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Ch 55 / Relic from Strange Civilization

The last skill was useful for assassins and thieves classes. He stored it for now. In the future, he would have many teammates who would benefit from it.

After he learned these three skills he felt himself stronger. If his luck was good he would get one or more skill from the other monster or the treasure chest.

The last unidentified thing he knew its use at once. It was a black gold key. That was used to open that treasure chest. When he obtained that key he knew the grade of this treasure chest.

It was a dark gold grade. The highest treasure chest he ever opened was a fine gold treasure chest in his precious life. He felt excited about this treasure chest. There must be a lot of valuables in it.

He didn’t go immediately to the chest, but he checked the drops of the Higher Elite monster. Although it was much weaker in level, grade and class than the mini-boss monster, but it dropped around 30 things.

He checked all these things with his observation skill. More than 20 of these were different forging materials. He stored them at once. All of them were silver grade materials.

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The remaining were 8 different items. 3 of them were equipment that none suited him from them. One was for healers, while the other two were for warriors.

The other five were four scrolls that were Silver grade and one unidentified key. When Ibro saw the key he felt surprised. There was another treasure chest around here.

He looked around and didn’t find that additional chest. That meant it was hidden. If he thought about it logically, then the treasure chest in front of him was the silver grade chest and that hidden chest was a dark gold chest.

He had previous experience with fine gold chest so he knew for sure that the dark gold treasure chest was near that monster body. He stored those scrolls which were two AOE and two buff scrolls.

The buff scrolls raised the stats of all players in its area of effect for a certain percentage. It might seem weaker than AOE but Ibro knew it was much more effective.

He went straight to that treasure chest in front of him. He used his observation skill on it.

“Silver grade treasure chest: locked treasure chest. Needs silver grade key or higher to unlock it.”

Ibro wasn’t fooled to use that dark gold key on this chest. He opened it by using the silver key. A status bar appeared above that chest. Ibro couldn’t move, as if he moved it would cancel his opening to the chest.

He would lose that key as it would get damaged if he stopped the opening process in the middle. He had to wait for 10 seconds during which he kept checking the place around him.

There was no possible place to hide that dark gold chest. So he decided to check that monster place. It camouflaged as a tree so its roots were deep in the ground like any tree.

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Ibro remembered there was a hole in the place where that monster was. If his guess was right, then that treasure chest is hidden in this hole. He heard a soft click indicating the success of this chest opening.

He opened it and found five different items in it. There were also many gold coins there. He stored the gold coins with the items as he walked rapidly towards that hole.

He found it was deeper than he expected. He moved cautiously descending this hole. After a few moments, he discovered himself standing in a place that seemed like a very long tunnel.

He didn’t know where this tunnel would lead to, but he didn’t think about it. In front of him, he found the treasure chest he was looking for. He felt excited and went without hesitation forward.

“Don’t move. This is a relic place of a different civilization. You need to be careful.”

Ibro stopped abruptly and was about to fall on his face. That warning came suddenly from Dronil. Ibro asked in confusion:

“What do you mean by this relic? I don’t understand. Is it dangerous here?”

“It’s very dangerous. I don’t know from where this relic came. I can sense a source of energy that I can use nearby.”

“Really? Then we must go to that source.”

“No, you are too weak for that. This relic is defended by a lot of defensive energies that I don’t know about.

This place exceeded my knowledge at all. I don’t know how something like this was in this training program.”

“Training program?”

“Yes, this game was a training program for new candidates and young people back in my Empire glory days.”

Ibro was surprised. He didn’t know this whole game was a training program. He asked:

“What was the goal of this training program?”

“As any training program, its goal was to raise everyone’s level. This program was meant to introduce our Empire way of using power to new generation.

It also helped them to develop their unique powers and find their own road.”

“Then I am now in this training program?”

“No, this program lacked the most essential part of it.”

“What is this?”

“It’s the initial test which determines each person’s abilities and hidden talents. This test sets everyone on his road. This game is just the road.

So you can’t benefit from this game as those in the past.”

Ibro didn’t understand what Dronil meant with his words, but he understood that this program wasn’t complete.

“How can I make this game like before?”

“It’s simple and difficult. You need to build a nation that belonged only to you.

When you do that, I will help you build this test and bind it to this game. That’s when everything will change for the better.”

Ibro curved these words deep in his mind so he would never forget it. He stopped asking these questions and pointed towards the chest and said:

“Can’t I open this treasure chest? Cant’ I get that source of energy for you?”

