Chapter 185: Vomiting Blood

Tong Bao Zhai was a completely all-powerful existence. Perhaps only they knew how powerful those people in Tong Bao Zhai were.

If something bad really happened to Ning Meng Yao, Xiao Country would be in big trouble, which wasn’t what Xiao Qi Feng wanted.

“Meng Yao’s very angry about this, that’s why I come back here immediately. It’s better for us to take action, rather than Meng Yao, or else I’m afraid that the trouble would escalate.” Xiao Qi Tian did this for Xiao Qi Feng’s sake. It was indeed better for them to take action than letting Meng Yao do the job. If Ning Meng Yao was the one taking action, it might involve Xiao Country’s economy. This was definitely not anyone’s wish to see.

Xiao Qi Feng nodded. “You did a good job. I’ll handle this matter well.”

“I believe in you, Brother.” Xiao Qi Tian nodded, feeling a little relaxed.

When Marquis Ling and his son arrived, they saw Xiao Qi Feng staring deeply at them. His eyes were full of storms as if they would soon erupt.

“Your Highness, Emperor Xiao”

Xiao Qi Feng shifted his eyes away from them and he busied himself with the medals in his hands. After he was done, he slowly opened his mouth and said: “Marquis Ling, you dare to assassinate the Prince? Let me ask you, who gave you the courage? Hmm?”

“Your Highness, this is an accusation. An accusation! I really don’t know what’s going on.” Marquis Ling listened to Xiao Qi Feng’s words and knew that his consequence would be terrible so he quickly asked for mercy.

“Accusation? So you’re saying that there are others in your residence who can give orders?” Xiao Qi Feng asked with a hint of incomprehension.

Marquis Ling and Ling Luo weren’t stupid. They understood what Xiao Qi Feng meant.

“Your Highness, I’ll definitely investigate this matter clearly, and give you a good explanation.” Marquis Ling had a bad feeling. If this matter wasn’t handled well, it might affect his entire family.

Xiao Qi Feng took a glance at Marquis Ling: “Very well, I don’t have much patience. I believe Marquis Ling, you should know what I mean?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Xiao Qi Tian sat leaning on a chair and looked down at the two men kneeling on the ground. He sneered: “I give you one day. If I do not receive an answer tomorrow, then don’t blame me for the consequences.”

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“Yes, Your Highness, Prince Qi”

After the two left, Xiao Qi Tian snorted and walked to Xiao Qi Feng’s side. He lay prone on his desk and said: “Brother, Meng Yao is really stingy. She brewed a special kind of wine that tasted better than Green Bamboo Wine but she doesn’t want to give me at all.”

“Oh? Why?” Isn’t winemaking done to make money? Why isn’t she willing to give?

“She said that it’s specially made for her marriage, and she only brewed it once. After the wedding, she’ll give the leftovers to me. If there weren’t then I won’t get any.” The more Xiao Qi Tian thought about it, the more pitiful he felt. How much money could he earn if he sold the wine?

Amused, Xiao Qi Feng looked at him: “You’re worried about not being able to drink it anymore in the future, or about not being able to earn any money from it.”

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The truth was revealed. Xiao Qi Tian touched his nose and laughed shyly: “Both. I’ve decided that I’ll bring back the leftover wine after their marriage. And I’ll save money and buy it myself. So both of us can drink it slowly.”

Xiao Qi Feng kept quiet. He was convinced by Xiao Qi Tian’s words, and he was curious about the wine now. The wine he drank was taken from Xiao Qi Tian. If Xiao Qi Tian had any good wine, he would send some to Xiao Qi Feng so he wasn’t worried about not able to drink it.

“Brother, what do you think we should do with them? After all, Xiao Zi Xuan’s pregnant now, and she’s going into labor soon.” Xiao Qi Tian asked faintly.

“No matter what, they’ll give you a satisfactory answer in the end, so you don’t have to worry.”

“Hey, who says I’m worried. They’re the ones who are supposed to be worried. I’m just depressed. Things were getting interesting at Tian Chang’s place. But because of this matter, I’m forced to come back here. I’m so angry.” The thought of it angered Xiao Qi Tian once again. He could have so many delicious meals there, much better than what he had in the palace.

Xiao Qi Feng looked at his younger brother. Grinning, he rubbed his own forehead and said: “I think you’re angry because of having to come back here.”

“Hey, how do you know, Brother?”

Xiao Qi Feng glanced at his brother, shook his head and laughed. Then he returned to finish his business.

After Marquis Ling returned, he was so furious that he smashed his beloved set of inkstones: “Investigate this matter carefully, and find out who caused this trouble to us!”

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