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Ch 54 / Chapter 54

A rapid ray of light moved from Ibro’s staff towards the distant monster. This skill gave him complete control over that monster. That skill original duration was 20 seconds but now it was only 10 seconds.

Ibro didn’t care. He wanted to use only one second, not ten. He didn’t waste time. After he took control of this monster he faked surprise and shock over his face.

His real enemy was a very intelligent enemy. Such a reaction would never escape that monster grasp. He then raised his staff and directed it towards that fast-moving monster.

That monster was approaching Ibro rapidly that made him show fear. He wielded his staff and moved back at once. He muttered:

“Basic Black Blow skill.”

He pointed to the previous location he was at. When the ray of light touched the ground, Ibro didn’t stop to check its results, but he said to Dronil via his thoughts:

“Now, use your skill now.”

“It’s called a service, not a skill.”

Ibro felt tense and screamed in his mind:

“Fine, use your service now!”

“Why are you so tense? I have already used it.”

Ibro looked rapidly towards the tree. He used his observation skills at once.

“Treenan mini-boss monster: lvl35 mini-boss grade monster. Intelligent class monster. Sealed state monster. HP: 44k/44k.”

Ibro felt huge excitement in his heart. Now he could kill this monster. When the Higher Elite monster reached that tree, it started to attack it vigorously. Ibro was in complete control of this monster.

Also, his skill was causing more damage to both of them. Although that tree monster was faking itself like a tree, but once it got hit it revealed its true shape. It was a long thin leopard.

Ibro felt it was like a snake, not a leopard. That was also a close distance monster. The Higher Elite monster was like a tiger but with long eight canines that resembled long fangs.

A close battle erupted between the two of them. Ibro kept his distance watching this brutal fighting. Each second passed, each one of them lost some HP due to his skill.

Although that mini-boss monster was much stronger than that tiger, it was sealed. Losing 95% of stats would turn a genius into an idiot. That tiger kept attacking that leopard ferociously.

Both of them kept losing big chunks of their HP, but that leopard was losing its HP faster. That was due to its weaker defense. Each second it lost around 2% of its HP, while that tiger would lose only 1%.

That didn’t look a big difference, but that meant the final winner would be that tiger. After the passage of 10 seconds, Ibro didn’t feel worried at all.

He depended on the vengeance nature of that tiger and the intelligence and pride of that leopard. Ibro depended on the huge desire of that tiger to get revenge finally on this leopard.

This mini-boss monster was as intelligent as players. If a player was in its place then he would feel humiliated from this insult. A very weak monster that it didn’t care about dared to directly attack it.

The fight turned into a vengeance vs. pride battle. Ibro kept checking both monsters’ info. When that mini-monster HP decreased than 20%, he felt anxious.

He knew that 20% threshold was unique to higher grade monsters. Special monster like that leopard must have a unique transformation.

Ibro’s fear wasn’t without ground, as that monster changed its green skin color to become crimson red. Its eyes began to change. They became four eyes instead of two. Then it became ten instead of four.

“Hurry stops it. This monster wanted to evolve to the next class now. He is using my seal power to stimulate this evolution. Hurry stops it!”

Ibro didn’t doubt Dronil’s warning. He raised his staff and used two skills at once:

“Basic Paralysis Skill.

Basic Black Blow Skill.”

The first skill he aimed towards that leopard monster. Although he could only cause paralysis to it for 2 to 3 seconds at most, this was enough to interrupt its evolution.

The second skill was targeted to the ground under both monsters. A black sphere appeared again to cloud both monsters’ eyes and senses. It also began to deal damage per second to each one of them.

This interruption made that a leopard monster lose its chance for a counterattack. Neither was the leopard monster nor the tiger monster unaware of Ibro’s intervention.

But both of them saw Ibro as a small weak ant they could crush anytime easily. The main threat to each one of them was the other monster.

Although the battle was very heated and very rapid, Ibro was always checking both monsters’ data. Every 15 seconds, Ibro used his black blow skill. Every minute he would use his paralysis skill.

After his first use of this skill on the leopard monster, he kept using it on the other monster. Although the mini-boss monster was far dangerous, that didn’t mean the Higher Elite one was easy to deal with.

