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Ch 56 / Rune Master Profession

Ibro didn’t stand in his place for any more second. He moved away from this relic. He marked this place in his heart, one day he would come here again and meet this mysterious sound.

After five minutes of running into the forest, he stopped to catch his breath. He was finally able to see what he got from both treasure chests.

He got five items from the silver treasure chest and only three items from that dark gold chest. Although the dark gold chest gave him only three items but when he checked them he was totally surprised.

These items value was way far important to him than the other five items of sliver chest.

“Rune master profession stone: Stone that doesn’t belong to Rioneed database. After learning it, you will get all the info from the stone itself.”

“Five pillar piligram rune: Unknown item with unknown stats. You need to possess some relation to that tech to be able to know its full info and use it. The game suggests player to learn Rune Master profession to be able to use it.”

“Rune master pen: Unknown item with unknown stats. You need to possess some relation to that tech to be able to know its full info and use it. The game suggests player learn Rune Master profession to be able to use it.”

Ibro looked at these three unknown items with great surprise. It seemed that this treasure chest came from that alien civilization.

The other five items of that silver treasure chest were three scrolls and one silver grade lvl30 staff that was weaker than Minor staff and one blacksmith class stone.

Ibro wasn’t interested in any of these so he stored them immediately. He kept these three unknown items where he kept looking at them with curiosity.

“Do you have any info about this Rune Master profession?”

“Dronil doesn’t know anything about such a class. This is the first time I even heard this name. I’m still convinced with my previous conclusion.”

Ibro knew that Dronil was referring to his previous guess about the origin of this civilization. He suspected it came from outside the big universe.

Ibro didn’t think much about this civilization origin, but he was very interested in this rune profession. He held that stone and kept looking at it. He knew how to use the stones in the game to acquire classes.

He tried to trigger that stone by his thoughts as he usually used to do but he failed. he kept looking at this stone. He tried to squeeze it with no effect at all. He even tried to swallow it but he couldn’t.

It was very hard and cold stone. He kept looking at this stone with great frustration. He even planted it to the ground but failed.

“Do you have any suggestions?”

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“You have tried 21 way of 25 known ways in our universe to trigger that stone. I suggest you use the blood binding method.”

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“Blood bonding method? What is this method?”

“Just put one drop of your blood over it.”

Ibro followed his instructions and cut his hand with one of the weapons he had. He let one drop of blood fall on this stone. Nothing happened.

When he was just about to ask Dronil about the next method he felt a little shiver in that stone he held. He looked closely at it. There was a very faint thin red line that appeared on this stone.

Ibro felt really excited, but then this change stopped only at this and the trembling stone returned to its previous calmness. Ibro looked suspiciously at this stone, but Dronil voice came and instructed him:

“It’s really blood binding method. But one drop isn’t enough. You need to put more of your blood into it.”

Ibro didn’t hesitate anymore. He cut his wrist this time and squeezed this wound to release as much blood as possible. Although he felt repeated trembling of this stone, but he felt it was like a bottomless pit.

It kept sucking his blood and his HP started to decrease rapidly. Ibro didn’t give up as he retrieved HP recovering potion and he drank it. He again hurt himself and squeezed the wound.

He kept doing this process for half an hour till he heard a sudden click sound followed by movement of this stone away from his hand. Then this stone immersed itself inside his body to finally disappear inside it.

While he was confused whether he succeeded in triggering this stone or not, he heard the game sound in his ears:

“System Prompt: Player has successfully bound to an alien tech. this tech refused the connection between it and the game. You will have to figure things out on your own. Good luck.”

Ibro looked at this prompt with strange looks. What the hell just happened? What he figured out from this prompt was that he succeeded in obtaining this profession.

But he couldn’t know its details from the game system. Then how would he know this profession info? How could he use it?

“Don’t ask me, I told you before I know nothing about this civilization. But I can guess it uses the same way as Bionil civilization. That means you can contact with it like you contact with the game.”

Ibro felt silent for a moment. He was communicating with the game through his thoughts. Did this mean he could also communicate with this stone with thought? He recalled the name of this stone and then thought in his mind:

“Rune Master profession info.”

