Chapter 1203 – Do You Dare To Fight?

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“Those two stinky servants who bullied Wang Niu Niu. Be prepared to be beaten up!”


Ji Mo Ya……

Huan Qing Yan……

They turned to look at each other, at a loss for words.

Little Treasure unpretentiously leapt up, “Young Master Ya. I have heard of your great name. This junior, Ji Mo Little Treasure, is here today to challenge you. Do you dare to fight?”

Huan Qing Yan blurts out a laugh uncontrollably.

Ji Mo Ya’s face darkened, “Hmm, what did you call me?”

Little Treasure immediately changed his words, “Cough! Erm, Dad, let’s fight. Just don’t retaliate and let me attack you will be good…”

Huan Qing Yan could no longer endure her son’s antics and laughed out loud. 

Ji Mo Ya had no choice but to fight even if he did not want to. For the sake of making his wife and son happy, he decided to ignore everything.

“Come!” with a blur, he appeared at the centre of the courtyard.

“Hahaha, great! Prepare to receive my rage!”

Little Treasure leapt forward and unceremoniously attacked his old dad, mustering all the strength he had to attack.

He also commanded his spirit treasure to hug his father’s calf. The spirit treasure released a low roar as it did so, looking quite ferocious…

With that, Ji Mo Ya stood there and became a wooden training dummy for Little Treasure to attack.

“Your left punch is not sharp enough, there are too many openings to exploit. Your spirit treasure is too weak and should avoid close combat. Your spirit treasure is likely not a close combat type, does it have any innate skills it can use? Your steps are not dexterous enough, your speed is not agile enough, your movement is still too stiff…”

“Dad, can you stop pointing out the flaws. Can you give some encouragement and comment on the strong points?”

“Brat, you are already heading into the sky without praising. If I started praising, you would be flying off…”

“Ahhhh, I will fight it out with you!”


In the end, the wooden dummy dad suffered no losses, while the attacking son got utterly worn out.

Huan Qing Yan had prepared lunch by now and cast a Cleansing Spell on both of them; cleaning away the sweat on them, especially Little Treasure.

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Little Treasure’s fighting technique improved significantly under his father’s instructions. The two might be able to truly spar from now on.

“Okay, let’s stop. Little Treasure come. Rest and have lunch.”

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They have not had a good meal for several days due to the soaking in the medicinal bath, followed by the ranking up.

Huan Qing Yan took out several spirit dishes from her dimension to replenish his body.

Now that Little Treasure could cultivate like normal, Huan Qing Yan took out several High-Rank Spirit Dishes that contained high spirit energy value.

Little Treasure happily enjoyed the food.

Ji Mo Ya soon joined them and the family of three started eating.

“Husband, I noticed a shady Daoist today. A Three-Star Spirit Master, he came to our shop to eat but left soon after. He looks like an outside help invited by Yin Xiu. I expected him to cause trouble, but for some unknown reasons, he left immediately after eating the food…”

“Of course. You made spirit food for him to eat. As long as one is a cultivator, who would not notice something after eating your food? He had likely been scared away!”

Huan Qing Yan was enlightened, “So that is the reason. He also saw Little Treasure attracting Goose Egg Stars consecutively…”

Then it suddenly struck her, “Oh no! Are we exposed? I did not stop that person! Why don’t I head over to stop him now and give him a warning?”

Ji Mo Ya pondered, “No need. Even without someone spreading the news, just from the Little Treasure’s star attracting event would have been enough to expose us. Five Goose Egg Stars flew towards this direction, such superb talent will undoubtedly cause the Half-Sages to take a glance…”

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