“You have the key to this treasure chest so you can open it.

You just need to hold it in front of you to avoid this entire defensive energy wrath. About that source, you are too weak now to go in there. One day when you get stronger, you can come here again.”

Ibro felt depressed. There was unknown place even for this high tech he had, but he couldn’t tread into it one step. He didn’t underestimate Dronil’s warning.

That tech never put anything in the danger zone except for those extremely dangerous things. Ibro sighed and decided to cover this place for the future.

When he became stronger he would come here and explore this place. He then retrieved the key from his Inventory and held it high in front of him and asked:

“Like this?”

“Yes, now move very slowly towards the treasure chest. Yes, move like this. Slowly, that’s good. That energy surrounding that chest is avoiding you.”

Ibro kept moving in a very slow motion towards that treasure chest. It was very weird to be afraid from just the air around him. He kept moving very slowly though following the directions of Dronil.

If he ordered him to stop he stopped. If he ordered him to change his direction slightly he would change it at once. He trusted Dronil. At the end he reached this chest while Dronil said:

“You don’t need to open the chest with this key. This key is your entry ticket to here. Use your observation skill and open it.”

Ibro followed his instructions with doubt. Every treasure chest required a key to open it couldn’t be open with observation skill. When he used his observation skill he felt shocked.

“Dark gold Hilonar Treasure Chest: Treasure chest from Hilonar civilization. It contains relics from this civilization. Can be opened at will.”

He felt shocked and weird. That description proved what Dronil said before was totally right. This was a treasure chest from a different civilization than Bionil.

He didn’t know anything about this Hilonar civilization. He thought about asking Dronil about this civilization, but Dronil answered without any question:

“Don’t ask me, this is my first time hearing such a name in our universe. This relic must have come from outside our universe.”

“Are you sure? It might be a relic from a very old civilization.”

Dronil kept silent for a moment before it said:

“I’m positively sure. I know about any civilization whether it was big or small, old or recent. This civilization is not from here. That makes this place even more dangerous than I thought. C’mon, open this chest and let’s leave at once.”

Ibro felt the urge and worry in Dronil voice. He didn’t hesitate and thought about opening this chest. A status bar reaching 30 seconds appeared above it. Dronil warned:

“Whatever happens now you must undertake it? If you moved you would lost your qualification to enter this place again. That key isn’t just your passport to this chest; it’s your ticket to the deeper areas in here.”

Ibro felt tense. He felt lucky as he still held his staff with his hands. If anything happened he could use his immune skills to defend himself. These 30 seconds passed like a century.

When Ibro heard that soft click sound of opening the chest he heaved a deep sigh o relief.

“Hurry and pick the items from this chest. I feel something is looking at you right now.”

Ibro didn’t delay just one second. He opened the chest and took all the items and returned to the surface again in a very rapid movement. When he reached the surface he heard Dronil voice:

“That thing is still looking at you but it doesn’t seem it intends to come to you. I feel like he is observing you.”

Ibro felt weird, so he asked:

“What is this thing?”

“I don’t know, but it’s not weaker than me.”

Ibro knew how advanced was Dronil. That tech wasn’t just like any normal tech. he was sure if this thing was at the same level as Dronil, then this civilization was also on par with Bionil civilization.

Why was this thing here? What brought this relic in this game? Whatever the truth was, Ibro decided he must come here once he was stronger.

“When can I come here and enter this relic?”

“I recommend you don’t come here until your level exceeds those of Shonty’s leaders.”

Ibro knew that Dronil was referring to Ruliv and his men. Those players were at level 200 at least. That meant he still had a long way in front of him. Ibro didn’t feel depressed but felt very excited.

That far-reaching goal looked challenging and refreshing to him. Ibro looked at that hole and was about to move to close it.

He stopped in his steps as he saw that hole to disappear in front of him with a soft strange voice in his ears:

“Don’t come here before you kill enough moleecian monsters by yourself. You killed Jognak with the help of others. When you kill enough you will get my invitation to come here. If you come uninvited, I won’t be polite to you.”

Ibro felt this voice was the thing that Dronil told him about. Was it another tech? He didn’t know, but he knew that its condition was different from what Dronil had said.

That thing wanted him to kill enough moleecian monsters. Did this thing have a grudge too against this Empire? That was another mystery that would wait a long time till he unveiled its secrecy.

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