Chapter 259 – Gemini Kings

Although Yang Tian was usually indulgent towards Lina, he has a bottom line.


Yang Tian spoke in a firm tone, Lina knew that there will be no room for negotiation.

Yang Tian looked at the two feeble girls and could not help but remember his weak self in the past, that was why Yang Tian wanted to give these girls the courage to continue surviving.

“But… I dare not.”

“If both of you dare not do it, then you will only continue being bullied.”

Yang Tian’s words seemed to be of not much use as the two girls continued to snuggle against each other. Yang Tian pointed at the older of the two girls.

“You are the elder sister, if you do not dare to do it, then your little sister will have to continue going hungry with you, continue to be bullied, and eventually be…”

They were around the age of sixteen and could understand the hidden meaning in Yang Tian’s words. The elder of the two sisters displayed a resolute gaze when she heard Yang Tian’s words. She released the hug on her little sister and took up the machete on the floor.

“Go on!”

Yang Tian gave the young girl a gentle push on the shoulders, the latter slowly walked back, firmly gripping the machete in her hand. The younger sister anxiously looked at her elder sister.

“If you do not want a mishap to happen to your elder sister, you should do something as well.”

“I… want a machete as well.”

The little girl held the machete Yang Tian gave them with her trembling hands. 

When the two men saw the girls moving towards them with weapons in their hands, their gazes fell on Yang Tian, but they noticed that the latter did not seem to have any intention to act. Therefore, they have no qualms as well.


The elder girl was sent flying with a kick.

“Don’t bully my sister!”

The other girl charged forwards, but her outcome was similar to her elder sister. Seeing her little sister being kicked, the elder sister’s eyes turned red.

She took up the weapon on the ground and charged at the man again.


And was sent flying by a kick again. The little sister charged as well, but the outcome was also the same.

This continued for several times, the two girls had very weak bodies to begin with, and could no longer stand up after being kicked away several times. They could only look at the two men resentfully, while the six women looked at them with slight disdain, as though saying: the two of you should just die!

The two men went to each girl and tried to take away the weapon in their hands.


The girls held on to their machete tightly, the two men spent great effort before they were finally able to take away the blade from them.

However, a figure suddenly appeared behind them, the figure’s cold voice rang next to them:

“The two of you have proven your worth.”

Next, the two men were knocked unconscious. The figure was Yang Tian.

When the six women saw Yang Tian appeared, they were instantly afraid.

“Since you eat their food, then you must return.”

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Yang Tian had observed everything that happened, they even ate the banana skin.

“Yes yes yes.”

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The women frantically nodded under Yang Tian’s deterrence, deeply afraid that Yang Tian would become angry.

“Hur Hur”

Yang Tian’s cold chuckle made them felt even more terror. Suddenly, they saw two additional figures beside Yang Tian, it was the puppets. The puppets held ropes in their hands and tied the eight people without them giving too much resistance.

The two girls were brought to Lina. Thanks to the Sacred Light, the injuries they suffered were instantly healed.

“W… we.”

“Eat something to restore some stamina first.”

Yang Tian gave each of them a piece of bug meat jerky. Rank 1 bug meat jerkies, was enough to restore their stamina. They were still awkward in front of Yang Tian and carefully ate the jerky given to them.

“Are you full?”

“We are full.”

“Hold your machetes well.”

The two girls followed Yang Tian’s instructions and followed behind him while tightly gripping their machetes.

The girls saw the eight people again; just that they were not in a good state this time, all of them were tied up.

Yang Tian made way for the two.


The elder sister of the two shouted behind hacking down at the man that kicked her sister earlier, blood splattered on her face, making the remaining seven feel terrified.

The younger sister hacked the man that bullied her elder sister; the man could see that he was about to receive the same fate as the dead man and quickly shouted:

“No, we saved you initially, did you forget?”

“That’s right, Little Ting, you cannot kill Brother Li.”

Some of the six women started using emotions to affect the younger girl and it did display some effects as the younger girl stopped wielding her machete.

“Is your elder sister not important?” Yang Tian’s words reached the girl.

When she heard the words, the girl no longer hesitated. She used all her strength and hacks down, striking squarely on the man’s skull, causing red and white matter to scatter everywhere.

The girls have experienced a psychological metamorphosis, this was a required process if they wanted to survive in the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

They two girls felt their mind going blank after performing the act. Yang Tian used his powerful Mental Power to make them fall asleep. As for the other six women…

“Kill them.”


Puppets did not know how to hold back as they would only follow Yang Tian’s commands, they raised their weapons and soon created six corpses.

Lina was also observing from the side, her state of mind had also experienced a small change.

Yang Tian placed the two girls on the carpet so that they could rest peacefully. Yang Tian did not know why he decided to help them, maybe it was because they were very similar to him in his previous life…

They were both ordinary people, they will need to possess meta-abilities if they want to survive in the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

Violent Corpse Worm? Yang Tian immediately rejected that idea, the heart drilling pain process was not something common men could handle.

“They… have awakened abilities already.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen’s voice appeared in Yang Tian’s mind. Violent Corpse Worm Queen had used Mental Examine to inspect their bodies and she discovered that they had awoken their abilities.

“They are the… Gemini Kings?”

Yang Tian discovered an exceedingly powerful ability inside their bodies, the elder sister Shangguan Jia had the Yin Attribute, while the younger sister Shangguan Ting possessed the Yang Attribute. When used together, the Yin and Yang Energies would experience a synergistic effect and become multiple times stronger.

In the entire Celestial Empire, only the Gemini Kings possessed the Yin and Yang Attributes, this was also why they became one of the top ten most powerful characters of the Celestial Empire, the Gemini Kings. As their Yin and Yang Attribute was strongest only when they were fighting together, the two were considered as one individual when placed in the rankings.

The Yin Yang Attribute Users were not the weakest of the top ten in the Celestial Empire, but due to their restriction requiring them to cooperate, the Gemini Kings were given the tenth position in the rankings.

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