Chapter 258 – Arrived

“Do you really believe that they are from Fire City?”

The Earth City’s group leader asked the Ye Family’s group leader, it was a question all of them were considering. However, Yang Tian’s display of his Fire Ability was undoubtedly not weak.

And of the Fire Metahumans they had seen, none could compare to the metahumans from Fire City.

“We will know once we inquire in Fire City.”



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Yang Tian could not be bothered with what they were thinking after separating with them; his only goal was to pass through the territory of Fire City.


Not long after Yang Tian resumed his journey, a violent explosion appeared on the mountain behind Fire City. Even though they were now very far away, Yang Tian’s group could still feel the shock created by the explosion, this shows how terrifying that explosion was.

“What happened?”

Lina could not help but asked, the power of that explosion was simply too terrifying.

“We need to quickly leave this place.”

Yang Tian did not know if that was a good or bad thing, but it was surely correct to leave the territory of Fire City. The two puppets were moving too slowly, Yang Tian got T-Rex to become slightly larger, enough to allow the two puppets to sit on T-Rex’s body.

Being able to move at full speed allowed them to travel much faster than before, although they were still a far distance from F City’s coastline, they should be able to arrive around night time if they maintained this rate of speed.

After the mountain behind Fire City exploded, all the patrol teams went back to the Fire City, making it easy for Yang Tian’s group to charge directly towards F City.

After crossing the borders of Fire City’s coastline, the air temperature instantly returned to normal.

“Finally, back to F City.”

This was F City’s coastline; it was very ordinary when compared to the Fire City and Water City, but the level of danger was not by any bit lower.

There was still a distance before they could reach the center of F City, but there was a broken highway nearby, allowing them to follow it to reach the city center quickly.

This place was originally a resort of F City, but it was now desolated after the apocalypse and had lost all semblance of its previous image.

Yang Tian brought Lina to a resting spot; this place was originally a luxurious hotel that only the rich could effort, now anyone can rest inside in.

However, Yang Tian did not use any of the high-end rooms, only resting at the reception area. The hotel had obviously experienced destruction, but it was in a much better condition than the buildings in the city area, at least the sofas were still useable.

“We will rest for the night and continue tomorrow.”

There were dense forests that covered both sides of the highway leading to F City, Yang Tian did not know how dangerous it would be, so he decided to travel in the morning instead.

The group had also traveled an entire day, Lina was also very hungry and tired.

Yang Tian took out two apples and three bananas and gave it to Lina, while he took out a piece of bug meat jerky to chew on.


The sound instantly attracted Yang Tian.

There are people?

“Who is that? Come out!”

Yang Tian used his Mental Power and instantly locked on to that location where the noise came from.

Lina was also instantly tensed as she gripped onto the fruits in her hand tightly.

“If you do not come out, I will attack.”

A small ball of fire appeared on Yang Tian’s hand, looking as though it would be tossed at any moment.

“Don’t, we will come out.”

Ten ordinary humans appeared, two men and eight women in their twenties or above.

It was unknown when was the last time they washed, as a messy stench was coming from them.

“Just you?”

“There are more hiding upstairs.”

Since he was only planning to stay for the night, Yang Tian did not want to trouble himself and decided not to do anything.

The ten people heave a sigh of relief when they saw Yang Tian keeping his flames. At least they know Yang Tian would not kill them.

Lina sat on the sofa and continue to eat the fruits in her hand, while Yang Tian continued to chew the jerky. Little Fish and Big Man were absorbing energy crystals to heal themselves while the Tamed Beasts were stationed outside the hotel. The group did not see the Tamed Beasts, else they would not be displaying their current expressions.

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The ten did not return to hide but chose to huddle up at a corner of the hotel.


The sounds of gulping saliva were distinct in this quiet hotel, Yang Tian chose to ignore it, but Lina started looking at the fruits in her hand.

When she was with the Novelty Hunters, Lina would often give her food to ordinary humans no matter how many times the Novelty Hunters explained to her why she should not. Lina obviously wanted to give her food away this time, when Yang Tian was not paying attention, she tossed an apple and banana to two pitiful girls.

Yang Tian had undoubtedly noticed Lina’a small action, but would the two fruits really enter the stomachs of the two girls?

When the youngest one got the fruit, she was extremely grateful to Lina, but the cold glares of her companions nearby made them shudder.

“Give… give you.”

The little girl gave the fruits she just got away.

“Good that you know your place.”

The apple was taken by the men while the bananas were taken by the six women. With that, one could instantly notice the hierarchy in this group.

However, the two men and six women were obviously not satisfied after obtaining the food, they whispered to the girls and pushed them out of the group.

The two young girls could only hug each other and slowly approach, as though this was the only way they would feel secure.

The two young girls eventually stood in front of Lina.

“Can you… can you.”

The two girls were on the verge of tears as they mumbled, but they were still unable to complete the sentence.

They were very pitiful, but who within the Post-Apocalyptic Era was not pitiful. Yang Tian was obviously immune to such scenes, but Lina gets softhearted easily.

“You will not be able to help them like this.”

Yang Tian knew that Lina was here to get food from him, but endless charity in the Post-Apocalyptic Era was useless, one needs to rely on themselves if they wanted to continue surviving.

The two girls might not have powerful strength, but they must first learn to overcome their weak characters. The eight people obviously knew that the two girls have meek characters.

“Then what should I do?” Lina asked.

Ding Dang

A machete landed in front of the girls.

“Use this to kill any one of them and you will obtain the qualifications to survive in the Post-Apocalyptic Era.”

The two girls have not even killed a chicken before in the Civilized Age. Asking them to suddenly murder someone was an impossible task.

“This… no. Let’s bring them with us!”

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