Chapter 1155 – Too Delicious!

“Boss, we were really badly shocked yesterday, we did not know that Boss was playing a prank…”

“Yes, Boss. Please forgive us. If something happens again, we will not run away and stay loyal to Boss till death!”

“Boss, you are well versed in both martial arts and studies. You even dare to cause the young lady of the Wang Family to faint from shock. You have our admiration!”

Little Treasure rolled a huge white eye, “It is more like all of you admire my mother’s cooking, right?”

“Eh…” Da Niu quickly replied, “That is only one aspect. The most important reason is Da Niu being awed by Boss’s deep… knowledge… and talents…”

This phrase was thought by Old Xiu, his neighbour. He had practised reciting these words several times but was still unable to speak it fluently.

Huan Qing Yan silently chuckled when she heard the conversations between the brats.

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She skillfully took up a rough-looking bowl, placed some seasonings that she had prepared earlier in, and started cooking the noodles.

Using a colander and long bamboo chopsticks, she deftly placed all the cooked noodles into the colander and almost as fast put them in ice water to soak for a moment. Next, she placed the noodles inside the bowl she had already filled with seasonings.


A ladle of boiling soup was added into the bowl; steam rose up and carried a fragrance that quickly reached the noses of everyone. Huan Qing Yan dropped a couple of droplets of fragrance oil onto the noodles; enhancing the already strong aroma, causing it to spread even further away.

Due to that, everyone that was waiting for their noodles started sucking in deep breaths of air.

“What a nice smell! What noodle is that!”

“I am on the verge of drooling just from the fragrance.”

Soon, bowls of Clear Soup Noodles were placed in front of them.

The slightly brown soup was not as clear as water. The bowl was eight parts soup and two parts noodle, yet the combination gave people a delicious impression.

“Slurp Slurp”

Everyone started eating without hesitation.

The light soup possessed a thick aroma of flour as well as the crisp natural fragrance of sesame oil. When eating the noodles, a refreshing and sweet taste containing a trace of oil fragrance would surge in the throat before sliding down into the gut. Giving the eater a clear and refreshed feeling in an instant.

Everyone was shocked!

Their eyes sparkled as they wondered, what is this noodle?

They have never eaten such delicious noodles before!

Is this really noodles?

In fact, Old Tian did not like eating noodles in general. The main reason he ordered noodles today was for the sake of his body.

Yet unexpectedly, the noodles in front of him were utterly different from the ones he had in the past. He picked up the noodles with his chopsticks and looked at the slightly yellow noodles that were steaming from the heat. No matter if you were a gourmet or not, you would have the urge to eat these noodles when looking at it. 

Old Tian looked at the people around him, they were all slurping noodles with intoxicated expressions. He also placed the noodles in his mouth.

The moment he bit down onto the noodles, he noticed the elasticity of each and every strand, a perfect balance of chewiness that was not too tough or too soft. Giving the person the ability to enjoy the noodles while allowing them to swallow easily if they wanted to.

The seasonings used were obviously common, yet it gave an incredible texture and taste.

“Slurp, slurp. Huuu huuu…”

Old Tian unknowingly immersed himself in eating, everything else forgotten.

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It was so delicious that everyone did not have the time to talk. Only until the people had finished the noodles and consumed the soup to the very last drop, did the discussion start.

“Delicious! Too delicious!”

“That’s right. Lady Boss, your culinary skill is absolutely top-notch. It looks like I will be visiting your shop every day from now on.”

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