicate lady can beat your ass up with no sweat

LV 4

thankyou for the chapter and by wath the title of the chapter is and the previous commment i supose that someone is trying to cause problems to our heroin but our heroin is not and easy bone to bite.really this waiting for free chapter make me cry when i think that i dont have enougth to folows more than 1 novel because the claim of every day dont reach to half the price of the chapter

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