He was very tense while he waited for the result of his trial. As he feared he failed. nothing happened in response to his thoughts. He didn’t lose hope and tried to change his words a bit:

“Display Rune Master profession info.”

“Displaying Rune Master info:

Name of profession: Rune Master

Type of profession: mixed profession between Natural life profession and War profession

Name of person bound to it: Ibro an alien person

Info about this alien: he is a person from a smaller universe with delayed tech that helps him.

Decision: He is authorized by the Supreme Mind to use this profession

Recommendation: Alien person is ignorant about Hilonar tech. although he uses similar primitive tech but the gap between the two techs is huge. We recommend moving him to the trial grounds and let him face his destiny.

Final decision: The Supreme Mind approves of this recommendation.

Please wait for a while till you are transmitted to the Trial Grounds.”

Ibro felt as a fool when he heard all of this. He thought in his mind:

“Display info about Trial Grounds.”

“Request is denied.”

“Why my request is denied?”

“You are an alien. You don’t have the necessary authority to display this info to you.”

He didn’t lose hope as he thought:

“Display the Rune Master profession info.”

“Request denied.”

He felt frustrated. He just thought about this just now and that strange sound told him that previous phrases.

He wanted to reread them so he might fins a clue of what he was going up against. He controlled his anger and thought:

“Why do you refuse my request? You just displayed that profession info.”

“I refused your request because you are an alien with retarded tech. you need first to upgrade your knowledge and experience then you can use this profession. That is the standard protocol to deal with any ignorant alien-like yourself.”

Ibro couldn’t help himself from exploding:

“You don’t tell me anything and you want to move me to this weird place. At least tell me some info! Even if I’m an ignorant alien, that is totally unfair!”

“Life is unfair alien Ibro.”

“I just want to know some info so I can be ready for what I’m going up against. At least tell me, will I be in danger?”

“No one can gain anything without paying for sacrifices. I w… just hold on for a second.”

Ibro felt weird. What was this tech that was talking to him? He even heard a quite relaxing music! He was like on hold on the phone with a major company. He asked Dronil:

“Any suggestions?”

“I really know nothing. But that Trial ground is always related to huge challenges. Any Trial Grounds I heard of have one fixed rule: either you win and get promoted, or you fail and die.

So keep your vigilance, this is no joke at all.”

“You aren’t helping here. I need info not to raise my worries even more!”

“Telling you the truth even if it is ugly is better than telling you lies even if it is sweet.”

Ibro kept his own thoughts to himself. He felt very frustrated, angry and worried. Even Dronil didn’t manage to calm him but he made him more anxious. He kept listening to this weird music for a few seconds then that music disappeared abruptly as it appeared.

“Sorry for keeping you on wait. The Supreme Mind requested that I tell you some info about your Trial. As the Supreme Mind authority is the highest so I will execute his decision immediately.”

Ibro felt even weirder. This tech had a boss that accepted his request. Although he knew nothing he felt happy. Any info was appreciated by him in his situation.

“Displaying Trial Ground info:

Name: Trial Ground info for aliens.

Type: life or Death Trial.

Name of person who will undergo Trial: alien Ibro.

Purpose: helping alien Ibro to get familiar with our tech. his rank at the Trial will determine his authority in our tech and his power in using the profession.

Chosen Trial Ground Sequence: 02136580145167 sequence is chosen.

History about this Trial Sequence: it’s the war between Hilonar and Defarot. Alien Ibro started at the camp war of Fenomeraz planet.

Target of this Trial: Alien Ibro will start as a secondary Rune Master in one of the camps. Alien Ibro needs to familiarize himself with this profession and participate in this war.

The Trial ground can be ended when he succeeds in using his profession and get acknowledgment from his superiors. When he participates in one battle he could either end the Trial or continue it.

If he continued it, the more accomplishments he has, the higher his authority will be and the stronger his profession will be.

Note: This war ended in the complete annihilation of the Hilonar army.

Note: If you died there you will die permanently and won’t resurrect here except after you managed to finish the basic requirement of this Trial.

Note: You will get teleported to Trial Grounds in 10 seconds. Get ready and good luck alien.”

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