Chapter 992 – Cold Indifference

A series of commotion rose within the hall.

Everyone was not stupid, they instantly understood that the fake Saintess, Bai Li Zi Xi, has sullied the reputation of the Bai Li Clan.

That was why the Bai Li Clan thought of this method, to use the birthday celebration of the Chef Sage to introduce the real person who possessed the Bai Li bloodline.

Proving that Bai Li Zi Xi’s fall and with her practicing devil arts was not because there was a problem with the Bai Li Clan’s bloodline, but because she was not the blood of the Bai Li Clan in the first place.

This would disperse the shadow hanging above the heads of the Bai Li Clan, and might even garner some sympathy points.

Some of the sharper individuals were already silently cursing the cunning Bai Li Clan, as expected of a member of the Eight Great Clans, this move had allowed them to whitewash themselves in just a short few months.

The guests invited were experienced and had seen many things, their eyes were even sharper.

They could see that the birthday celebration of the Chef Sage was just an appetizer, just a bait to gather everyone for the sake of this lost member that they found.

So who is this person that garner such generous treatment from the Bai Li Clan? Is this person’s talent extremely outstanding?

Can it be that another genius had been born within the Bai Li Clan?

Ji Mo Ya’s instincts were telling him that there was more to it after listening to Bai Li Ren’s announcement.

He immediately looked at the trio, Bai Chen Feng, Nan Gong Bei Chen, and Shang Qiu Meng Qian.

Only to witness their startled expressions, followed by their sincere congratulations for the Bai Li Clan which had located their lost bloodline.

The rest of the guests also naturally followed with the flow and expressed their congratulations as well.

The atmosphere had instantly reached the peak, everyone was curious about this person.

When Bai Li Ren’s clear voice announced: “Let the ceremony begin…”

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Sounds of drums and music instruments started playing as a slender figure wearing a black robe appeared at the entrance of the hall.

Everyone turned to look over.

From the person’s figure, it should be a female; the lower portion of her face was hidden behind a veil that could block the divine senses of King Spirit Masters and below.

Only a pair of cold, indifferent eyes were revealed.

Ji Mo Ya was shocked; those eyes were very familiar, like the eyes of Little Yan. However, her figure was too thin and that cold gaze did not match the bubbly and spirited ones that Little Yan has.

No, that’s not Little Yan!

Ji Mo Ya suppressed his guess.


Huan Qing Yan was woken up by a large group of serving maids since early in the morning, she had a nightmare again last night and had a pair of empty voids as eyes that were weeping blood were looking at her.

Ever since she woke up, she had been crazily cultivating, not resting until she was absolutely drained.

For several days, she did not have a decent sleep; that was why her mind was not in a perfect state.

Supported by the serving maids, she sluggishly walked to the warm bath and only became alert after submerging inside the warm water.

Today was to be the day she acknowledged her ancestors and her return to the clan.

She must soak herself in this fragrant pool to express her sincerity.

This fragrant pool was a secret formula of the Bai Li Clan; it would nurture the body, nourish the skin, and was filled with abundant spirit energy.

While breathing, the spirit energy within the fragrant pool would activate the medicinal properties to seep through the person’s skin, giving the person a comfortable feeling that makes them want to sleep.

After soaking herself three times, until Huan Qing Yan felt the skin on her entire body was wrinkled, did the serving maids take her out of the pool.

The servings maids dressed her up in a black colored robe, the robe was loose, allowing wind to seep in when there was movement; making her feel skinny and as if she could be easily blown away into the sky by a random gale.

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