Chapter 1202 – Uncle Don’t Go…

Fortunately, Meng Yunhu had only made some taunting remarks, he was wondering if the other party had taken his words to heart.

“No, Uncle, what happened?” Yin Xiu was sharp and immediately noticed that something had gone wrong from just those harsh words.

“Let me warn you now. The family of three living in Lord Treasure Hall are not someone you, Yin Xiu, can plot against. If they are willing to speak with you, even a single sentence, it must be due to your ancestors’ blessings. If you know any better, it would be best that you quickly visit them and offer your apologies! Stop your scheming. If you seek death, do not drag this Daoist down with you…”

Yin Xiu panicked, “Uncle, who are they, how are they so powerful? Or is it because Uncle had no intention to help Yin Xiu? The child I am carrying is yours!”

The anxious Meng Yunhu only wants to leave Nameless Town as fast as possible.

No, as far away as possible!

This area should be still within the range of their divine sense. As the saying goes, too many words lead to trouble. If he happened to cross that family’s line, he might need to pay for that mistake with his life.

“Uncle, Uncle, don’t go…” Yin Xiu grabbed onto him, not wanting him to leave. She had never expected things to turn out like it just did.

After a short struggle, he shrugged Yin Xiu away. Her stomach happened to strike a piece of rock during the fall, causing a heart-piercing pain to run through her body as blood flowed out.

Meng Yunhu did not even bat an eyelid when that happened.

He knew this village woman’s intentions. She had wanted to use his identity as a cultivator to climb up the social ladder.

If it were in the past, Meng Yunhu would not have minded letting her have her way and let the child be born, but now…

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To have the audacity to provoke those two individuals.

She was undoubtedly a jinx, he no longer wanted to have anything to do with her.

Meng Yunhu quickly ran away with his tail between his legs.


Huan Qing Yan closed the shop and entered the middle courtyard.

Little Treasure had stopped promoting and was now a Five-Star Spirit Master!

Five big shining stars hung above the head of Little Treasure’s four-legged beast…

Huan Qing Yan looked at the little four-legged beast again but still could not determine its species. The only difference she noticed was that it seemed… whiter?

It used to look grey and dull, but its fur and skin were whiter now. Black wavy patterns on its forehead were showing up, making it look smarter; while its eyes had gotten larger and brighter…

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Of course, nothing could be confirmed as it was still an illusion. Only after it becomes a True Spirit Treasure will they be able to truly confirm its species, or at least when it could half materialize…

Recalling how the pig spirit treasure could evolve into a phoenix, Huan Qing Yan cannot confirm the real species of her son’s spirit treasure.

All she could be sure of was that anything can be possible!

“Husband, how is it? I noticed that the entire process was not really smooth sailing?” Huan Qing Yan asked.

The first star’s descent was slightly abnormal.

Ji Mo Ya was currently meditating near Little Treasure while being on guard for his son.

He slowly opened his eyes, “It is similar to the first time you attracted a star. The star resisted, but everything is fine now and the process has been successful.”

As an innate Spirit Master, Little Treasure was able to attract a star without the need for a Star Attraction Pool.

Huan Qing Yan was dumbstruck, “How did that happen?”

“Not sure. Maybe it is hereditary…”

As the couple talked, Little Treasure opened his eyes and shouted in joy, “Wah, did Lord Treasure become powerful?”

“Five-Star Spirit Master! Woo! I am great! I can beat up all the kids and make all of them my underlings now!”

“No, no. I must learn to be low-key. Such an awesome kid like me is rare in the world, what if everyone starts fighting over me to make me their disciple…”

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