Chapter 246 – Erupt


The huge sound caused Lina to lean onto Yang Tian. After helping Lina to stabilize, Yang Tian charged out.

“What happened?”

Brother Powerless was standing outside and he was looking like he was there to seek Yang Tian’s aid.

“Brother, a large number of insects suddenly appeared, it is unknown what exactly happened.”

Brother Powerless’s anxious voice held a trace of helplessness.

Yang Tian used Mental Examine and discovered that the situation was very dire. The number of insects was very high, there were so many insects that it caused his scalp to go numb.

The people from the Cheetah Squadron seemed to have plans and were all running towards a particular direction.

“Brother Powerless, go into hiding first!”

The Insect Wave has exceeded Yang Tian’s ability, they only way to handle this was to first protect your own life. Brother Powerless could sense something from Yang Tian and left after seemingly making a great decision in his mind.

Yang Tian did not notice the change in Brother Powerless, he thought that Brother Powerless was planning to escape to save his own life.

Yang Tian called the four Tamed Beasts and seven Puppets to him; after taking Lina, Yang Tian closely followed the Cheetah Squadron.

“Sorry Brother Powerless, I am unable to help you this time.”

Yang Tian glanced at the Ji Family Base that was just established; however, he has no other way and  Yang Tian has to discard some things if he wants to survive.

A never before chaos descended onto A City; other than the Insect Wave, many otherworld creatures were also using the opportunity to benefit from the chaos. Now, every organization within the city were in a mess.

The Insect Wave of this scale had forced the organizations to become scattered. They could only take care of themselves and no one could be bothered about other people; the ordinary humans faced the worst situation.

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However, this has nothing to do with Yang Tian as he focused on following the Cheetah Squadron. Yang Tian encountered several insects and otherworld creatures that were blocking his path along the journey, but they were all quickly dealt with by him using the quickest method possible.

Fortunately, the Cheetah Squadron was also obstructed, allowing Yang Tian to keep up with their speed.

During the chase, Brain-Eating Terror Hog continues to feed on the brains of the creatures and was starting to emit an abundance of energy after devouring a large amount of brain matter. However, this was not the right place to evolve and Yang Tian would not allow Brain-Eating Terror Hog to promote even if it wanted to do so.

Brain-Eating Terror Hog started to unleash powerful attacks, trying to disperse some of the energy accumulated and to stop the promotion.

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The seven puppets were in the worst shape, Yang Tian had to give them a large number of energy crystals to use for healing when they were injured. As for the Tamed Beasts, only Brain-Eating Terror Hog could receive healing from Lina due to their proximity, the remaining three could only try their best to last as long as possible.

“Don’t heal it anymore.”

Yang Tian stopped Lina from healing Brain-Eating Terror Hog, Brain-Eating Terror Hog needed to expend the energy inside its body and if Lina continued to support it with healing, it might sit down and promote on the spot.

“Oh, okay.”

Running and fighting along the way was very demanding. Yang Tian needs to continually maintain Mental Examine as well, leading to a drain to his Mental Power.

Yet the insects kept appearing without stopping, no matter how many were killed, there would always be new insects to replace the dead ones.

Yang Tian’s group has been following the Cheetah Squadron for five hours, littering the path they took with either insect or human corpses, or some other creature. The Cheetah Squadron had at least lost five Mid Rank 3 metahumans, while Yang Tian had lost three of the seven puppets as well.

Lina wanted to save them, but she was unable to help as her Light Attribute restrained the Undead Attribute.

Yang Tian would not stay to rescue the three puppets as well, so he could only discard them.

“They stopped?”

Yang Tian noticed that the Cheetah Squadron had stopped and discovered that the Cheetah Squadron was stopped by an Early Rank 4 Insect.

Purple Wing Sickle Bug

On its purple carapace were a pair of two-meter long wings, while its forearms were a pair of giant scythes that were emitting a cold glint.

This Purple Wing Sickle Bug was also an Elite, it was more than enough to handle the entire Cheetah Squadron by itself.

“I need to give them a hand.”

Killing the Purple Wing Sickle Bug was obviously impossible, he could only think of a method to avoid its attacks while escaping.

By the time Yang Tian’s group had reached them, the Purple Wing Sickle Bug and Cheetah Squadron were already in battle, and the Cheetah Squadron had lost three more members in that short period. Although the squadron wanted to avenge their teammates, they were unable to bridge the gap in terms of strength.

When Yang Tian arrived, the well-coordinated Cheetah Squadron gave the battlefield to Yang Tian because his arrival had instantly caught the attention of the Purple Wing Sickle Bug. The insect forgot about the Cheetah Squadron and that provided them the opportunity to escape.

The massive size of T-Rex stood out, turning it into the Purple Wing Sickle Bug’s first target.

“Dammit, I was tricked.”

Yang Tian saw the Cheetah Squadron disappearing. The Purple Wing Sickle Bug obviously lacked intelligence and that was why the Cheetah Squadron were able to escape.

When the Purple Wing Sickle Bug launched its attack, Yang Tian was already prepared for it.

Mental Disruption

The Purple Wing Sickle Bug’s scythe was aimed at T-Rex when it suddenly changed directions and slashed at the air instead.

Giant Dragon Ram

T-Rex used the opening and sent the Purple Wing Sickle Bug flying away with its large body before it quickly reduced its size to that of a human.

Yang Tian’s group used that moment to escape. It was fortunate that the Purple Wing Sickle Bug’s intelligence was lacking as it ignored Yang Tian’s group to search for the missing T-Rex to ram it.

Luckily the Cheetah Sqaudaron has yet to completely move out of Yang Tian’s field of observation, allowing him to be able to keep up. However, he noticed that the squadron’s speed was slowing down.

The leg tendon of the Cheetah Squadron’s vice-captain was injured by the Purple Wing Sickle Bug in the previous battle, causing a sharp decrease in his speed.

“So be it, you guys go on! Let me be!”

“No, we are leaving together. I will carry you.”

Huo Pao carried the vice-captain on his back; although he was slower than before, it was better than discarding his teammate.

“Captain, they have caught up to us again.”

“Xiao Gui, pay attention to their actions.”

Huo Pao ordered a member called Xiao Gui. Xiao Gui possessed a radar-type magic energy equipment that clearly displayed the entire map of A City and the area around it.

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