Ibro tried to balance both monsters, so he would kill them both at the same time. After 10 minutes from the start of the battle, both monsters HP were hanging by a thread.

Ibro didn’t delay and used his black blow skill for the last time dealing the last blow to both of them. Both monsters fell to the ground with a loud bang followed by two sweet notices about his success in killing them.

“System Prompt: Player has successfully killed the Omenar monster. Player succeeded in killing a monster beyond the player level. The Player will get XP * 6. The Player got 51k XP.”

“System Prompt: Player has successfully killed the Treenan monster. Player succeeded in killing a monster beyond the player level. The Player will get XP * 21. The Player got 882k XP.”

Although he got nearly 1m XP, it wasn’t enough for him to reach the next level. Ibro knew that it needed him around 13m XP to get to level 15.

He didn’t care about that, what he cared about were these two monsters drops. When he looked at them he found two groups of drops in front of him. He moved fast towards the drops of that mini-boss monster.

He found around 50 pieces there, each needed him to observe first to know its info. When he finished he found that he got 5 pieces of equipment, 40 different types of gold grade materials that were used in forging, 5 scrolls, 4 skill books, and one unidentified item.

The material he stocked at once in his Inventory. Although he didn’t intend to become a blacksmith, but his alliance would be in need of such rare materials.

He observed that five equipment with regret, as only one of them was useful to his class.

“Treenan Shield: lvl35 Gold grade Shield.

Requirement: lvl35 – Shield class only

Effect: Endurance+250


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“Treenan Sword: lvl35 Gold grade Sword.

Requirement: lvl35 – warrior class only

Effect: Strength+250


Only allowed on

Attack Speed+25%”

“Treenan Shoulder Guard: lvl35 Gold grade Shoulder Guard.

Requirement: lvl35 – Shield class only

Effect: : Endurance+150



“Treenan Leg Guard: lvl35 Gold grade Leg Guard.

Requirement: lvl35 – Shield class only

Effect: : Endurance+150



“Treenan Cloak: lvl35 Gold grade Cloak.

Requirement: lvl35

Effect: Speed+200


Gives immunity to player against any observing skill with a limit of 15 levels higher than the player’s level.”

The only piece he could use was that cloak. Although it had good stats, the other four pieces were much better. He envied those lucky players who would wield these pieces.

He checked the 5 scrolls. They were all Gold grade AOE scrolls. He stocked them as they would come in useful if his alliance went to war. He could also use them to speed up his leveling, but he didn’t choose to do so.

He didn’t have a lot of these scrolls and their grade was high enough to consider their uses. Although he owned a legendary scroll but he didn’t intend to waste them either.

The more trump cards he got the safer he became. On contrary to his disappointment in equipment, he could use three skill books from the four that monster dropped. He checked those four skill books and chose to learn the three suitable for him.

“Black lightning skill Book: learns Black Lightning Skill. Dark Magician Class only. this skill causes black lightning to strike every target in area 10*10 m. it causes 350% Magic Attack damage per second.

Consumes 500 MANA. Duration: 20 seconds. Cooldown: 2 minutes. Mastery: 0/10000″

“Soul Inverter skill book: learns Soul Inverter Skill. Dark Magician Class only. this skill causes a shift in one stat between the player and the target.

No target is immune to this skill. Consumes 400 MANA. Duration: 5 minutes. Cooldown: 4 minutes. Mastery: 0/10000″

“Defensive Ball of Darkness skill book: learns Defensive Ball of Darkness Skill. Dark Magician Class only. this skill created a ball of darkness around the player.

That ball defends the player with absolute defense for any Magic Attack and 50% for any Attack and removes any control state of the player.

After it finishes, it gives the player immune state to any damage or control for 5 seconds. It consumes 600 MANA. Duration : 3 minutes. Cooldown: 5 minutes. Mastery: 0/10000″

“camouflage skill book: learns camouflage Skill. Assassin and thief Class only. this skill enables player to camouflage himself to the surrounding environment.

This camouflage can’t be discovered by any scout skill. The skill limit is 10 levels above the player level. Camouflage is removed once the player moves or gets attacked. Cooldown: 30 minutes. Mastery: 0/10000″

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