Chapter 184: To Trample On Marquis Ling

Xiao Qi Tian held a horsewhip in his hand and tapped his foot every once in a while, his face becoming colder.

Ling Luo was initially accompanying Xiao Zi Xuan in the yard, when suddenly he heard the servants saying that Prince Qi was here, he frowned.

He took a look at Xiao Zi Xuan, then led the servants out. Outside, he saw a pile of corpses in black night suit on the ground. His expression changed instantly, especially after seeing one of them…. Wasn’t that…

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 “Prince Qi, what is the meaning of this?”

“What do you mean? Call that Marquis Ling to come out this instant, or else I’ll get rid of your residence.” Xiao Qi Tian Yu looked gloomly at Ling Luo.

Ling Luo’s face became ugly, he wrinkled his eyebrows unhappily and asked: “What the heck do you mean?”

“What do I mean? These are the people from your residence, am I wrong?” Xiao Qi Tian sneered, staring at Ling Luo with his eyes full of ridicule.

Ling Luo took a breath, he had a bad feeling.

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Don’t understand? Lei An, start killing. Whoever dares to stop us, don’t let them live.” Since that ignorant fool didn’t want to come out, then he wasn’t going to be polite.

Lei An grinned and waved his hand. The people behind him rushed into the residence, creating chaos inside. They were here to cause trouble today.

He dared to trouble their sister-in-law, well, then he should first see if they could be patient with his actions or not!

“All of you stop!” Ling Luo’s face turned purple, as he tried to stop Lei An and the rest.

When Marquis Ling rushed back, the place was already in a mess.

“What’s the meaning of this, Your Highness, Prince Qi?” Marquess Ling suppressed the anger in his heart and asked.

Xiao Qi Tian waved at Lei An and the other men. They stopped and walked behind Xiao Qi Tian: “What’s the matter? Your people in the residence dare to assassinate me. May I know who gave them such a courage?”

Xiao Qi Tian kicked a corpse on the ground to Marquis Ling.

Seeing that familiar face of the corpse, Marquis Ling twitched: “This is definitely someone trying to shift the blame onto me.”

“Blame you? If I’m not mistaken, this person is an imperial guard that was assigned to you? That means he only listens to your command, who’s trying to push the blame you? Marquis Ling, do you think I’m an idiot?” Xiao Qi Tian sneered aloud: “Since you said that you aren’t to be blamed, then let’s talk about it in front of the Emperor. Lei An, bring the bodies, we’re going to the palace.” If he didn’t teach Marquis Ling a lesson today, that would be letting him off too easily.

Marquis Ling didn’t respond for some time. When he came back to reality, Xiao Qi Tian had already left with Lei An, the other men, and the corpses. They were really going to the palace.

“Luo’er, my child, what’s really going on?”

Ling Luo shook his head: “I don’t know.” He was still in a daze. Why would we attempt to assassinate Xiao Qi Tian? That would be the same as looking for death!

“No matter what, we better go to the palace quickly.” Marquis Ling said urgently.

The Emperor and Prince Qi were brothers of the same mother so they were quite close to each other. If the Emperor knew that people in Ling Residence had attempted assassination on the Prince, then whether it was true or not, he would definitely not let them off easily.

The two of them left in a hurry, but they didn’t manage to catch up with Xiao Qi Tian.

Upon seeing his younger brother rushed in angrily, Xiao Qi Feng questioned: “What happened? Why are you so mad?”

“Emperor Brother, Marquis Ling’s residence actually sent people to assassinate me.” The thought of it angered Xiao Qi Tian.

Xiao Qi Feng frowned: “What the heck is going on?”

Wasn’t he at Tian Chang’s place? Why would an assassination take place there?

“They weren’t actually after me. They were after Meng Yao, but Ling Luo knew that I was there.” The more Xiao Qi Tian thought about it, the angrier he got. That darned person was seriously looking for trouble.

Xiao Qi Feng became more confused: “How is she involved again?”

Xiao Qi Tian explained about the situation between Ning Meng Yao and Ling Luo, and that there was a high chance that the order for the assasination must have come from Xiao Zi Xuan. He was just using this case as an excuse.

Xiao Qi Feng squinted his eyes slightly. No matter who started it, Ning Meng Yao wasn’t simply Qiao Tian Chang’s wife anymore. She was the owner of Tong Bao Zhai. If anything happened to her, those in the Tong Bao Zhai would definitely not rest.

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