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Chapter 140 Part 2: Blushes and Fever

Broken from her reverie, Bai Jiu says, “Come in.”

Han Yi Xiao opens the door and walks in, “General Bai.”

Seeing him immediately made her smile, “Great General Han, why are you here?”

He takes out a bottle of medicine, “I am here to check on your injury.  You’ve been inside a bumpy carriage the entire day, your wound must have reopened by now.  Let me put this on your wound.”

Bai Jiu immediately rejects his offer, “No need for that, Great General Han.  I was sitting snugly the entire time, my wound didn’t reopen.”

“Even if it didn’t reopen, I will still need to apply this medicine on your wound.  You are injured on your back, it’s not convenient for you to apply this by yourself.  I will help you put it on.  Go and sit on the bed,” orders Han Yi Xiao.

Bai Jiu’s heart immediately picks up it’s pace.  Back then, she was able to find an excuse to make him tear the fabric of her clothes around the injured spot, but now, what sort of excuse could she possibly conjure?  Letting him apply the wound the normal way would require her to expose her shoulders, and quite possibly her identity as a woman.  No, she must not let him apply it on her!

When he sees her standing rooted in her spot without moving, he asks, “What’s wrong, General Bai?”

“Uh, hehe.  You are esteemed and noble, how could I make you do something as menial as applying medicine on my wound?  That would be too much, isn’t it?  Just put it there, General Han.  I would put it on myself,” Bai Jiu quickly says.

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Han Yi Xiao smiles, “Everyone is family once we’re outside, there is no need to talk about ranks whatsoever.  Besides, you got injured in order to save me, it is natural for me to help you recover.  Come and sit.”  He pulls Bai Jiu over.

Bai Jiu immediately steps back and refuses him, “N-no need.  I don’t like being shirtless in front of other people.  So, I’ll just apply it on my own.  Thank you for your kind intention, General Han.”

Han Yi Xiao looks at Bai Jiu, confused.  He eyes her from head to toe, “General Bai, you and I are both men, why are you so anxious about letting me put on medicines on your wound?”

“I- Actually it is like this.  I’ve been thin and slender my whole life.  Whenever I play around in the rivers with my mates, they would make fun of me for having a girly built.  It’s not obvious when I’m dressed, but when I’m not, I apparently have the figure of a girl.  Since then, I’ve always hated having to take off my clothes in front of other people,” Bai Jiu comes up with a quick lie.  Although she really hates lying to him, she has no other choice.

Han Yi Xiao smiles, “So it is like that.  No wonder you keep refusing whenever the other soldiers wants to take you to a river.  I’ve always thought that was weird.  Turns out you have your own reason.”

Bai Jiu pretends to be embarrassed, “Do you also think my built resembles a girl’s?”

He nods, “Your built is indeed a slenderer than normal men, but who says that only women are allowed to be slender?  You don’t have to pay attention to what other people say.  Besides, if we’re talking about martial arts, you are much better than those men with thick muscles.  You don’t have to feel inferior.  The other soldiers will never laugh at you.”

“My childhood memories have scarred me,” mutters Bai Jiu.

“Since it is so, I will not force General Bai.  I will put this bottle here, you can put it on your own.  If there is any inconvenience, feel free to look for me.”

She nods, “Alright.  Thank you, General Han.”

“Once you apply the medicine, rest early.”  Han Yi Xiao puts the bottle on top of a table before walking out of the room.

Bai Jiu heaves a long sigh of relief as she pats her chest, “How precarious.”

Meanwhile, in the imperial palace, Mo Qi Qi has been supervising the healing of Jun Qian Che’s injury.  She is glad to see it healing properly, “It’s healing well, Your Majesty.  You will be completely fine in no time.  Just remember to not touch water for now.” 

He nods, “En, zhen knows.”

She helps apply medicine on his wound before wrapping it with a bandage.  Then, she helps him put on his clothes.

“Sit down,” he says after she’s done.

She sits next to him.  The atmosphere is pretty awkward at the moment.  In order to break the silence, Mo Qi Qi begins picking up some pastries from the table, “Eat these pastries, Your Majesty.  Chun Fei made these herself.  She’s been sending me these everyday.”

Jun Qian Che looks at the pastries before putting them back down, “Zhen is not hungry.”

“Not hungry?  Then, drink some tea!  Chenqie will brew some for you right away!” She gets up.

Jun Qian Che suddenly pulls her by her hand, causing her to land straight into his embrace.

Mo Qi Qi looks at him in shock before laughing awkwardly, “What’s wrong with you tonight, Your Majesty?”  What on earth is this bas*tard trying to do?  Don’t be scared, Mo Qi Qi.  Your pregnancy is not yet 3 months long, he will not dare to do anything.  With that in mind, Mo Qi Qi begins calming down.

“Mo Qi Qi, do you believe zhen when I say I will protect you and the child properly?” asks Jun Qian Che earnestly.

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