Chapter 996 – Surprise

Her words instantly caught everyone’s attention.

“Qing Yan? That is a familiar name, I have heard of it before!”

“Isn’t that woman who Young Master Ya liked called something Qing Yan, right, Huan Qing Yan…”

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“Can it be…”


As everyone discussed, Bai Chen Feng turned to look at the thin woman, surprise and craze filled his gaze.

Nan Gong Bei Chen continued to slightly smile.

Shang Qiu Meng Qian’s eyes gleamed, he looked at Nan Gong Bei Chen’s calm expression and instantly understood. He had entered seclusion for a short period and learned that Qing Qing had gone missing when he came out. After he heard a rumor that she had died due to childbirth, he felt regretful for three days, blaming himself for entering seclusion.

Wasting a great opportunity to become the hero that rescued the beauty when Ji Mo Ya was acting stupid. He could have brought a beauty home if not for that.

Ji Mo Ya’s starry eyes fixed on the cold and indifferent woman in front of the altar as if it was a lifetime ago.

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He had spent great efforts and resources to search through the Spirit Continent but to no avail.

To think that she had been here.

He was thankful that she did not die, he was afraid that they were separated forever by life and death…

Fortunately, the heavens were still kind to him.

Little Yan is still safe and well.

He had a strong urge to hug Huan Qing Yan right now, holding her tightly and not letting her go. However, the ceremony was still ongoing, he must endure and wait!


The smoke from the incense slowly flew up as the ceremony went on smoothly.

After paying her respects, as long as there were no accidents such as earthquakes, buildings collapsing, or the statue exploding. Her name will be added into the Clan Book and the ceremony will be deemed completed.

Everyone can scatter and return home to do their own stuff.

Ji Mo Ya would be able to approach the beauty and bring her home.


A thousand miles away in the Holy Court.

Plant Sage went to the Bai Li Clan after receiving an invitation from the Crazy Sage.

The Wine Sage would usually not miss such joyous celebrations that had lots of drinkable wine. However, the wine of the Bai Li Clan was too bland for his taste and it made him felt that it was no different from drinking water.

Therefore, he pushed the invitation to Plant Sage. Without the latter nagging at him in Holy City, he would be able to enjoy a couple of vats of wine peacefully.

On top of that, the Wine Sage was unable to handle that crazy guy. The title of Crazy Sage was given accurately, as that guy was someone who would go crazy the moment he could not conform. 

Since the other party was having a joyous occasion, it will not be appropriate if a conflict broke out.

The Plant Sage knew that the Wine Sage was just finding excuses for his laziness and did not expose him; chuckling as he left for the banquet.

The Holy City was currently fine, as well. The Holy Court and Bai Li Clan had both renounced Bai Li Zi Xi’s title and status, the Holy Court also announced that Bai Li Zi Xi had passed away after being exposed to Devil Energy for a long time.

However, the truth was that she was being locked up in the dungeons of the Holy Court.

A Half-Sage was left to guard the place as well as to watch out for the Devil Eye contacting Bai Li Zi Xi.

The moment Plant Sage left, Wine Sage got someone to take out a couple of dozen of Century Aged Wines from the cellars to wet his mouth first.

However, the servants said that Plant Sage had used a secret sealing technique to seal the underground cellar, they were unable to break the seal with their abilities.

If Wine Sage wanted to drink, the ones available were Decade Aged and Thirty-Year Aged Wines.

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