Chapter 257 – Encounter

Once again, the group started their journey after Dark Crimson Fire Wolf’s promotion.

The territory of Fire City was roughly of the same size as Water City, if the group does not encounter any problems, they would need at least an entire day to traverse the area.

Yang Tian rode on Dark Crimson Fire Wolf while Lina sat behind him. The rest of the group followed behind Dark Crimson Fire Wolf, T-Rex has been maintaining its human-sized state throughout this time, but its speed was not any slower because of that.

When Yang Tian’s group entered the lands of Fire City again, they notice a strange situation.

The patrol teams from Fire City have greatly reduced, Yang Tian’s group felt strange, as they were preparing for fights. However, Yang Tian recalled the Ye Family that visited Fire City and obtained a rough idea of what might have happened.

They were targeting the treasure inside the cave.

Although Yang Tian did not manage to find out what was the treasure until the end, he knew that the Fire City Lord would not be able to handle the heat from the cave, unless he reached Rank 5.

However, unless the Ye Family supported him, the Fire City Lord couldn’t have reached Rank 5.

Seeing that they have gone to the cave to seek for treasures, it meant that Yang Tian’s group would encounter fewer patrols, providing them a chance to travel with less danger.

The group only encounter a patrol team after traveling for half a day.

“Who are you people, how dare you trespass the lands of the Fire City!”

The patrol team started attacking without giving Yang Tian a chance to reply.

“Since all of you want to die, I shall grant that wish.”

The temperature around Yang Tian sharply increased, reaching 950℃; this was after Yang Tian deliberately controlled his powers to avoid harming Lina and the rest. Else he would have pushed the temperature to 1200℃ and evaporate the seawater around where he was standing.

However, 950℃ was similarly terrifying as well and was causing fear to spread throughout the patrol team. The suppression of a stronger fire has greatly reduced their combat ability, let alone the fact that their ranks were lower than Yang Tian in the first place.

Cross Fire

Yang Tian crossed his forefingers and made a cross, a cross-shaped fire shot towards the patrol team.


Cross Fire exploded, the might of the explosion would increase along with the temperature. And the might of a 950℃ flame was certainly outside the endurance ability of Rank 3 metahumans.

The patrol team from Fire City was wiped out after Cross Fire exploded, their bodies shattered into pieces from the blast and were burning in various locations.

Cross Fire was the Flame-Flame Fruit’s ability and Yang Tian has yet to fully display what a Natural-Type Devil Fruit could do.

After dealing with the patrol team, Yang Tian’s group continued on their way.

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After walking over a dozen kilometers, Yang Tian encountered three teams rushing towards the Fire City. Yang Tian was familiar with one of the teams, it was the metahumans from the Ye Family. While Yang Tian could make a guess about the other two teams.

One of the teams was made up entirely of Earth Attribute metahumans, while the other was made up entirely of Wood Attribute metahumans.

“They should be metahumans from the Wood City and Earth City.” Yang Tian silently thought.

And Yang Tian’s group was unable to avoid them in time.

“Who are you people?”

Yang Tian spoke first since he could not avoid them, he might as well take the initiative.

“Who are you people instead?”

The people from the Ye Family were the leader of the three groups, the question was asked by the leader of the Ye Family’s group.

“When has it became your turn to ask the Fire City when you are in Fire City’s territory?”

Yang Tian spoke with absolute confidence, causing the three groups to strange expressions. The leader from the Ye Family also felt strange and wanted to speak out when Yang Tian started speaking again.

“It seems like you people are not good people as well, it is better that I catch you and let the City Lord make his judgment.”

Without giving the other party the chance to explain, Yang Tian immediately released his Peak Rank 3 Fire Ability combined with Flaming Heart Earthfire.

The three teams were now 80% sure that Yang Tian was someone from the Fire City because only someone from the Fire City would be able to display such a level of power.

The leader from Ye Family’s group silently wondered: ‘Did Ye Xiu Huo hide his real strength?”

Cross Fire

Yang Tian used the same skill from before, but this time at full power. The 1200℃ heat made the three teams felt the threat of death.

Fortunately, their respective leaders were all Peak Rank 3, everyone in each team used their strongest defense skill to block Cross Fire.

The metahuman from the Ye Family and Earth City was slightly better off while the metahuman from Wood City was much worse off because Fire restrains Wood, they were unable to obtain any advantage and was not able to completely block Yang Tian’s attack.

It was fortunate that the people from Earth City were close to the people from Wood City, the former lent a hand and helped the Wood City with some of the excess damage.


The Ye Family’s group leader immediately displayed the token of the Ye Family. The other two teams also brought out the tokens of their respective organizations. The Ye Family token emitted the energy of all five elements while the Wood City and Earth City tokens emit the energy of their respective attributes.

“You people are…”

Yang Tian acted as though he was enlightened and continued: “So it’s you people, apologies for my previous actions.”

“The unaware are not at fault. Did Sir have the token of the Fire City?”

“Of course not, the City Token is not something that is given out casually.”

“That’s true.”

The Ye Family’s group leader was mostly convinced, but he still held a trace of suspicions.

Especially when he looked at the two unique creatures, Dark Crimson Fire Wolf and Brain-Eating Terror Hog, that were behind Yang Tian. As for the Three-Headed Yin Insect and T-Rex, they had been ordered to hide.

Lina was emitting Light Energy while the two puppets did not emit any Fire Energy as well, this was what made the Ye Family’s group leader suspicious.


Dark Crimson Fire Wolf released a low growl and started emitting Crimson Earthfire from its body, this caused the Ye Family’s group leader to take half a step back in fear.

This was Yang Tian’s intention, he wanted them to increase their belief that they were metahumans from Fire City, very powerful ones.

As expected, after seeing Dark Crimson Fire Wolf emitting flames as well, their suspicions have reduced by another notch.

“Why did you come to the Fire City?”

Yang Tian continued to use the tone of the host to address the other teams.

“This is a matter that we can only tell the Fire City Lord.”

“That’s a pity because our City Lord is currently not in Fire City.”

A trace of craftiness flashed through Yang Tian’s face, it caused the hearts of the metahumans from the Ye Family to tighten.

“I need to complete my mission, let’s part ways here.”

Yang Tian clasped his fist towards them before bringing Lina and the rest to walk past the three teams.

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