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Ch 51 / Going Back to Ihnasia city

Ibro was eager to return to the Heptian domain so he didn’t think about meeting Ruliv. He stored all these stones. He tried to observe them with his skill but he couldn’t get any info at all.

After he finished he looked upward towards the opening that linked here with outside. All he thought about was to hide this opening.

He tried to reach that tunnel but the distance between the brain and the skull of Jognak was very wide for him to cross with one jump. Oya looked at him and didn’t speak.

She didn’t own any skill or equipment that could lift them to the top. While Ibro thought about how to solve this problem away from returning to Ronat ruins and move all the way again to here, he heard Dronil metallic sound in his mind:

“Let me help you, I can move both of you to the top. Hold tightly with your friend.”

Ibro remembered the way he got here for the first time.

It was Dronil’s act. That tremendous hit left a bad impression on him. Before he could even warn Oya he felt the familiar force again. In one second he left here and appeared outside Jognak’s skull.

This time was no different than the previous one, as he landed heavily on the hard crimson red ground. He wasn’t alone that felt pain all over his body, but Oya felt pain too.

They managed to stand up finally. Oya looked at him in question while he said vaguely:

“Don’t ask. It’s not up to me to descend in this way. I also got hurt from this landing.”

She only looked at him and didn’t speak. She noticed he landed in the same inhuman way as herself. After a few moments, they started to gather big rocks and closed this opening.

Then they started to move the dirt to cover this place completely. Ibro then marked this place by some rocks in a pattern that was easy to be identified by him.

He even asked Dronil to help him to cover this area. Dronil moved a piece of the broken gate to cover part of this entrance. This way it was safer. Ibro then took out two return scrolls to Ihnasia city and gave one of them to Oya who said:

“Do you think I will appear in the city?”

“I don’t think so. In our domain, we play under the rules of the game. Your level isn’t 10 yet. You will appear in your novice village.”

“That’s what I thought too.”

“When you appear there, you need to work hard to raise your level.

This time I believe you won’t be alone there. Many players must have entered the game by now. You need to work harder than before.”

She with clear impatience on her face asked:

“Can I use your scheme about attacking forts to trigger that quest?”

He laughed then replied:

“If you find enough players to defend your village, then you can use this way. Otherwise, I don’t recommend it to you.”

She thought for a second and then said:

“I will wait for my level to reach 10 first and mainstream level of players at my village to reach level5. Then I will trigger that quest.”

He smiled and said to himself:

‘You are crazy as ever and love doing difficult challenges.’

Then he said to her:

“I wish all good luck to you.”

“I wish you too good luck. What will you do at Ihnasia? More legendary quests?”

He laughed and replied:

“I don’t really know yet. My luck might be good enough and trigger another legendary quest. Who knows?”

He really didn’t know what he would do there. Cities weren’t like villages. There were different leveling maps. Each map had different characteristics than the others.

The main way to level up in cities was through dungeons. He was alone there so he couldn’t enter dungeons. Even if he was confident about his power, the dungeon rules were very strict.

No one can enter a dungeon alone. The minimum number of players allowed to enter was 5 players. So his only way to level up was through killing monsters.

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Normal monsters were easy to kill, but their drops were like trash. He needed good equipment. If he wanted to get silver grade and higher equipment he must kill higher grade monsters.

Drop rules in cities were very different than villages. He got gold grade equipment from normal monsters in the village.

But he would only get trash equipment from killing those normal monsters. If he wanted to have gold grade equipment, then he had to kill special Elite grade monsters.

These monsters weren’t common and he had to search a lot to find them. Most of these special Elite monsters were at levels higher than 30. If he managed to kill them by a miracle, he would own gold grade equipment that couldn’t be used.

He didn’t think much and tore the scroll in his hand into two halves. He vanished with Oya from this world to appear alone at Ihnasia city center. He looked around, he was still alone.

That emptiness wouldn’t last long. He predicted that Heptian players would need around two weeks to flood it here. After a few moments of deep thought, he decided to raise his level first.

