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Ch 52 / Intelligent class mini-boss monster part 1

The distance between his previous location and that forest was big. In cities world, players usually took a lot of time to move from one place to another.

Ibro spent nearly two hours till he managed to get to the woods. He knew the general location of the treasure box, as it was deep in the forest. He didn’t hesitate to move rapidly inside.

Once he entered there, he noticed that this forest seemed unusual. He didn’t visit it personally before but he visited a lot of forests. The air in this forest was so heavy that he felt difficult in the beginning to breathe.

He took his time to adapt before he continued his usual movement speed. Although there was no sound there in the forest, he wasn’t completely sure he was all alone.

He moved with great caution. After nearly half an hour, he pumped into his first treasure box today. It was three meters tall and one meter wide. He was extremely excited.

What prevented him from going to open it immediately was that monster that guarded it. That box was in an open space devoid of any trees. It seemed suspicious to Ibro.

He looked around in vigilance, but he didn’t find anything unusual. He used his observation skill on this monster to know his stats:

“Omenar Higher Elite monster: Lvl20 Higher Elite monster. Common class monster. HP: 174k/174k”

It was a Higher Elite monster. That meant if he managed to kill it he would get silver grade equipment.

Although he was excited, he didn’t move to attack this monster. Something seemed off. He didn’t lack lvl20 equipment in his Inventory. He even had gold grade equipment.

When he thought of attacking this monster, he felt as if a big calamity descended upon him. He didn’t move. Just his intention made him feel like this.

Although he wanted to open this chest badly, he couldn’t risk his life like this. When he intended to draw back, the same threat feeling got over him. He didn’t move.

He stopped in his place lurking behind a big tree with cold sweat all over his face. He couldn’t advance nor retreat. The only option he had now was to keep in his place.

He kept looking around him without any finding at all then he suddenly remembered Dronil. This tech had said previously it would always search the place around him for a suitable source of energy.

Could he also investigate if there was really danger around him?

“Yes, there is a higher grade and level monster lurking around you. It is waiting for you to move so he could kill you.

This treasure chest is just a decoy. Who is that lucky guy who can find such a high-grade chest in the open with this weak monster standing by?”

I didn’t need to open my mouth when I heard Dronil’s words. My hunch was right. There was a big danger near me. I thought in my mind:

“Can you read my mind?”


“Then can I talk to you through my thoughts?”

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“What is the info that you found about that monster?”

“It’s lvl35 mini-boss grade monster.”

“Mini boss grade monster?”

I thought for a while. I met many mini-boss grade monsters before in my previous life. I didn’t feel that terrible fear and calamity when I met any of them. Suddenly I thought about Dronil.

This tech can read my mind, and then did he know about my return in time?

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“Don’t worry; I won’t talk with you on this matter. Everyone has its own secrets.

That is also your own secret. Don’t worry about me. I’m not your enemy Ibro.”

Ibro heaved a sigh of relief. Then he asked:

“If it was a mini-boss grade monster, then why do I feel this threatened from him?”

“That’s because he isn’t a common class monster.”

I recalled that every monster I observed its info had this strange phrase ‘common class monster’. I read it uncountable times before in my life so I got used to it.

I never asked myself about it before. Now it seemed strange. Why every monster had this info about it? If there were common class monsters then there would be higher classes too.

“What class is this monster? What is the relation between this monster class and my deep fear?”

“It seems you know nothing about monsters’ classes. Every monster has three classifications, one is its level.

The second classification is their grade. The most important and far dangerous classification is their class. Monster is classified into four main categories: common, unique, intelligent and variant.

Each class has its own characteristics and dangers. This monster here is an intelligent class. You can consider him as intelligent as you. It’s like a stronger version of you. So you should feel threatened by it.”

Ibro didn’t know anything about monsters’ classes. That was new info for him. What he cared about now was how to save him from this calamity. At worst he would die and lose one level.

He felt at ease but Dronil next words made him feel anxious again as it said:

“Don’t feel relaxed yet. If you died on this monster’s hands then you will lose more than just one level.

You will lose at least five levels and enters a weak period for one week. You should treat this monster more serious than that.”

Ibro felt shock and fear. He now understood why he felt that deep fear. He thought of his options. If he moved then this monster would kill him. He couldn’t stay here forever. He had only one way left, which was to kill it.

“I want to kill it, but I’m weak now for this level of monster. Any ideas?”

“I can help you this time, but you need to know I won’t help you again this week.”

“You mean you can really help me in the fight?”

“Yes, but my energy reserves are poor. I can only help you one time per week.”

Ibro asked excitedly:

“How can you help me then?”

“Do you already forget? I have a Seal function turned on for you to use.

I can seal monsters in 500 meters radius. Their stat will drop by 70% at least. I believe you can manage the rest by yourself.”

“Why can’t I see this monster then? where is it?”

“You didn’t find it yet? That’s hilarious. This monster is that tree you are taking cover at.”

Ibro felt his heart stop beating from nervousness. He looked slowly towards that tree which he hid behind. When he observed it this time he found some minor differences between it and the other trees around here.

That tree surface was very smooth. Although it was very tall like other trees, but it was strangely slim. If Dronil didn’t tell Ibro about it, it would be impossible for him to notice these tiny differences.

He would never suspect this tree. He cautiously used his observation skill on this tree.

“Treenan mini-boss monster: lvl35 mini-boss grade monster. Intelligent class monster. HP: 880k/880k.”

Ibro sucked a cold air into his lungs from shock. What high HP that monster had! Even after Dronil sealing effect, he would end with 264k HP. He would never be able to kill such a monster!

“Dronil, I need more help here.”

“Unfortunately I can’t! The most I can do is to raise the percentage of my seal. If I do that I won’t be able to help you at all for two weeks at least.”

Ibro didn’t have any option here. He either refused and died or agreed and lived. Without any hesitation he said:

“Let’s be it. You must help me here with your maximum ability or I will die no doubt. “

“The maximum help I can get to you is to decrease both monsters stats by 90%”

Ibro thought for a while. Dronil would deal a big blow to this monster, but it wasn’t enough though. Ibro asked:

“Can you affect only one monster?”

“You want me to focus on this intelligent monster? What about the other one?”

“The other one is easier to deal with. I’m sure it was forced to stay here by this intelligent monster. I want you to focus on this tree monster. Will your Seal ability become stronger?”

“Sure, if I focused only on him, I will be able to suppress 95% of his stats. But be aware, you will only have 30 minutes, and then my sealing effect will vanish. I won’t be able to help you again.”

Ibro smiled. That percentage is very satisfying to him. That would leave this monster with 44k HP only. If he was in that monster’s shoes, then he would feel confused.

Ibro though a little about his strategy. He needed to divert this monster’s attention from him. He also wanted to kill it. Such a high-level monster would drop very strong equipment.

He was in desperate need of this. He formulated his plan and was ready to start.

“I want you to be ready. When I tell you to start you seal this monster immediately.”

“As you wish.”

Ibro left his copper grade staff and pointed it to that monster near the treasure chest. He was confident if he managed to trick this monster in the beginning, then he could kill both monsters without doubt. He muttered softly:

“Basic confusion skill.”

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