Chapter 995 – Bai Li Qing Yan

That person’s mind was beyond normal, causing everyone near him to distance themselves away from him.

That guy must be crazy to make that comment, would the Bai Li Clan dig their own graves in front of the people from the Holy Court and Academies?

“It is a woman? That fake Saintess was exposed by the Holy Court and then the Bai Li Clan located a missing bloodline. Can it be that an identity switch had happened?

“Hard to say, it is not surprising for large clans like them to switch a child due to internal politics.”

The hidden guard of the Bai Li Clan was clenching his fists, ‘Dammit, you think children are like vegetables, that you can switch whenever you want?’

The names of those people have been recorded and blacklisted, he will go to their homes to switch their child one of these days!

“I must say, although the face is hidden, just from her figure and you know that she is a beauty! Especially, that pair of eyes, tsk tsk, an ice beauty!”

“Sshh, are you tired of living? Daring to make such vulgar comments about the Bai Li Clan? Don’t drag us to death with you!”

The Bai Li Guards silently looked at each other, that fella and his friends who commented about the Young Miss of the Bai Li Clan have been remembered. When the ceremony ends, they will put them in a sack and throw them into the river!

“This is strange. Since it is a ceremony to acknowledge the ancestors and obtain the recognition of everyone. Why the need to hide her looks, so mysterious? Did she not want others to look at her because she is very ugly instead?”


The discussion began to go all over the place.

The guests in the VIP area were more reserved.

Their discussions were limited to countless gazes and secret messaging, not developing into an open discussion.

They were only curious where did this direct bloodline descendant appear from?

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The Bai Li Clan had made it such a grand event to introduce her, so why did she mask herself?

Is this person in front of them the child who had been switched and replaced by Bai Li Zi Xi?

But if the Bai Li Clan did not notice it before, how did they found her now?

Especially when the time when the fake bloodline was discovered and the appearance of the real bloodline only differed by a short few months ago, did the Bai Li Clan planned for this a long time ago?

When they thought about the bloodlines, everyone turned to look at Nan Gong Bei Chen.

His clan possessed the Blood Observation Skill, did the Bai Li Clan invited him to use it?

They quickly recalled Nan Gong Bei Chen and Crazy Sage had a private discussion during the Thousandth Birthday Banquet?

Can it be?

They looked at Nan Gong Bei Chen meaningfully.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng silently lowered his head and drank tea.

After everyone observed Nan Gong Bei Chen’s calm expression, they believed that the woman in front of them did possess the bloodline of the Bai Li Clan.

They now wonder what made her so special that made the Bai Li Clan gave her such special attention?

There must be something special about her, everyone started to pay more attention to this woman that suddenly appeared. She might cause a great change to the Bai Li Clan in the future!

The elites within the VIP area all started looking at Huan Qing Yan passionately.

Bai Li Ren lit a joss stick and prayed, announcing that the person in front was a bloodline they found and she has awakened the Ancient Bloodline within her. She was brought in front of the Chef Sage for him to give her his blessings.

After the prayer, Bai Li Ren passed the joss stick to Huan Qing Yan and told her to plant it inside the censer.

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Huan Qing Yan respectfully took the joss stick and planted it into the censer, then she kneeled three times and kowtowed nine times towards the ancestors of the clan.

“I, Bai Li Qing Yan, pay my respects to the ancestors of the clan!”

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