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Ch 57 / Natural Powers Test

Ibro didn’t have enough time to process all these Infos. When the countdown finished he felt himself to be pulled by an unstoppable force. Ibro felt himself fell into deep water.

He lost his sense of time and place for unknown time then everything vanished around him suddenly. When he opened his eyes he felt strange.

He was standing in a very wide place full of strange shaped tents. On the horizon, he managed to notice the shape of the longwall with no visible features.

He also noticed a lot of flags that were on this wall. All flags had the same pattern, a three-headed creature with a dark metallic color. He couldn’t see any more details as he was very far from this wall.

He noticed that he could see the wall only in the front and sides. The back had a great serious of mountains that were high in the sky. Ibro was near these mountains than the wall.

He was at the rear of this army then. He was standing alone between many tents. He looked at himself. He wasn’t wearing the same items he had back at the game.

He was wearing strange armor made of steel rings with silver color. His hands didn’t hold his staff but he held a weird long pen. He looked at this pen with curiosity.

It was like the pen he got from that dark gold treasure chest. It was nearly half meter long, cylindrical in shape and had a narrow long tip. He felt it. It was made from a strange metal.

Although it was metal it wasn’t hard but was flexible. He felt he could bend it if he wanted to without breaking it. While he was immersed in his own thoughts he heard a familiar sound:

“Welcome Alien Ibro to the Trial Ground. Your Trial sequence is chosen. Your Trial sequence is 02136580145167.

History about this Trial Sequence: it’s the war between Hilonar and Defarot. Alien Ibro started at the camp war of Fenomeraz planet.

Target of this Trial: Alien Ibro will start as a secondary Rune Master in one of the camps. Alien Ibro needs to familiarize himself with this profession and participate in this war.

The Trial ground can be ended when he succeeds in using his profession and get acknowledgment from his superiors. When he participates in one battle he could either end the Trial or continue it.

If he continued it, the more accomplishments he has, the higher his authority will be and the stronger his profession will be.

Only allowed on

Note: This war ended in the complete annihilation of the Hilonar army.

Note: If you died there you will die permanently and won’t resurrect here except after you managed to finish the basic requirement of this Trial.

Note: You have one tech that can be used in this Trial Ground. That tech will be upgraded to help you in passing this Trial Ground.

Note: All the required info about Rune Master Profession will be uploaded at this tech. it will guide you to raise your efficiency in your Rune Master profession.

Good luck. Trial Ground will start officially in 30 minutes. Get ready Alien Ibro.”

Ibro thought about this info. It was like the same words he heard before he got here.

What was different was that he would be granted the help of one tech. this tech would be upgraded. So what should the game look like after upgrade?

“Welcome Ibro. “

Ibro felt surprised as he said:

“Dronil? Was it you that got upgraded?”

“Yes, although it is just a temporary upgrade, I now have a unique opportunity I never had before.”


“Yes. I’m now experiencing a new whole state I never had before. This new level of me will help me know which way I should walk to upgrade myself more.

Back at Bionil, I thought I reached the pinnacle of my power. Now I know I was completely wrong. There is a whole new world waiting for me.”

Ibro felt the excitement of Dronil so he said sincerely:

“I wish you all the best Dronil. Now can you tell me what is going on?”

“You are in a Trial Ground of Hilonar civilization. This civilization is also a tech civilization like Bionil but was more advanced than it. Here everyone has what you can call a system.

This era was the very old era that preceded the establishment of their empire. This battle was very crucial for their future. This defeat made them know that their current power wasn’t enough.

They were using some tech like we used in the glory days of Bionil. Even though they didn’t feel satisfied with it and improved it even more.

The similarities between the Bionil system and the Hilonar system made it possible for me to be with you. I now have more functions and much more energy.

I can help you in your fight and guide you in your Trial. But here you don’t have that dark magician class. They call these classes which we have at the game ‘the lower professions.

Here you have one of the high-level classes, Rune Master Profession. This profession is really amazing. It’s even more advanced than all the secret classes in Bionil.

In this profession, you combine both nature powers with tech power and yield the rune. Each rune has different power depending on the types of powers you used to condense in it. “

Ibro interrupted its excited talk asking:

“What do you mean by natural and tech powers?”

“This is the hardest thing in front of you. You came from preliminary civilization so you are ignorant of these terms. In the wide universe, there are many empires and kingdoms.

Each one of them managed to build their heritage by using a specific power. For example, I told you before that Rioneed game was a training program back in Bionil Empire glory days.

This game aimed at teaching you guys how to use tech power which you call XP, skills, and classes. This is called “Tech powers”. The same goes for different empires and kingdoms.

