Volume 4 Chapter 170: Sarni City Under The Curtain Of Night

The battle to defend Sarnia Duchy had been going on for almost a week. Millions of Beastmen had surrounded the capital, Sarni City, for quite some time now, yet there was no progress. After much deliberation, the Beastmen sent an emissary, intending to have a chat with Duchess Bellina, the head commander of Sarnia Duchy.

The emissary for the task was Silver Fox Princess Vanessa. Only her and Wolf Princess Tania were of a higher status and also fluent in the human language. Princess Tania had spent less time dealing with the Human Race, so Princess Vanessa was more suitable for this mission.

It was Princess Vanessa’s first time in Sarni City. This big border city, which would be called “demon city” by the Beastmen in the future, still stood tall after going through seven days of the Beastman Army’s siege. The courage shown by the defenders was worthy of recognition.

Vanessa was not the first Beastman emissary sent to Sarni City to persuade them to capitulate. Five or six batches of Beastmen emissaries had already arrived before her. The defenders shot the first few ones on the wall because they weren’t girls.

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After it was confirmed that Vanessa was a girl, the defenders of the outer wall of Sarni City threw down a rope ladder. There was no way they were going to open the gates. Who knew if the Beastmen wanted to negotiate or not? Fortunately, the outer wall was three meters tall, and Vanessa climbed up without much trouble.

“Are you here for peace talks, sister fox?”

“Um… Honorable Dragon Knight, I am Princess Vanessa of the Silver Fox Clan. Can you please forego the title ‘sister fox’? It feels a bit weird.”

On the outer wall of the city, Vanessa met Dragon Knight Lisha, a beautiful female knight dressed in dragon armor, who had been stationed on the outer wall of the city for a long time and was regarded as the chief commander of the outer wall.

Princess Vanessa was the only emissary from the Beastmen. She was considered as one of the cannon fodders. The rule of not killing the emissary wasn’t applicable in this other world. Instead, the rules here were the opposite. Although killing the emissary was a bit unethical, this wasn’t opposed even by the Radiant Church, so it acquiesced as a reasonable act.

As Vanessa spoke to Lisha, she observed the defenders in the city. She was the first Beastman to set foot in Sarni City, and gathering intelligence was also a crucial part of the mission for the emissary. The defenders on the city walls were on-guard and didn’t look tired.

According to Beastmen speculation, Sarnia Duchy had been under siege for almost a week, and food supplies should be running out. However, the facts were different from what they had imagined. Vanessa saw a large number of firearms in the streets of Sarni City. Arquebus and copper guns could be seen everywhere, and loaded ones could be obtained at any time in the streets of Sarni City.

Sarnia Duchy was prepared to battle on the streets. Looking at the firearms that could be obtained everywhere, Vanessa estimated that even if the Beastmen invaded Sarni City, many of them would die in the streets alone.

To Vanessa’s surprise, the echelons of Sarnia Duchy were all women, which disconcerted her. The Silver Fox Clan were the few among the Beastmen who had magic skills and were experts in charm magic. In the negotiations with the Human Race, charm magic played a significant role.

However, charm magic could only be used on the opposite sex and did not affect the same sex. It was rather awkward. Previously, Vanessa had thought there would be men among the top ranks of Sarni City, but they were all girls, which made her charm magic useless.

After seeing Princess Kriss, Vanessa was a little skeptical about life. There were beautiful human girls among the defenders of Sarni City. Her charm magic was probably not very useful. Unlike most of Beastmen’s exotic aesthetic standards, the half-Beastmen like Vanessa had aesthetic tastes that were similar to the Human Race. She could still tell if Kriss was beautiful or not.

“Um, Duchess Bellina has currently taken an official leave. Please go back, Princess Vanessa. Negotiations aren’t necessary. Our opinion is that the city stands as long as we’re still here!”

“Um, I can wait. Princess Kriss, give me a chance! I think we can still have a discussion.”

Duchess Bellina’s reason for being on an official holiday was too domineering. Even the clever Silver Fox Princess Vanessa couldn’t find any reason to respond to Kriss’s reply. She could only find an excuse to postpone the meeting. If she couldn’t meet Duchess Bellina, all preparation would be in vain.

What distressed Vanessa was how punctual Duchess Bellina was. When she said three days of official leave, she meant it. For three days, Vanessa didn’t even see her. During these three days, Vanessa temporarily lived in Sarnia Duchy. The Beastmen didn’t stop their siege because of their emissary. They ignored if the emissary were still alive or not.

