Chapter 1205 – Holy Court

Holy City.

Ji Mo Ya, Huan Qing Yan and Little Treasure skipped the inspection at the city gates and rode into the city on the Dragon Spirit Treasure. Heading straight to the Holy Court.

The outer ring of the Holy Court was no longer open to the public for visits and strolls like in the past. 

The whole place was sealed and heavily guarded.

Countless war notices had been placed within the Holy City.

Huan Qing Yan took a glance and saw that some were recruitment notices looking for Five-Star Spirit Masters and above.

A more substantial portion was war merits rankings, demon killings rankings, honorary rankings, military contribution rankings, etc.…

There was also a small portion announcing the names of casualties.

On a closer look, the casualty notice was covered densely with names. Showing how grim the situation was.

Little Treasure was currently asleep due to the fatigue from their long travel. Ji Mo Ya was carrying him effortlessly.

Huan Qing Yan was following behind Ji Mo Ya as they landed their mounts and arrived at the centre of the Holy Court.

Sage Cai was there waiting for the couple.

The couple greeted the senior, they spoke a bit before Sage Cai explained the events that led to the current situation.

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“… it started from the unexpected disappearance of Crazy Sage… The Bai Li Clan sent some members to search for him. Yet those people did not return in the end, it was unknown what happened to them. You might have heard of what happened next. Many demons started to cross the Isolation Mountain Range that is supposed to be the territorial boundary and started to massacre one human city after the other. The flames of war started because of that…”

“Is Crazy Sage still missing?” Ji Mo Ya couple asked.

“Yes, not a single news could be found about Old Crazy, it was as though he had evaporated from the face of the continent. Such a situation is either because he has fallen, or because he is being trapped in a secret realm.”

Sage Cai was also worried. There were only so many Half-Sages, a loss of any one of them would be a significant drop in humanity’s fighting power.

Huan Qing Yan asked, “How about the Longevity Lamp?”

Ji Mo Cai shook his head, “Upon reaching the realm of Half-Sage, the Longevity Lamp no longer works. As long as a trace of divine sense is present, the Longevity Lamp will continue burning.” 

In short, even if the person dies, the lamp would continue to shine.

Huan Qing Yan understood now.

“Has it been investigated why the demons started massacring cities? Didn’t both races form a truce?”

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“Some survivors said that the Bai Li Clan members that were sent had massacred a small Mountain Wolf tribe, becoming the spark of war. However, none of the Bai Li Clan members that was sent had returned, no one can verify this information. Wine Sage and Snow Sage are now at the frontlines to negotiate with the Demon Emperors.”

Huan Qing Yan did not expect that things would reach such a point.

Only a few short months have passed.

Crazy Sage went to chase Bai Chen Feng at that time and had gone missing just like that. Come to think of it, this series of incidents were related to her marriage with Ji Mo Ya.

Ji Mo Ya’s expression was bland, but his gaze was complicated.

Although he was carrying his child, it did not affect his poise and stature of nobility and grace.

“Since Lord Sage has summoned us. Do you have a mission prepared?” he immediately asked.

This was not the time for formalities. If Huan Qing Yan could use her divine sense to check the notices, how could a King Spirit Master like him fail to notice that list of casualties?

Demons. Before he reached adulthood, he had often travelled to the frontlines to kill demons during that period of war.

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