Chapter 1154 – Forgive Mistakes

“I know Dad.”

Huan Qing Yan could not endure the pitiful state of Little Treasure and said, “Okay. Little Treasure has learnt his mistake. Husband, let him go and tell me what happened later, did the little girl wake up?”

Ji Mo Ya released Little Treasure, who quickly hid behind Huan Qing Yan like a rabbit, rubbing his tiny buttocks throughout.

“Later, I brought Little Treasure to the Wang Estate with the girl. I have expressed our apologies and given them a hundred silvers for them to seek a doctor. There shouldn’t be any big issues.”

“That’s good.”

With Huan Qing Yan distracting the tiger, Little Treasure successfully avoided a disaster.

Allowing this incident to pass just like that. 

Little Treasure obediently stayed at home, spending the remaining time of the day practising penmanship and cultivating.

When night arrived, Huan Qing Yan gave him another medicinal bath.

After completing the medicinal bath, she coaxed her son to sleep. Ji Mo Ya was waiting to practise the Couple Technique with her.

After that, there was naturally a series of lovey-dovey and embarrassing matters and the day ended like that.


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On the third day, Lord Treasure Snack Bar has yet to open for business in the morning.

Many people have already gathered outside.

“What do you think will be sold today?”

“Buns! Maybe dumplings! Anything is good, I like to eat, and the food from this place is just unforgettable.”

“I am guessing it might be something new, didn’t the Lady Boss say that there might be different food every day! Hmm, why are they not opened yet…”

Under the anticipating gaze of all present, Huan Qing Yan finally opened the shop.

None of them asked what was for sale today and simply went into the shop to find a seat.

Little Treasure wrote a series of twisty words, “Clear Soup Noodles for sale today. Thirty cents each bowl. Limited to fifty bowls.”

After writing, the boy placed it outside.

“Haha. See, I am right. It was indeed something different today. Lady Boss, a bowl of Clear Soup Noodles!” Old Tian happily ordered.

His old legs did not act up again last night, allowing him to enjoy a comfortable rest.

He could now confirm that it was highly related to the food he ate in Little Treasure Snack Bar.

The ingredients used in the food were undoubtedly not ordinary.

Old Tian was neither curious nor concerned about the background of this family. Having lived to this age, it was better to not delve too much about certain things unrelated to you. Just knowing what is on the surface has been more than enough.

It was enough knowing her food was delicious and good for the body.

Old Tian never had children and focused his life on earning money, this resulted in his coffin money* being thicker than the average person of the town. He has enough to buy food from this place for three to five years without any problems.

(Cuppa: Ancient China did not have insurance or banks. As such, older people would start accumulating a stash of money called coffin money. This is for the event where they have no children to pay for their funeral or in anticipation that their children are too poor to afford the expenses. The Chinese believed that if their body was exposed to the elements after death, they would suffer and be unable to rest in peace. This stash will be used to pay for their own funeral expenses, or at minimal a coffin, as such called coffin money.)

As long as his body was feeling well again, he would be able to call his pals from his youth and start earning more money.

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After Old Tian ordered the first bowl of noodles, the others started ordering, “Lady Boss, two bowls for us and one bowl to take away, it is from our old mother.”

“I also want a bowl. Can I have a small bowl as well, I wish to share it with my son.”

“I am from the Cheng Family, please give us two bowls, take away…”


As a Mystic Spirit Master, Huan Qing Yan has developed eidetic memory. Despite the confusing mix of orders, she was still able to separate and identify each and every one of them without error.

“Okay, please wait!”

Outside the shop, Da Niu, Er Niu, San Tu Zi and Fei Ji were holding on to Little Treasure with faces of remorse. Seeking for forgiveness.

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