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Three days later, in the Duchess’ Residence in Sarni City, Vanessa was lucky enough to meet the mysterious Duchess Bellina. From every angle, this beautiful young knight with blue eyes and golden hair looked like a student from one of the human academies. If she weren’t wearing epaulets that only a Duchess could wear, who would’ve linked this beautiful young knight with Duchess Bellina?

“Princess Vanessa, you don’t have to be so courteous. You can regard this place as your home.”

“Duchess of Sarnia, have we met before? Why do you look so familiar to me?”

“Princess Vanessa, it is my honor to appear in your dreams.”

Vanessa kept getting the feeling that she had seen Duchess Bellina before. As for where she had seen her, she probably had forgotten and couldn’t say. Anyway, she wouldn’t have dreamt of her. If that were true, Vanessa’s dreams were very vivid, and she wouldn’t forget Bella.

According to the conditions of surrender offered by the Beastmen, as long as Sarnia Duchy surrendered, the Beastmen promised not to massacre the city, the status of Duchess Bellina would remain unchanged, and the Beastman Emperor would even confer Bella as the ninth king.

“Vanessa, I can’t accept these conditions. The Beastman Emperor hasn’t even mentioned the conditions that I want. You want me to surrender with just the title of a Beastman King? Tell him to dream on!”

“Well… what is it that you want? You might as well tell me!”

“Forget it, you can give… but I don’t have any spare room yet.”

Bella ambiguously swept her gaze over Princess Vanessa. The aggression in those eyes overwhelmed Vanessa, who had been calm this whole time. She really couldn’t imagine what a girl could’ve gone through to have such evil eyes.

Of course, the compensation Bella wanted was the ownership of Princess Vanessa. She had never been with a kemonomimi. If White Wolf Princess Tania hadn’t followed, Bella would’ve taken Vanessa into custody.

Bella’s roommates took part in the negotiation. They were merely having a meal with them, but the decision-making still lay with Bella. Eleanor didn’t attend the banquet and would stay on duty at the city wall.

“Duchess Bellina, you really can’t compromise? In the evening, Kenneth and the others… Anyways, you’d better think about it.”

“No need, Vanessa. On our end, we’re almost… You should go back!”

Vanessa wanted to make a last-ditch effort, but Bella still turned it down. Bella had captured the Black Robed Witches under Darkness Wizard God Kenneth and collected a lot of information on Kenneth and the Darkness Continent.

Seeing that Bella was set on her decision, Vanessa couldn’t say anything. She knew it was nearly impossible to persuade her. The girls at the same table were quiet. If they weren’t vases that didn’t understand the situation closely, then they would be true experts.

After briefly entertaining Vanessa, Bella personally sent her out of Sarni City. Looking at the various large granaries and gunpowder workshops densely distributed all over Sarni city, Vanessa finally understood the reason why Duchess Bellina refused to give up. She had significant advantages in troops, weapons, and logistical supplies. Why surrender?

“By the way, Princess Vanessa, I’ll return this to you. I’ve sent someone to prepare the carriage outside the city. The carriage was very comfortable, but your scent was everywhere, so much so that I don’t even want to give it back to you.”

“Isn’t this my carriage key?! How did you get it… Was the witch then… “

“It’s a secret. Princess Vanessa, hurry up and get in the carriage. You won’t be able to leave when the Beastmen attack.”

Vanessa looked torn. She was surprised to see her carriage key being handed over by Bella. She never expected that Bella would pretend to be the Black Robed Witch whom she had a short chat with not too long ago. At the time, Bella was already lurking in the back of the Beastmen area of Nolan City. It seemed that she had underestimated Duchess Bellina’s strength.

“Duchess Bellina, be careful after midnight. There will be big movements these next few days…”

Before Vanessa left, she leaked the information to Bella. At the start, she didn’t think so much. Bella took her entreaties as a show of loyalty, although Vanessa didn’t know it until much later.

Not long after Vanessa’s departure, the messenger from the Human Race arrived again. It made Bella wonder if Gabriel Empire had negotiated with the Beastmen in advance. Otherwise, the emissary wouldn’t have arrived just after the other left.

This time, Bella wasn’t able to avoid the messenger with the excuse of an official leave. It was impossible to take a day off every day, and repeating a lie a thousand times wouldn’t make it true. Bella gritted her teeth and met with the messenger, but she didn’t think that the messenger had less courage than Silver Fox Princess Vanessa. He rode a griffin into the airspace above the city lord’s mansion in Sarni City and threw down a bunch of letters for Duchess Bellina from Emperor Alfred the Third.

Compared with the conditions offered by the Beastmen, the commendation given by Emperor Alfred the Third of Gabriel Empire wasn’t that great – the First Class Medal of Valor and the title Archduchess. Bella understood just how miserly the Emperor Alfred the Third was. What was the point of giving these useless things? There wasn’t any mention of supplies or reinforcements.

