Chapter 186: It’s the Heiress

Never had he suffer from such humiliation before. Should the matter be blown up, it was unthinkable what the public would say should they catch wind of this.

If the others knew that the people from Ling Residence had the guts to assassinate Prince Qi, he would be left with nothing to defend himself. The officials from the Censorate would definitely leave a mountain of impeachment documents on the Emperor’s Imperial Study Room.

Not to mention his enemy, they would definitely use this chance to bring him down.

Whenever he thought about this, Marquis Ling’s blood boiled.

The past troubles caused were trivial, even if he was impeached by them, it did not cause him much trouble. However, this time around, this involved Prince Qi.

Do they not know who Prince Qi is? How can they lay a finger on him? How maddening.

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“Don’t worry Father, I will look into the matter.” Ling Luo nodded his head. He knew that although his family was not exactly besieged on all sides, every step they took was like treading on thin ice.  

If the incident was not handled properly, it would cause substantial damage to their family.

Marquis Ling watched his son, “Luo’er, we only have a day, you have to hasten the investigation!”

“I understand, don’t worry Father, I shall make my move now.”

“Go ahead.”

After Ling Luo returned to his study room, he ordered his confidant to look into the matter.

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Unaware of the situation. Xiao Zi Xuan was furious about Ling Luo leaving.

“Scram.” Xiao Zi Xuan looked at the servants in front of her and ordered in rage. 

She was also a master in Ling Residence, to be warded off from the study room, especially from her husband’s one, was an utter disgrace to her.

Ling Luo was vexed enough. The noise outside brought his mood to an even lower level, with his expression glum and dangerous.

“Let her in.” Ling Luo spoke coldly.

Xiao Zi Xuan gave a dirty look to the servant in front of her before she made her way into Ling Luo’s study room with her pregnant tummy.

Without waiting for Xiao Zi Xuan to speak, Ling Luo spoke impatiently,“What exactly do you want.”

“I…… Is there something wrong, my lord? Did I make you angry?” Xiao Zi Xuan noticed his dark expression, but felt wrong as she thought there was nothing for him to be upset about, she just wanted to visit her husband.

Ling Luo gave her a look, watching her feigning her innocence.

“Didn’t I mention not to come into the study room without my permission, did you take my words lightly? ” Ling Luo’s expression darkened as he looks as Xiao Zi Xuan.

He would not have tolerated her again and again if not for her being Xiao Yi Lin’s daughter.

Feeling wronged, Xiao Zi Xuan glanced at Ling Luo, “I…… I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“Enough, I have other things to attend to, you can go back to the courtyard by yourself.” Losing his patience, Ling Luo waves her away. With this matter to answer, he did not have the extra time to entertain her.

Xiao Zi Xuan was upset with the way he treated her, but after seeing his irritated face, she had no choice but to leave obediently 

Ling Luo did not leave the study room the entire day, as he waited for the news from dawn until dusk, worrying that he was unable to answer to Prince Qi and The Emperor by the next day.

His confidant finally returned at midnight, but his expression was hesitant as he seemed unsure if he should be announcing the investigation results or not.

“How is the investigation going?”

Ming Fang glanced at his Young Master as he pondered. Should he be truthful about what the investigation pointed to? This incident not only involved Prince Qi, but also the Emperor, things were very likely to go wrong if not handled properly. 

“Are the investigation results not clear?” Sensing his confidant’s hesitation. Ling Luo could not help but frown. He held confidence in his ability and it was unlikely for the results to be negative.

Ming Fang shook his head, “No, Heir, the investigation identifies a suspect.”

“Why are you so hesitant if you know who the culprit is? Spit it out.”

    “It is …the Heiress.”

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