Chapter 1204 – Wipes Sweat

“What are we to do?” Huan Qing Yan also thought of this problem.

Whose kid was so awesome to attract so many Goose-Egg Stars at one go?

Ji Mo Ya calmly replied, “Relocate!”

Looks like that was the only option they have.

Little Treasure’s physique was fully healed and no longer required medicinal baths. Ji Mo Ya’s cultivation had also stabilized. When thinking about all these, the family had made many gains in Nameless Town; it was not a problem to relocate.

Who knew that Little Treasure was the first to object, “No. I do not want to move. I feel that Nameless Town is pretty good, there’s Da Niu, Er Niu… and that Evil Girl. I like it here, and do not want to move.”

“Little Treasure, if we continue to live here, many problems will come. Also, you might be able to meet more new friends in our next place.”

Little Treasure was moved, but also hesitant, “But Wang Niu Niu might be bullied again after we leave…”

“She won’t. Her mother has already recovered. I have also told her to remove all the bamboos in her courtyard and the methods for her recovery process.  Wang Niu Niu’s physique is also much stronger than before while Auntie Yin Xiu has been kicked out of their house. No one will be able to bully the mother and daughter again.”

Little Treasure was still unwilling, “Even if no one bullies her, but I will still miss her… Mother, why not we bring Wang Niu Niu with us!”

Ji Mo Ya secretly glanced at his son.

This kid… what is his mind made of?

How old is he and already he is thinking of bringing a girl away with him?

Huan Qing Yan grinned, “It is illogical to take a young girl away for no reason. Unless you want her to be your wife, do you wish to marry Wang Niu Niu?”

Little Treasure immediately shook his head, “Pui pui pui. Who wants to marry that fierce girl. So be it, I will visit her when I miss her. Who wants to bring her with us, such a bad temper.”

Huan Qing Yan secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Dammit, the feeling of just having a kid and then almost becoming a mother-in-law soon after was bizarre!

Fortunately, nothing happened. She wiped her sweat.

The trio just finished their discussion when a spirit pulse suddenly appeared in front of Ji Mo Ya.

It was a Spirit Crane with the Ji Mo Clan emblem…

Ji Mo Ya’s expression hardened when he saw the Spirit Crane, but he did not hurry to open the message and glanced at Huan Qing Yan instead.

Huan Qing Yan’s expression was also solemn!

They had passed two such Spirit Cranes that possessed the clan emblem to the two Half-Sages before their departure.

They would only use this Spirit Crane if something grave had happened and it was needed to inform them.

“Let’s open it.” Huan Qing Yan softly said.

Ji Mo Ya nodded. With a point of his finger, a row of words appeared.

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“…… The war between humans and demons was reignited. The situation is dire. Crazy Sage of the Bai Li Clan has been missing till this day, it is unknown if he is still alive or not. Several cities along the borders have been lost and the demons are running rampant. Ya Brat, you should come back to Holy City with your family as soon as possible and assist humanity at the frontlines…”

Huan Qing Yan couple was shocked and remained still for a long time.

They have only entered seclusion for a short period, yet such a huge event happened?

Now, there was no need to relocate or restart their lives. They needed to return to Holy City as quickly as possible.

Later, when Madam Wang bought Wang Niu Niu to visit and thank Huan Qing Yan and her family, they discovered that the whole place had become empty. Only a note was left behind: Out on a long journey. Return date unknown.

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