He needed to break the threshold of level 20 in one week. He was now at level 14. There were 6 levels between him and level 20. By the curst of Jognak, he must obtain 7 levels so he could end in level 20 this week.

He wanted to reach level 20 so he could raise his class grade. He moved towards the gate of this city. He didn’t take long to reach that gate with high towering walls and very strong defensive towers.

This was the standard style of any city in Rioneed. He had seen many cities before in his previous life, so he didn’t feel astonished when he saw these walls.

After exiting from the gates he moved towards the nearest map. Maps around cities were like monsters domain. The outer region was filled with weaker monsters.

The deeper you go on the map the higher the level of the monsters there. Each map had its own unique rules. The map he chose to go to was the lowest level map near Ihnasia city.

Its outermost monsters were at level 15. Monster gained 5 levels every time he moved deeper. The center of this map had higher Elite monsters with level 30. This map had 12 different areas.

Each area alternated between normal monsters and Elite monsters. If he killed Elite monsters, he would acquire copper grade equipment. When he reached this map he didn’t enter it at once.

He checked his equipment first. The previous equipment he had used at Renalt and Apidon worlds weren’t suitable here. His level didn’t suffice him to use them.

He only found copper grade equipment at level 10 in his Inventory. He used them without even looking at their stats. He intended to replace them soon with higher level and grade equipment.

He entered this map with one goal in his mind; he must kill that higher elite monster at the end. When he entered the map he found a great number of monsters in front of him.

Their shape was like centaurs with heads of foxes and bodies of horses. Their body was over 5 meter in length. They were huge.

These monsters weren’t like monsters at the village, as they would actively attack players when they enter their aggro range. He needed to delve deeper into higher-level areas and higher grade monsters.

To do so he needed to kill a big chunk of these monsters. He used his observation skills to get info about these monsters first.

“Molen common monster: Lvl10 common monster. Common class monster. HP: 58k/58k.”

Each monster had thick HP. He checked his stats again to feel rather confident about killing these monsters. His main stats were:



Magic Attack : 196


HP: 990

Agility: 98

Speed: 9

Attack speed: 19″

His Magic Attack was nearing 200 damage. He checked his skills again. His skills were really limited. He needed to acquire better skills than these three.

He knew that NPC stores in the city sold different types of skills for each class but they cost a lot of money. He was poor now. If he wanted to get stronger skills then he needed to have more than 10k gold coins.

To gain this amount he either would sell his equipment like those gold grade ones. If he did this then he would kill the goose that laid a golden egg for him. That would be stupid.

These equipments were very important to him. He missed his high stats at Apidon and Renalt worlds. That left him with another solution.

He must find these treasure boxes that were scattered all over the game. In each box, he could get multiple valuable items plus gold coins.

Although the amount of gold in each box wasn’t big but he knew places of many treasure boxes. When he was about to enter the map in front of him, he heard Dronil’s metallic voice in his mind:

“I suggest you plan your way of fight first before you enter there kid.”

“I have my own style of fighting. I usually hide and use my basic confusion skill to turn one monster against the rest. I then use my basic black blow skill to kill these monsters.”

“That is a passive approach kid. Your skills are very limited. I suggest you go and get yourself better skills.”

“I wanted to do so, but I don’t have enough many to do this.”

“Really? Don’t you know places of treasure boxes? You can acquire skill books freely from there.”

I was silent from shock for a while. How did I forget this info? Treasure boxes in Rioneed had a certain chance to get skill books from them.

Only allowed on

Although these skill books weren’t limited to his class, he could get some magician class skills. He felt angry with himself and grateful for Dronil. He then recalled all the locations of treasure boxes around Ihnasia city.

There were few treasure boxes scattered outside leveling maps. These boxes were hidden inside a forest near the city. He changed his plan; he must get himself better skills before starting his leveling plan.

He didn’t waste time as he moved rapidly towards this forest. His info about these boxes came from forums, so he didn’t know if there was any info about the guarding monsters.

Each treasure box has a guarding monster. To get the key to this box you need to kill this monster. The higher the grade of the treasure box, the stronger of its guarding monster was.

He hoped these monsters’ level wouldn’t be so high.

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