Chapter 997 – Forcing Someone To Do Something

The Wine Sage was frustrated, but he did not know how to break the sealing formation placed by the Plant Sage. The Wine Sage could only dispiritedly settle with the Thirty Year Aged Wine instead.

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He was not a picky person.

However, his unhappy mood made the Thirty Year Aged Wine taste bland.

As the Wine Sage was feeling depressed, he suddenly smelled the powerful fragrance of wine, the spiciness of the wine instantly burned his lungs, making him feel especially satisfied!

If the wine fragrance were so powerful, it would be hard to imagine how strong the wine itself would be.

This was also what the Wine Sage liked in his wine, causing him to instantly feel spirited.

When he lifted his head, he saw a familiar lass, he remembered that she was Brat Ya’s cousin? Called Mu Rong something?

She was carrying a flask of wine in her hand and the fragrance coming from it was hooking the soul of Wine Sage.

He immediately waved at the lass: “Lass, what treasure is that in your hand?”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo shyly brought the wine over and honestly replied: “Lord Sage, this is the Blazing Yang Wine of my Mu Rong Clan, Xin Nuo wish to offer it to Lord Sage to try.”

The Wine Sage pointed at the wine cup, indicating Mu Rong Xin Nuo to pour it.

A golden amber soon filled the cup, the wine contained traces of fire spirit energy that burnt the nostrils when inhaled, causing the blood within the body to boil.

“What a strong wine!” the Wine Sage praised before taking a small sip.

A hot spiciness, powerful but not scalding, ran through his throat before turning into a gentle warmth, making his body smell comfortable and relaxing.

Utterly satisfying!

Wine Sage closed his eyes to savor the wine.

Mu Rong Xin Nuo seems to be wanting to speak but was hesitant, the words reached the tip of her tongue multiple times before it was swallowed back.

The Wine Sage did not notice her state as he focused on drinking the wine, only after he drank half the flask did he squint his eyes and said: “What do you want to ask lass?”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo was shocked before she answered, flustered: “Lord Sage, I know that my Cousin greatly respects you. I believe Lord Sage knew about what happened between Cousin and his mother. I know that my aunt was wrong, she only did what she did in a moment of anger and had not really wanted to harm Lady Huan.”

“She only wanted Cousin’s child because Cousin did not grow up beside her and only wanted the child to accompany her. She did not expect the child to die due to a mishap! She was in fact, very sad and reproaches herself! Auntie hopes that Cousin will forgive her, she knows that she was wrong! She also agreed to Cousin marrying Lady Huan and will not interfere! She is willing to become a vegetarian and chant Buddhist sutras for Cousin’s child, she only hopes that Cousin will forgive her!”

“However, Cousin has hardened his stance this time and even wanted to break ties with Auntie completely! And allowed others to lock Auntie in a Spirit Lock Formation! Auntie reproached herself and felt regretful and sad. I visited Auntie a few days ago and discovered that she had become extremely thin! I believe that Cousin will feel sad if something happens to Auntie as well. Therefore, I hope that Lord Sage could advise Cousin, and tell him… tell him to…”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo started tearing at this point, not able to continue speaking.

Wine Sage was silent throughout the entire time, only silently watching her. Until she could no longer continue speaking, he gulped down the last bit of wine.

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