Each of them uses one form of universal energy and trains its people with it. Here in Hilonar, they didn’t use one form of energy but many different forms. That is a new way of thought to me.

It’s really revolutionary…”

Ibro again interrupted it as he stressed again on his question:

“I want to know what this nature powers is.”

“Nature powers mean the powers that are derived from nature. For example, there are five elements powers like metal, fire, water, wind, and earth.

There are also some unique nature powers like thunder, time, light, darkness and radiation. There are really a lot of these powers around you.”

“Then I have to use these powers and merge them with my Tech powers and produce rune?”

“That’s the theory. For you to be able to use nature powers you needed first to determine your affinity to these powers through specific tests.

Each person might have an affinity to one of these natural powers or he doesn’t any affinity at all.”

“What if I didn’t have any affinity?”

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“Then you will not be able to produce runes and then you will lose this Trial and die.”

Ibro felt sudden worry. He was worried about his failure in this affinity test. He felt his throat dry. He tried to cool himself then he asked with nervousness:

“How can I be tested?”

“To facilitate this for you, this Trial has a specific area near you specified for this test. You should go now and apply for this test. Don’t be nervous, I’m sure you will do brilliantly.”

Dronil showed compassion! That was new for Ibro. Ibro didn’t say a word but followed the directions of Dronil till he reached a wide space with no tents at all. There was a huge crystal ball in the center of this area.

There was also some men wearing similar outfit standing between him and this crystal. When Ibro appeared in front of them, one of them started the talk complaining:

“We waited for you for so long Alien Ibro. C’mon take this test as we are in a hurry.”

Ibro felt weird from this person words. Were they waiting for him here? Why?

It didn’t take him a few minutes from appearing in this world and reaching this test place. Why would he feel they were waiting for him for longer than that? That was another mystery for him.

He didn’t lose his focus as he replied at once:

“I don’t know how to do this test. Can you guide me?”

“It’s really simple. All you need to do is to put your right hand on this test ball then it will assess your affinity to the natural powers.”

Ibro looked at this big crystal ball with doubt as he asked:

“Is it this simple?”

“Yes. C’mon, don’t waste our time anymore. You aren’t the only alien who will be tested today.”

Ibro was surprised to hear his comment. They looked like they came from the time where that civilization still existed.

Did he travel back in time again? That was weird! None the less, he moved towards that crystal and put his right hand on it. Once his hand touched that ball he felt tremendous sucking power emerged from it towards his hand.

He couldn’t move his right hand at all. He felt panic but he didn’t try to move away. Suddenly he felt a lot of powers with different degrees of intensities emerging from this ball. Every power had its own color and temperature.

Some felt warm, others were very cold, some were very hot that even burned his hand and others felt nothing towards them. This kept going on and on.

Every time he got touched by one of these powers he felt his body shiver in pain. Suddenly there was one power that didn’t hurt him at all, instead he felt like it was kind to him.

He wanted to embrace it. That power entered his body from the ball. Ibro felt his body got very relaxed suddenly as if he was about to fall asleep. He heard some voices from behind them.

These strangers were talking about his test results.

“Did I succeed?”

He just muttered those words to himself but he didn’t wait for Dronil to answer him.

He suddenly felt a huge urge to put his left hand towards this ball. He recalled the previous instructions he got from those strangers. They didn’t tell him about putting his left hand on the ball.

They also didn’t warn him. He gathered his courage and decided to follow his hunch again. His feeling never failed him before. He put his left hand on the ball to feel sudden tremor on it.

He felt its surface was like a raging sea that kept revolting against everything. Ibro thought about withdrawing his left hand but he couldn’t. That pulling force was binding his left hand tighter and tighter to the ball surface.

That ball began to shine strangely with blinding light that forced Ibro to close his eyes. He heard a loud sound of explosion followed by a force hitting his body so hard, but he didn’t feel any pain.

He felt his body flying in the air so he tried to open his eyes but he felt severe pain so he closed them. After a few seconds, that bright light vanished and Ibro managed to open his eyes again.

He found himself still standing in his place without any motion. His left hand on that ball surface was the only evidence that what happened before to him was real. He looked to that ball to find it turned calm again with that opaque white light in it.

It looked exactly the same before he began his test. He didn’t remove his hands as he was afraid he would ruin his test but turned around and asked:

“Have I finished the test?”

He noticed the deep shock on these strangers face. They were looking at him in shock and… fear! Ibro felt very strange from what he felt from them.

He involuntarily moved his hands from the ball and asked:

“What’s wrong? What happened?”

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