Chapter 245 – Leaving

The Wang Family’s metahumans were now a bunch of headless flies, they did not hesitate to abandon the battle having heard Wang Yi’s voice, and had started retreating. Fortunately, the members of the Radiant Church did not ruthlessly chase to kill. 

Yang Tian trio used the opportunity to mix themselves amongst the Wang Family’s metahumans to leave as they moved away from the Radiant Church.

After leaving the Radiant Church’s area of influence, Yang Tian headed towards the Ji Family’s base camp.

He currently lacked the strength to obtain the Spirit Tree underground, so he could only put the Spirit Tree aside for now. By the time Yang Tian reached the Ji Family’s base camp, Wang Yi had also arrived at the Wang Family as well.

However, the Wang Family Head was gone and they had no leader. The high echelons of the Wang Family have gathered within the main hall, needing to make an important decision.

They have to choose between Wang Yi and Wang Zhong to become the next Wang Family Head.

Wang Yi had recovered back to normal and looked no different from an average person; he was also the one who had initiated this meeting.

“Elder Pang, Elder Tang, you are the officiates this time. It will be up to the two of you what comes next.”

The highest position in the Wang Family after the Family Head was being held by Elder Pang and Elder Tang; even though Elder Pang was severely injured and had his strength weakened, it did not affect his status within the Wang Family.

“Sigh. Big Young Master, there is no need for such trouble, the matter has already been decided.”

“Oh? Is that so?”

Wang Yi acted surprised, but he was actually delighted inside.

From Wang Yi’s point of view, as the direct line descendant of the Wang Family, the position of Family Head should be his, this meeting was just a formality to show others.

However, Elder Pang’s next words caused Wang Yi’s emotions to fall to the ground.

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“The Family Head had instructed Elder Tang and me before this, the position of Family Head will be given to Wang Zhong.”

After the Wang Family Head left seclusion and learned about what had happened to Wang Yi, he had been on guard against the Necromancer and got even more disappointed with Wang Yi.

Later, when the Necromancer looked for the Wang Family Head and got him to lead the Wang Family forces to attack the Radiant Church, the Wang Family knew that things were anything but reassuring. Yet, the Wang Family Head was unable to reject the Necromancer; he had a vague feeling that if had he reject that request, he would die the next second. The Wang Family recalled the agreement that he signed before and started to regret it. That was why the Wang Family Head looked for Elder Pang and Elder Tang and told them to stay in the Wang Family to save their strength; if anything happened to him, Wang Zhong would be the next Family Head.

Elder Pang and Elder Tang were in the dark about what had happened to Wang Yi’s body, but being deep in the situation personally, the Wang Family Head could roughly make a guess. In the Wang Family Head’s mind, the next leader of the Wang Family cannot be the Necromancer’s chess pawn.

“What! How is that possible!” Wang Yi shouted angrily.

While Wang Zhong’s dulled eyes instantly filled with delight after hearing Elder Pang’s words.

“Is… is that true?”


Elder Pang passed the ring that signified the status of the Wang Family Head to Wang Zhong; with the ring as proof, no one felt that there were any problems.

Elder Pang walked to Wang Yi and patted the later’s shoulders:

“This is the Family Head’s decision, don’t focus excessively on it, the two of you are still brothers.”

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Wang Zhong was high-spirited, when he heard Elder Pang consoling Wang Yi, he could not help but add:

“That’s right, we are brothers, Younger Brother will take care of you from now on.”

Wang Zhong especially emphasized the words ‘take care’, worried that no one knew what he really meant.

Wang Yi’s face instantly changed. He looked at Wang Zhong and gave him a weird smile that caused Wang Zhong to take several steps back.

“What… what are you smiling for?”

“Nothing much, take good care of your new status!”

Wang Yi glanced at Wang Zhong before leaving the Wang Family’s main hall, heading towards the back yard of the Wang Family.

When Wang Yi arrived at the back yard, a familiar figure appeared.


Wang Yi immediately kneeled respectfully upon seeing that person.

“Don’t fight the position of Family Head with your younger brother, just leave this place with me.”


Wang Yi had no rights in front of the Necromancer and could only accept his fate.

“I have underestimated the strength of the Radiant Church this time, I need to strengthen myself to get my revenge, you also need to improve your strength.”

After the Necromancer finished his sentence, he started chanting a strange spell; a six-pointed star that he used to summon the Blood Corpse Rot Fiend before appeared underneath his feet again.

“Let’s go.”

The Necromancer grabbed Wang Yi’s shoulders and they disappeared the next instant.

Far away in the Ji Family, Yang Tian and Huo Pao received a piece of news; a metahuman of the Cheetah Squadron had successfully sent an electronic rescue signal out.

They had tried sending the signal plenty of times before but always failed, that was why they later sent men out to seek aid from the military directly. Now that it was successful, this meant that they would soon receive support from the military.

“It is indeed possible for the military to break through the forest with their strength.” Yang Tian silently thought.

After receiving news, Huo Pao had rushed off to his camp the moment they returned while Yang Tian returned to his place.

“Why did you take so long to return?”

Yang Tian did slightly miss Lina’s voice, the Light Energy within his body suddenly became active after meeting Lina as well.

“Some problems.”

Yang Tian was still slightly injured from the clash between the Wang Family and Radiant Church, Lina saw his injuries and approached Yang Tian to heal him.

Lina’s Light Power was Heal and it can greatly enhance recovery.

Yang Tian’s wounds were healing at a visible rate, his internal injuries were also mostly recovered, nearly reaching full recovery.

“How is it?” Lina’s concerned voice reached Yang Tian’s ears.

“It’s fine now.”

Yang Tian did some air boxing, the powerful wind produced by his fist showed that the condition of his was not bad.

“As long as you are fine.”

Lina stood in front of Yang Tian and blushed, this was the first time Yang Tian seriously looked at Lina.

Very beautiful. She looks a lot like… her.

Yang Tian suddenly recalled someone, causing his happy expression to turn dark. Lina detected the change on Yang Tian and lifted her head to look at him.

“What happened to you?”

Lina was about to caress Yang Tian’s face when a huge noise suddenly came from outside.

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