Fortunately, Bella was good-natured and had left herself room to maneuver. If it were other Dukes, these messengers would probably have been accused of misconduct.

On top of the useless reward, an official intelligence aroused Bella’s interest. This piece of information was personally informed by Emperor Alfred the Third to each of the Lords, asking them to assist the royal family in finding someone, Princess Kriss’ sister, the second most beautiful girl in Gabriel Empire, Princess Khalifa.

Alfred the Third personally ordered the Lords throughout the empire to help him find this beautiful girl, and there would be a reward for finding her. Considering the so-called grand reward of Alfred the Third, she had some doubts about it.

After reading the imperial decree, Bella destroyed all the documents on the spot. Alfred the Third was currently situated in the imperial city. Even if the Beastmen occupied the southern region, his life wouldn’t be threatened.

“Princess Khalifa seems to be Gabriel Empire round-faced beauty, second only to the beautiful swordsman, Kriss. Alfred the Third, that old fox. Since you’re giving me your daughter, I’ll help you for a bit with the Beastman invasion this time.”

After sending off Vanessa, Bella’s resting place for the night was still the secret chamber. These days, she had been spending time with President Dinah and the others and had gotten used to it. As for Lisha and Kriss, Bella planned to be intimate with them alone. It was better to keep this sort of group activities for the future.

Lisha and Kriss didn’t ask about the mystery behind Bella’s whereabouts, either. In their opinion, if Bella wanted to let them know, she would disclose it sooner or later. After all, they were by her side. As wild as Bella was, she wouldn’t cheat on them and sleep with other men.

The trophies in the secret chamber remained unchanged, and all the girls Bella had captured stayed here obediently. Compared to a couple of days ago, the girls were much more open. Perhaps the succubi looking after them had brought out their more animalistic nature.

“Older sister Annie… What happened? Don’t… don’t be like this. We’re sisters… I’m begging you!”

“Anya, stay still. Aren’t you enjoying it? What a dishonest sister. I’m going to punish you!”

President Anya blushed as she looked at Princess Annie, who had mysteriously gone missing for several months. She didn’t expect that they would meet in Bella’s secret chamber and that Annie had fallen entirely to corruption.

At Bella’s request, Annie pinned President Anya under her body. The two sisters’ snow-white seductive bodies were intertwined, emitting the allure of girls. Due to being bound, Anya was unable to resist Princess Annie’s assault and was teased by her former sister into revealing her most erotic side.

What made Anya most ashamed was that Bella, as the initiator, quietly enjoyed this crazy scene from the sidelines. It was all due to the instigation of this demon that older sister Annie had become so wicked.

“Anya, what are you looking at? Concentrate. I’ll be very sad if you behave like this!”

“Annie, you… No, stop this…”

Annie was a little angry when she noticed that Anya’s attention wasn’t on her. She kissed Anya’s lips. Learning from Bella’s usual methods, she pried Anya’s lips open, and french kissed her. Anya had been kissed by Bella before and knew what this “game” was, but she didn’t expect to be french kissed by her sister.

Bella sat on the throne and looked at Anya and Annie, who were entwined on the red carpet from a distance, revealing a proud expression. Annie had been instructed by Bella to play out this performance. Bella had seen the two sisters’ most mortifying side, so it was much easier to get them to do more shameful acts later.

Emily and Caroline sat next to Bella on the left and right, respectively, their gazes lowered. Emily had resigned herself to being taken advantage of by Bella. The Beastmen had destroyed Emily’s Duchy, and she was now treated the same as a princess. Before this, she had considered that if Duchess Bellina were a slave trader, it would be better to fall into her hands than those male slave traders.

Because of this thought, Emily finally acquiesced to becoming Bella’s slave with just one round of Bella’s bullying. Caroline had been personally taken care of by Succubus Queen Aisha herself. Any resistance she had had long been removed by the Succubus Queen. The moment Bella forced her way with Caroline, she gave in just as Emily had.

The only one who still remained a little rational was Dinah, the aloof, silver-haired assassin, who was still holding onto her last bit of dignity. President Dinah was tied up and kneeling before the throne so she could see the intimate behavior between Bella, Emily, and Caroline.

Dinah’s entire body turned feverish as she was forced to enjoy this girl-on-girl scene. The perfume sprayed in this secret chamber had been specially made. Even an impassive girl would be aroused if she stayed here for a long time. It wasn’t easy for President Dinah to persist until now, but she knew she couldn’t hold on much longer. Watching Bella’s girl-on-girl scene, President Dinah felt thirsty.

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